Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 Quests Guide: Fortnite Hunt an Infected Animal, More

by in Fortnite | Jul, 2nd 2021

Once again, it is time for the start of the new weekly challenges that you can do in Fortnite Season 7. The Week 4 quests are here, offering the fourth batch of missions for players to do this week, including intriguing missions like the Fortnite hunt an infected animal quest and more.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 Quests List

The Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 quests follow the same general pattern that most of this current season has used to date. This is the new system where, instead of just having one legendary quest for a limited time that you can do that is massive, several smaller ones are available for a limited time.

Furthermore, there are the usual epic quests that you can do this week that are here semi-permanently for the duration of the entire season, but there are also the legendary ones. In general, if you did the quests that we had last week in Week 3 of Season 7, then you will know what to expect here. 

To start with, we will share the epic quests here this week that will be here for a longer time. You can find the full list of the epic quests this week below, compiled together for your convenience:

  • Deal 1000 damage near the Abductor ships
  • Destroy three hiding places
  • Destroy five objects at Retail Row, Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, or Holly Hatchery
  • Use low gravity with either the alien nanites item or while on the alien mothership
  • Fortnite hunt an infected animal quest
  • Travel 1000 meters in a flying saucer
  • Abduct an opponent with the flying saucer’s tractor beam

Those are the usual epic quests that will offer the standard rewards to your account in Season 7. However, there are also the legendary quests that will grant you an even better experience for completing them. You can find the full list of the legendary quests that we have this week below:

  • Search the farm for two clues
  • Visit three of Farmer Steel’s favorite places on the island
  • Place four missing person signs in Weeping Woods and Misty Meadows
  • Collect a doomsday preppers guide
  • Forage for five food items

As you can see, there are some slight changes in the number of total quests that we have this week compared to previous weeks this season. There are only five legendary quests, while there are seven normal quests, making for 12 in total, which is just a tad bit less than we had for the last couple of weeks. 

Regardless, there are some really interesting missions that players can do this week. They revolve around different themes, like destroying many objects, flying around in the saucer vehicle this season, and dealing with some farms/farmers. Let’s get started on helping you complete all of these missions, including the Fortnite hunt an infected animal and more. 

Where to Find Hiding Places

First, we have the first epic quest that has to do with dealing 1000 damage near the Abductor ships. One thousand damage is a lot, especially for a normal quest like this one, so it may take you a good bit of time to complete this one. 

That said, you can take your time this season with this one and try to get as much damage as you possibly can while near the Abductor ships in every single match that you do. But before you can do that, you need first to figure out what and where you can find the Abductor ships.

The Abductor ships are the relatively new spaceships type added to Fortnite Season 7 in a post-launch update. They are much larger than the usual flying saucers, but they are not able to be piloted. Instead, they are there for a different purpose entirely. 

They are there for finding some special loot, like the gamma ray gun, and for being abducted and going to the alien mothership. This is the only way to get to the alien mothership in matches, but for this challenge, we are not trying to get abducted but rather deal some damage there. 

One thousand damage is a lot, but you can try to aim for as much as possible in each match you do. There are only so many Abductor ships in each match. Their locations are a bit random, so you are likely to run into many players at each one you visit. 

Furthermore, some players will be hanging out atop the ship where the loot is or in the tractor beam. You can take advantage of this fact and deal some damage to the unsuspecting players who are just floating around, waiting to be abducted by the ship. 

The second challenge this week is to destroy three hiding places. These are specific objects that you can interact with, such as a dumpster, and hide inside to get the sneak attack on other players. Hiding places are easy to destroy, but you need to find them first. 

There are different hiding places, like port-a-potties, dumpsters, and so on, and you need to destroy three of them. You can easily find dumpsters at Believers Beach in the city there, so make sure to use your pickaxe or gun to destroy three in total (that do not have to be in the same match), and you are done with this one. 

This week’s third mission is to destroy five objects in general at Retail Row, Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, or Holly Hatchery. This mission is fairly easy since it does not specify what five objects you have to destroy; just that you need to take out five of them and at one of those locations listed. 

The easiest objects you could destroy are walls, doors, and the like on houses or buildings at one of those named locations. So long as you destroy five of them with your pickaxe or other weapons, you will be done with this mission. 

You can pick any of the four points of interest mentioned in the quest, which you should know quite well by now. The unique one is Holly Hatchery, which is the new name for Holly Hedges when there is an Abductor ship there. 

How to Do the Fortnite Hunt an Infected Animal Quest

The fourth quest that we have this week is to try out the low gravity gameplay feature either by using one of the alien nanites or on the alien mothership. You have either one of these options to do this challenge, but I find that the mothership is the sometimes easier (and more fun!) route to take. 

Sure, the alien nanites will only take you a few moments to complete if you can find one of these items and use it, but it is not guaranteed to be found easily. I prefer to head to one of the Abductor ships at the start of the match, loot some, and wait until the green light shines on the tractor beam. 

