Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Apr, 9th 2021

It’s time for that time of the week once more in which Epic Games graces us with new quests to complete in Fortnite battle royale. The fourth week of the current season is here, which means new Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 challenges for players to find and complete this week. 

Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 Challenges List

The fourth week of the current sixth season means that we are nearing the middle of the season thus far. Of course, it will likely extend beyond the normal 10 weeks we usually get, but it’s worth noting that we are getting closer to the middle, where we will likely see some new additions. 

This week is now well underway. The Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 challenges are here for players to check out and complete. You can find the full list of them this week easily grouped below for you:

  • Set 10 total structures on fire
  • Search through seven treasure chests
  • Eliminate three opponents with weapons that are rare or better
  • Use the shockwave on wildlife using either the grenade or bow
  • Tame an animal in three different matches
  • Deal 1000 total damage to opponents using the Recycler
  • Revive a teammate
  • Legendary quest: Deal damage using the primal weapons (five-part, multi-stage quest recommended for four players)

This week is a pretty standard one overall, which is no surprise after the great weeks we had in Week 3 and before. There are eight quests in total, seven of which are the normal weekly ones that we always get, plus an extra temporary legendary one. 

It’s worth noting that the quests this week are pretty mediocre, with one or two interesting ones but, other than that, this is stuff that we have mostly seen before. Some are still fairly difficult or annoying to complete, so that is where we come in with tips for each one of these challenges. 

How to Set Structures on Fire

Starting off the list, we have a pretty weird mission that players can do for some experience this week, and it’s to set 10 total structures on fire in matches. This is odd but what it boils down to is that you need to set 10 different things on fire. 

This is a pretty tricky one, so we recommend trying to set 10 different things on fire in 10 different scenarios. There is a chance that the different walls and roofs might count for this quest, but there is also the possibility that it will calculate the various structures in weird ways. 

As such, we recommend trying to do this as many times as possible until you see the counter note that you have set 10 structures on fire. The important part about this mission is figuring out how to set some structures on fire for this quest. 

There are a couple of different ways to do this, but they will all work in general. The first is my personal favorite as it involves just shooting a gas can to blow some stuff up. This doesn’t guarantee that it will set stuff on fire, but there is the chance that this will happen after the explosion. 

The other way that you can do this is by using the fire bow that is now in the game in Season 6. To do this, though, you will either have to loot it off of someone or craft it yourself. This isn’t the most efficient way of doing it since it will take a bit to craft the bow. 

However, another way is by using the fireflies that you can collect around the island. These days, they are pretty common, especially in places like Weeping Woods, and throwing the jar of fireflies at structures will create a fire. Keep in mind that you don’t have to set all 10 structures on fire in the same match, so take your time if necessary. 

The second mission this week is to open up seven treasure chests on the island. It has been quite a while since we’ve had this standard quest, so that should tell you how potentially below average this week kind of is. If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while, you probably know this one well. 

All you need to do is find seven treasure chests and open them up to finish this challenge. Chests are easy to find, but seven is quite a lot, and many players won’t find this many in a single match. Thankfully, you don’t have to, as you can take your time in as many matches as necessary to complete this task. 

How to Shockwave Wildlife

This week’s third mission is to eliminate three opponents, but the catch is that you must take them out using weapons that are at least rare. No common, uncommon, or the like will work here, so make sure that you have some rare, epic, or legendary weapons in your possession. 

Even near the beginning of a match, it’s pretty easy to find a rare weapon; just couple this with the chests one, and you are likely to find some rare or better weapons from the treasure chests you open up. Take that rare or better weapon, no matter the type, and use it to take out some enemies.

You need to take out three in total, but remember that this doesn’t need to be done in the same match as the past couple of missions. You can take your time with this one and aim for one elimination per match, especially if you struggle with getting kills in Fortnite. 

For the fourth mission this week, we have one of the most intriguing quests that have to do with shocking the wildlife on the map. It doesn’t matter what animal you do it too, but you need to shock an animal on the island with either a shockwave grenade or bow. 

This could be a wolf, boar, frog, chicken, or even the new raptor that came out for the game recently. The easy part is finding the shockwave grenade, in my opinion. You could get the bow, but that requires the grenade, so you might as well use that instead. 

Take that grenade or bow and use it on one of the wildlife animals on the island. Once you have done that, you should shock them and get the notification that you have completed this quest this week. 

How to Deal Damage With the Recycler

Coming up after that is a quest that also has to do with the wildlife on the island. We have already seen this before, though, and it has to do with taming an animal in three different matches in total. 

You won’t be able to do this in one match, so make sure that you tame at least one animal in all three matches that you do. It could be a wolf, boar, raptor, and so on. There are a couple of ways that you can tame the animal in Fortnite Season 6 at this time. 

The first is picking up some food around the island, like the fruit and vegetables found as loot. Then take that food and throw it on the ground in front of the wildlife in question. They will go up to it and be vulnerable for a moment. That is when you run up to them and interact to tame the animal. Just remember this needs to be done in three different matches. 

The next one is another fun mission this week and a difficult one, and that is to deal 1000 damage to opponents with the Recycler. This is the weird part since you may not know what the Recycler is. The Recycler is a brand new weapon that has joined the game. 

It works because it’s a junk weapon that can take advantage of the structures and materials you have and around you to use as ammo to fight with. The Recycler is oddly similar to the grenade launcher but without the AOE damage of that weapon. 

It will be a bit hard to use, but it deals some serious damage if you can land a shot. The catch is that you need to deal 1000 damage in total, which is a whole lot of damage. That is equal to around 10 players with full health or five players with full health and shields. 

Team Rumble will be the necessary game mode right here if you want a chance of getting this match done in a decent amount of time. As for finding the Recycler, make sure to check as many treasure chests as you can. 

Week 4 Legendary Quest

The final normal quest that we have this week is a pretty simple one, oddly enough. The task asks you to revive a teammate, and that is quite literally it. It doesn’t matter what the game mode is, and it doesn’t matter if you are a duo, squad, etc.; revive that teammate, and you are good to go. 

However, what you should keep in mind is that Team Rumble, ironically, might not be the best game mode for this particular quest. Though we recommend it for most challenges, this requires you to revive someone, which isn’t something that doesn’t happen in a respawn-centric mode like Team Rumble. 

As such, you will need a traditional battle royale game mode here where you will, unfortunately, need a teammate to be downed. You need to either take out the enemies who got them or find a safe space to revive them to complete this mission. 

From there, we come to the special legendary quest this week. As always, this follows some unique rules in that it’s only available for a week, it’s highly recommended for four players to do together, and you will get rewards for each of the five stages it has. 

This week, the legendary quest is to deal damage with primal weapons, and that is it. However, the catch is that you need a lot of damage in total for this one. It starts with 2500 and then increases with each stage until the final one requires you to have an unbelievable 12,500 damage with primal weapons.

Keep in mind that primal weapons are the new ones in this sixth season, offering one of the two branches to upgrade your weapons with. Fortunately, they are extremely common as ground loot or just from upgrading a makeshift weapon yourself. 

This is a case, though, where Team Rumble is likely to be your best friend. We recommend grabbing three friends who need this quest and then bust out match after match. Have everyone grab some primal weapons and go to town, dealing as much damage per match as possible. 

As mentioned, you will get experience rewards for every single stage of this particular quest. The first stage at 2500 damage will grant you 35,000 experience, which is more than most standard quests, and then each subsequent quest will give you 24,500 XP. That makes for basically five quests in one, so it is best to do this quest before it goes away if you want to reach tier 100 as fast as possible this season. 


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