Fortnite Season 7 Week 3 Quests: Where to Find Chickens and Nuts & Bolts

by in Fortnite | Jun, 25th 2021

The Fortnite Season 7 Week 3 quests are here, including the Fortnite where to find chickens challenge, bringing us to the third week of the current battle royale season. As we are still early on in the season, Epic Games is still establishing the rules for how this one will work, and it looks like we can see the new meta moving forward. 

Fortnite Season 7 Week 3 Quests List

The Fortnite Season 7 Week 3 quests follow the same general pattern that the second week of quests in this current season had. However, it will be different from what we have grown accustomed to over the rest of Chapter 2, with the normal challenges and then, more recently, the legendary one, too.

This time around, it is almost evenly split between the normal missions here to stay for the season and the legendary ones that give better rewards but will only be here for a limited time. You can find the full list of the Season 7 Week 3 quests below:

  • Hear Dr. Slone’s orders from a payphone
  • Talk to Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus on the island
  • Place four welcome signs in Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake
  • Place two boomboxes on Believer Beach
  • Place two alien light communication devices on mountain tops
  • Collect two cat food items

Those are the normal ones that are going to be available in this week’s set of quests. There are seven more, though, that are going to be the limited-time legendary quests. You can find the full list of the legendary quests that are here with some solid rewards below:

  • Dance near a lit campfire
  • Catch five fish at a fishing spot
  • Destroy three boats
  • Glide 20 meters while holding a chicken
  • Finish in the top 10 in a match
  • Travel between Porta-Potties
  • Use three nuts and bolts

As you can see, there are six normal ones and seven legendary ones for a total of 13 this week. The legendary ones are not too hard overall, compared to the same category last season, but they are only here for a week, so be sure to grab them while you can. Here’s our guide to all of the challenges, including the Fortnite where to find chickens one and more. 

Where to Find Sunny, Joey, and Beach Brutus

To start with the normal quests in Week 3, we can get orders from Dr. Slone at a payphone. This one is easier than it sounds as it just requires you to visit and interact with a payphone on the island. As such, the bulk of the mission is figuring out where to find the payphone locations. 

There are essentially dozens of payphones found around the island, some in remote locations near landmarks while others are actually near the points of interest that we all know rather well already. As such, it comes down to your preference and where the battle bus happens to take you. 

In this case, there are a few payphone locations that we do recommend for this mission. There is one in the middle of Holly Hedges that is unlikely to be too popular, another in the southeastern corner of Believer Beach, and one on the southern exit of Pleasant Park. In addition, there are others near Retail Row, Catty Corner, and Misty Meadows that you can visit. Any one of these will do; interact with it when you get there. 

Next up is to talk with Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus. This is another simple mission as it only requires one of them, so you need to figure out where the locations of these three NPCs are. But, first, we have the character Sunny and, fortunately, it is easy to find her.

All three of these characters are right near each other in the same general area of a particular point of interest. That named location is none other than Believer Beach, one of the few “new” areas in Season 7. But, unfortunately, when it comes to Sunny, she is found on the eastern side of the beach. 

He is found on the opposite, western side of the same beach at Believer Beach for Brutus. And then for Joey, you can find him on the southwestern-ish side of the city near the RVs. So talk to any of these characters, and you will be good to go for this particular challenge. 

Next up, we have a mission to place four welcome signs at Pleasant Park and/or Lazy Lake. Four in total may seem like a lot, but you can do all of them at the same location if you’d like, so you can get this mission done in the same match. 

You do not have to visit both Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park, so pick one of these places and head there. You will find that there are just enough locations to place welcome signs at both to do this task. For the most part, the welcome signs are in front of houses and/or businesses at these locations, welcoming people inside. 

There is an exception with the welcome sign at the soccer field at Pleasant Park, but this is an easy one overall. Just interact with the placement spot in front of the house or park and place the sign there. Do four of these to complete this mission. 

Where to Find Boomboxes at Believer Beach

Next up, players need to place two boomboxes on Believer Beach. This is very similar to the last one, but you need to place the stereo systems somewhere in the city and on the beach. Again, there are more than two spots that you can do this, so interact with them (we recommend checking the beach), and you will put the boombox there. 