At that point, you want to make sure that you are under the Abductor ship, and you will then be kidnapped by the ship and taken to the alien mothership. It is there that you play the cool looting minigame where you collect items to increase your star rating. It also has low gravity while you traverse, completing this quest in the process. 

Next up is the Fortnite hunt an infected animal mission. This one has you hunt down one of the wildlife on the map, but the catch this time is that you must do it to an animal that the aliens infect. There are a couple of parasites that will roam the island and possibly infect animals or players. 

This is chance-based, so there is the possibility that you will take a good while to find one of the infected animals to hunt. This makes the Fortnite hunt an infected animal quest so annoying since you are not guaranteed for every animal to have a parasite on their head.

That said, I recommend you visit a couple of places since they typically have a lot of animals there and the high chances of finding an infected one for the Fortnite hunt an infected animal mission. I recommend Weeping Woods and Corny Complex, both of which have a solid number of animals usually there. 

The next mission is to travel in a flying saucer 1000 meters in total. That is quite a lot of distance in general, but it can be done even in a single match. The UFO flying saucers are fast vehicles capable of traveling that distance in just a short time. 

As such, the goal here is to find the flying saucer vehicle. Fortunately, some set locations where you can find them, like the middle of the huge barn where the secret base is at Corny Complex or under some of the large colored bridges on the island.

Find one of the UFO ships and then fly it around as much as possible for this mission. If you do not reach 1000 meters in one match, that is fine, as you can keep going for as many matches as you need for this mission. 

While you have the flying saucer vehicle, it is great to try this next mission and the final normal one. You need to abduct an opponent using the tractor beam on the flying saucer. This is the beam used to pick up items, rocks, and even other players. 

Find an enemy player that is minding their own business on the ground, and then use the tractor beam to suck them up. That is all it takes for this mission. Just make sure to watch out for anyone who is trying to shoot your ship down. 

Where to Search the Farm for Clues

From there, we come to the legendary quests this week. The first of these is to search the farm for two clues. What farm do we need to visit? That is the Steel Farm landmark, not Corny Complex itself, and this location is found slightly northeast of the complex. 

Once you get here, you need to interact with two of the clues you can find here. There are several that we have found thus far, but you only need two for this quest. One is just north of the main house at Steel Farm, while another one we recommend is just southwest of the farm. 

The next one is Steel Farm-related, but it has nothing to do with this particular location. You need to visit three of the spots that Farmer Steel is a fan of. Unfortunately, there are only three of them in total, so you will need to visit all three of these spots. 

The first one is The Orchard that is near Steel Farm, north of Corny Complex. The second one is the Canoe Lake, slightly northwest of Retail Row and southwest of Dirty Docks. The third and final location that Farmer Steel likes is the Flopper Pond landmark slightly northeast of Holly Hedges. 

After that, we quest to place four missing person signs at Weeping Woods and/or Misty Meadows. This is similar to the welcome signs quest that we had last week, so you need to visit these two locations, interact with the sign spot to set up the missing person sign four times, and you are done with this one. 

Where to Find the Doomsday Preppers Guide

That leaves us with only two more quests to do as part of the legendary quests this week. The first of these final two is to collect the doomsday preppers guide on the island. This is a fairly simple quest on its own, but it does require you to locate the item. 

Unfortunately, it is a massive island, so it is hard to know where to find the guide without, well, our guide. That is where we come in, though, and the location you need to head to for this quest is none other than the Hydro 16 landmark spot. 

We are unsure why this particular landmark location is where you will find the doomsday preppers guide, but that is where you need to head for this quest. If you do not know where to find Hydro 16, you can find this spot just east of Weeping Woods as the facility where the waterfall is located. 

Head here and find the guidebook inside the building at Hydro 16 in the southeastern corner. All you need to do to complete this quest is walk up to the guide, interact with it using the right control for your platform of choice, and you are good to go. 

That leaves us with only one more quest to do this week. That is to find five pieces of food that you have foraged on the map, and that is it. If you have not foraged for food before in Fortnite, this is where you pick up apples, vegetables, and other food items to add to your inventory. 

There are a couple of ways that you can do this, starting with heading to food-rich areas like Weeping Woods and Corny Complex. Here, you can forage for food in their natural habitats, but it can be not easy to look for the items amid these large open spaces. 

The other possible option is to open up the food boxes that you can find inside houses on the island. For this one, I recommend heading to places like Pleasant Park and Holly Hedges, where there are many houses and the chance for food boxes in the kitchens. Simply interact with them to collect some food items for this quest. 

You only need five, meaning you could do this in one go if you have some luck on your side, but you can also take your time and do it in as many matches as you need to. Just keep in mind that these are the legendary quests, so they are time-sensitive, with a limit of only one week to do them. Since they are pretty easy to complete, the extra experience is worth picking up if you want to max out the battle pass, collect the Rick Sanchez skin, and so on. 


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