Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 Challenges Guide: Bouncy Eggs, More

by in Fortnite | Apr, 1st 2021

It is that time once again for the Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 challenges. Players will have an intriguing group of missions this week that feature tasks from the new season and a mix of older objectives that we have done before in past seasons. 

Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 Challenges List

The third week of the new Season 6 is here in Fortnite battle royale, and it comes at a very interesting time in the world. We have Easter this upcoming weekend, and Epic Games makes sure that players have something fun to do in honor of that upcoming holiday. 

Simultaneously, though, there are other mission objectives for players to complete that are completely unrelated to the Easter holiday. Rather, they focus on the new mechanics and gameplay elements that have shown up in the battle royale title recently. 

You can find the full list of the Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 challenges below, conveniently grouped up together, so you don’t have to search for them so much in the game itself:

  • Fly a total of 20 meters with a chicken
  • Eliminate a chicken
  • Catch five fish at Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealthy Stronghold
  • Deal 1000 damage with shotguns
  • Get 10 headshots with rifles
  • Deal 500 damage within a space of 20 meters using a pistol only
  • Eliminate either a raptor, Zenith, or Blackheart
  • Week 3 legendary quest: Find bouncy eggs around the island

As you can see, the Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 challenges this week are pretty varied and don’t have a real theme to them at all. Instead, there are a couple of challenges related to one another. But this week is still going to be somewhat fun nonetheless. 

Some of them will be especially challenging this week, particularly if you do not know where to go for them. That is where we come in with our Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 challenges guide to let you know the locations and tips for completing all of these missions and gaining their experience. 

How to Fly With a Chicken

We have the first quest to start things off, which is to fly 20 meters with a chicken. As you likely already know by now, Season 6 is a new season that introduced wildlife to the island in a huge way. There are animals all around the Season 6 island. They have multiple purposes as well. 

They can be tamed to join your party and help you out in battle, or they can be hunted down for animal materials to help you enjoy the new crafting system in the game. In the chicken case, it can be used to fly around the map in a way.

It isn’t so much flying as it is gliding. You can do this if you can get your hands on one of the many chickens around the island. We recommend heading to one of the farm locations on the island or Weeping Woods as the forest is full of chickens, in my experience.

Once you find a chicken, the issue is that the animal will run away from you if you get too close to it. However, you need to do that to get this task done. You can craft a Hunter’s Cloak item to help with this or chase the chicken until you reach it, the latter of which is possible. 

Once you have gotten close to the chicken, make sure to interact with it quickly before it gets away. This is how you can fly with the chicken. You need to fly 20 meters, so find a high cliff or building and run and then jump to glide down. Keep doing this until you have reached 20 meters.

This one is pretty simple for the next quest, especially if you have done the first one already. You need to hunt down a chicken on the island. Now, you could easily do this one back to back with the previous mission if you would like to. 

Simply finish gliding 20 meters and then turn around and betray the trust that this chicken has given you by eliminating it. Or, you could always find a new chicken in another match. Chickens can be hard to aim at since they run around like crazy. It doesn’t take much to eliminate them, so keep it up, and you should be able to defeat it quickly. 

How to Catch Fish

Following up on that is a hunting challenge of a different type. You need to catch five fish at Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealthy Stronghold. This is a quest that we are pretty sure is almost a copy-paste of one that we have had in a previous season, for sure. 

But it is a simple one, nonetheless. All three of these locations have some water areas where you can easily find some fish. You might not be able to find five at one location or all in the same match. Thankfully, the five fish don’t have to be found at only one of these three; it can be a mix of all of them. 

You can also pick up and continue this quest no matter how many matches it takes you to do it. You don’t need to find all five fish in the same match, so feel free to grab a few in one match with your fishing rod or weapon and then continue doing that in the next one as well. 

Following up on that quest is the next one to deal a whopping 1000 damage with shotguns. Epic has increased the number of damage for these simple quests, which is a lot. You have to deal enough damage with shotguns to equal around 10 players with only full health or five players with full health and shields. 

For the average player, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to deal the total 1000 damage with shotguns in a single match. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all in a single battle royale match. You can do it in as many matches as it takes you to complete this task. 

However, I have some tips for doing this as fast as possible if you would like to not waste too much time on it. For one, it is worth doing this in the Team Rumble mode as that will be the best place for dealing as much damage as possible. 

I recommend it like every week, but Team Rumble is a great mode for most missions in Fortnite since you have extra time to do stuff, like deal damage, and even if you are eliminated, you can respawn and come back to start dealing more damage. Still, 1000 is a lot, so you might need to set aside some time. 

How to Get Headshots

For the next couple of challenges, we have some more action-based ones. The following quest is to get 10 headshots with rifles. The one thing to note here is that Epic is not restricting this to only sniper rifles in Fortnite, so you need to make sure it is a sniper or assault rifle. 

This is great since Epic has controversially seemingly reduced the number of sniper rifles that you will find, at least in my experience. And some players are not great with sniper rifles, so that might be difficult for them to do. 

Grab the rifle you like to use and are good at and try to land some headshots with it. It doesn’t say that it needs to be headshot eliminations, either, so you could deal a headshot or two on the same player, depending on the weapon you are using. Take your time with this one as you have as many matches this season to do it in as you need. 

The next quest is a rather tough and exceedingly specific one. You need to deal 500 damage with a pistol but not just randomly like the other quests. You need to deal that damage within 20 meters. So, without moving more than 20 meters, you need to deal 500 damage in total. 

This is going to be a really tough one because of that last stipulation. There are two main ways to go about this that will be the easiest for completing it. The first is to head into Team Rumble, where you have many players fighting with respawns. 

The key is to head right to the middle of the circle where the action is. Try not to move too much. You should be able to find some players to land some damage on. 500 is a lot, though, so it will be difficult to get that much basically in one spot. 

The other way we recommend is by trying to take out one of the NPC bosses on the island. They usually have a lot of health and are strong, so be careful. It is possible to take them out with only a pistol. Plus, this ties into the next quest as well. 

How to Find Bouncy Eggs

The next quest is to eliminate a raptor, Zenith, or Blackheart. These are NPCs that you can find on the island to fight. You need to find and pick one of these to take out. Starting with the raptor, they are the dinosaurs added to the game this week

You need to take one of them out. They are the easiest besides the fact that they always run in pairs but are very difficult to find on the island. As such, you might want to try taking out a different NPC instead that is much easier to find. 

For instance, Zenith is one of the NPC characters that you can interact with on the island. They are usually found at the landmark atop the mountain in the south, just below Catty Corner. Head there, find the NPC, and challenge them to a duel and win. 

The other one is Blackheart, another character that you can duel. This pirate can be found atop the returning Viking ship from Chapter 1 west of Holly Hedges. Head there, challenge him to a duel and then finish him off for this quest. Remember: you only need to eliminate one of these three to complete the mission. 

And last but not least, we have the legendary quest this week. Since it is only around for a week, Epic has made it Easter-themed. You need to find bouncy eggs around the island. There are five stages to this, starting with just 10 eggs needed and increasing by 10 each stage until you need 50 in total.

You can, fortunately, complete this with friends, so grab three pals and go to work on this Easter egg hunt. The bouncy eggs are all over the island as pretty common floor loot. They are seemingly random, so be sure to head to major areas like Boney Burbs, The Spire, Sweaty Sands, and others to find as many eggs as possible before the legendary quest leaves the game. Also, keep in mind that you can do this in as many matches as you need to. 


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