After that, we have yet another placement quest, but this time to place alien light devices on two mountain tops. There are around four mountain tops that we have found on the island thus far that will work for this, but there are two main ones that we recommend you do this at. 

The first is the highest peak on the island, the snowy mountain top just south of Catty Corner. There is a place there where you can place one of these alien devices. There is another one found just northeast of here where there is another snowy mountain top south of Retail Row where you can do it again to complete this quest. 

And the final normal quest that we have this week is to collect two cat food items on the map. There are a few named locations that we have found this item at thus far, but our recommendation is to head to Corny Complex, but Dirty Docks and Retail Row will also work nicely.

You will find the cat food, in general, inside of crates at these spots. Interact with the crates of food, and you will be able to collect it. You only need two, and you can find all that you need at each of the named locations, so no need to head to more than one place. 

Fortnite Where to Find Chickens Quest

From there, we come to the limited-time legendary quests this week. The first one is to dance near a lit campfire. This is pretty simple, so what you need to do first is find yourself a campfire. These are found all over the island, but our recommendation, as always, is Weeping Woods. 

The main campsite at Weeping Woods usually has a couple of campfires that you can light. Interact with it to light it for a short time. During that time, make sure to use one of your dance emotes near the fire, and you will get the notification of completing this quest. 

Next up is a quest to catch five fish at a fishing spot on the island. This can be done after the last one as there are some solid fishing places near Weeping Woods. Just look for the rivers and lakes where there is bubbling foam at the water’s surface to know it is a fishing spot. 

Here is the catch, though: it seems that you need to catch five fish at the same spot while you are there. Of course, five is not a whole lot, but make sure to grab a fishing rod and keep grinding it out there until you have enough fish to finish off this challenge. 

The third one is to destroy three boats. Boats are found in places where there are large bodies of water like the Canoe Lake landmark, Believer Beach, etc. Head to one of these places and destroy the boats however you like (pickaxe, gun, explosives) until you have three. They do not have to all be done in the same match if you are unable to find three at once. 

Then we have the Fortnite where to find chickens quest. This one requires you to find a chicken because you need it to glide 20 meters while holding it. We had a similar mission to this one in the recent past, but the same idea holds of first needing to find a chicken. 

As for how to start the Fortnite where to find chickens quest, there are two main places that we recommend you look: Weeping Woods and Corny Complex. There are other places where you can find chickens randomly, but these two are some of the most common places I have found, personally. 

Once you have completed the Fortnite to find chickens part of the quest, you need to chase it down until you are close enough to interact with it and pick it up. This can take a little bit of time as the chicken does not want to be caught and is pretty fast, too. 

Once you have it above your head, though, you need to make sure to either have someone build some ramps for you or find a high place to jump off of, and the chicken will help you glide. Twenty meters is a decent amount and may take a couple of tries if you do not get it all on the first attempt. 

Where to Find Nuts and Bolts

For the next legendary quest, you need to finish in the top 10 in a match. For this one, we do recommend solos as it makes it a bit easier to calculate the top 10 part, but you could try it with friends if you are not too confident on your own. Again, do whatever you do best in a battle royale match, like hiding or fighting, until you are one of the 10 remaining players on the field. 

From there, we come to a quest that has you travel between port-a-potties once on the island. The key part is finding the public outside toilet because it is easy to simply enter it and emerge from outside of it at a different one on the map. 

The key to finding one of the port-a-potties is to head to the gas stations that are on the island. They are usually in remote areas, somewhat from the points of interests, but they are where I have typically found a port-a-potty. They are usually in the back of the station so long as someone has not destroyed it already. 

And the final quest this time around is to use three nuts and bolts. Before we can use them, we need to find three of these. They are crafting materials in Season 7. There are a couple of places to grab them. The first is by attacking the UFO ships that will drop this material occasionally.

Another is by looking inside of toolboxes that you might find in the garages of houses. Or, if you are doing the last quest at the same time, you can sometimes find nuts and bolts at gas stations. Once you have them, you need to use them by crafting a crafting menu, like upgrading a gun. Once you have used three of them, you are done with all of the challenges this week. 


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