Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 Quests: Fortnite Chicken Locations, More

by in Fortnite | May, 13th 2021

Fortnite battle royale is nearing the end of the normal weekly quests for the current Season 6, but that isn’t stopping just yet as we have the new Fortnite Week 9 quests for players to do this week. This includes the popular Fortnite chicken locations quest and many more that are available now. 

Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 Quests List

The Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 quests are fairly straightforward and simple compared to the Week 8 quests last week, mainly focusing on a single theme overall across the missions here this week. Players will be able to check out seven normal weekly quests this week, along with a single new legendary quest to boot. 

You can find the full list of the Fortnite Week 9 quests here this week, including the Fortnite chicken locations below. These are listed conveniently for you so that you don’t have to go searching through all of the sometimes frustrating battle royale UI to find them.

  • Use a rift that you have purchased from an NPC
  • Hunt a boar 
  • Spend seven seconds within seven meters of a fleeing chicken at one of the various Fortnite chicken locations
  • Gain health in the storm
  • Use a shockwave grenade on yourself while you are in the storm
  • Survive 10 storm phases
  • Build 10 times in the storm
  • Week 9 legendary quest: Catch fish (five stages in total)

As you can see, the main theme this time around is the storm itself and dealing with various ways of tackling it, from building in the storm to recover your health while you are being damaged by it. But there are some other side objectives, like the rift one and needing to find at least one of the Fortnite chicken locations to bother those pesky fowls. 

Then, seven of these quests are the standard ones that will stick around for the rest of the season, however long that ends up being. On the other hand, this week’s legendary quest is a temporary one that will only be here until the next limited-time mission drops next week with the Week 10 quests. 

How to Use a Rift

Here’s how to complete all of the quests this week in Week 9, starting with the first quest: using a rift that you have purchased from an NPC. Rifts, for starters, are essentially the portals that you can use to teleport into the sky above your current location and glide to wherever you would like. 

In this particular case, you aren’t just using any rift device or portal that you find around the map (which are severely limited these days anyway), but you are dealing with ones that you find from NPCs. You can “purchase” a rift from an NPC and work the same way as usual. 

You will be teleported into the sky and then can glide wherever you would like from there. They are decently useful, but the limited nature of buying them from the NPC characters around the Season 6 island can make it a bit more restricted than in how it was used in the past. 

What you need to do is head to any of the NPC characters that you know around the island, minus the soccer player ones, and talk to them. There is a chance that they will offer you a rift for purchase along with the other mini-quests and features that they have available. 

However, it isn’t guaranteed that you will get the rift offered to you, so there is a chance that you will have to talk to multiple NPCs before you find this offer. Furthermore, make sure to have plenty of gold bars to not end up with the offer from an NPC but no in-match currency to buy it. Purchase the rift, use it, and you will complete this first mission. 

Next up, we have a more simple task in that you need to hunt down a boar on the island. It doesn’t matter where you do it, so long as you take down a boar with a pickaxe, gun, or so on. The problem here isn’t the task as boars are easy to kill but the location of it. 

The animals that roam around the island are pretty random in their spawning, so you may need to look around quite a bit to find one of these to hunt down. Fortunately, I have found that Weeping Woods is the best location for me as I have boars there in nearly every match where I head there first, so that location might be great for you, too. 

Where to Find the Fortnite Chicken Locations

The next quest on this list is related to a different animal on the map. It has to do with the Fortnite chicken locations. You need to find a chicken and then spend at least seven seconds within seven meters of the chicken running away from you.

This means that you need to run closely after a fleeing chicken and be within seven meters of it. In our experience, it does seem that these seven seconds don’t have to be at the same time, but that could not be the case after all. 

This quest is a bit harder than it may initially seem because it involves running after these fast chickens. Seven seconds can be a lot of time when they move surprisingly fast. A single misstep from you can lead to them being well over seven meters away from you.

But before we get into how to do this easily, you need to know the Fortnite chicken locations. Like the boar, there is no guaranteed place where you will find them. I highly recommend that you head to the Weeping Woods area, where I most commonly find them, but not as often as boars. 

Once you have located a chicken, be sure to try and build around it to close it in with walls. Once you are closed in with the chicken, chase it around to your heart’s content. You will be easily within seven meters, so you can complete this mission with ease. 

Next up, we start our quests that are involved with the storm. The first of these has to do with gaining health in the storm. The amount doesn’t necessarily matter so long as you do this. You are likely used to doing in matches, so there isn’t much here that you need to know. 

Of course, when possible, it is recommended not to stand around in the storm or let it pass you to get this task done. There is an easier way of doing this. That is making sure that you are safely in the new circle once the storm closes in the most recent phase. 

While you still have time, run into the storm real quick and then use a bandage to heal yourself; you don’t need to use a lengthy medkit here that will take up way too much time. Then leave the storm when you are through. You can minimize the damage you take from completing this quest. 

How to Shockwave Yourself in the Storm

This week, you need to use a shockwave grenade on yourself while you are in the storm for the fifth quest. One of the best tactics for getting out of the storm is to use one of these grenades to shoot yourself quickly towards the next circle that has formed. 

Like the last quest, it is best to safely do this using that method while you have a shockwave grenade in your inventory. These grenades are commonly found in treasure chests, so look for one there. Once you have it, all you need to do is make sure to run into the storm and then use it on yourself. 

If you have a bit of trouble timing the jump when you use the grenade, I like to turn around with my back towards the new circle and then throw the grenade down in front of me. It will shoot me backward towards the location that I want to head to. 

Anyways, use it however you like and you will finish this quest. For the following quest, you need to survive 10 storm phases altogether. This sounds like a lot, but you can do this in just a few matches or so. In general, I find that matches for me end around the fourth to fifth circle round. 

If you can survive for about three to four circles, which isn’t too difficult if you avoid fights as much as possible for players who aren’t too confident in their skills, you should be able to complete this one in about three matches or so. But if you struggle and get killed early on, it could be a lot more matches than that, but still, a simple grind that doesn’t take too much effort overall; play the game normally and you will finish this one eventually. 

Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 Legendary Quest

The last of the normal quests this week is to build in the storm 10 times. For this one, players will need to head back into the storm on purpose and complete a mission. In this case, you need to build some items while you are in the storm and being damaged, and that’s it. 

First and foremost, for this quest, you should make sure to gather as many materials as you possibly can before venturing out into the hostile, mysterious wasteland that is the storm. You need to build 10 items, which is only around 100 materials needed but the more you gather, the better chances of avoiding any mistakes. 

Then go ahead and head into the storm and start building these items. If you are an experienced builder, 10 items will take you mere seconds and you’re already done. But if not, do the usual ramp button mashing to keep building higher and higher until you have 10 of them done in the storm. The game mode doesn’t matter here too much, but I like Team Rumble since it means that if you die, you’ll respawn. 

Lastly, there is this week’s legendary quest. This is always here for a limited time but makes its mark as basically five quests in one. For this week, we have the seemingly easy mission of catching fish. It starts, though, with a huge number of fish that you must catch. 

The first stage of this legendary quest is to catch 50 fish, which is a whole lot, but it increases each stage by 50 until the final stage requires 250 in total. Again, Team Rumble will be a great mode for wasting time and matches just fishing the whole time, and we recommend grabbing a full team to do this. 

Four players break it up to just over 60 fish each, which is still an insane number of fish, but a bit more manageable overall. Just spend several matches together fishing the whole time in Team Rumble, ignoring your actual goal of eliminating enemy players, and you can get this one done in a more healthy amount of time. 


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