Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 Quests Guide: How to Build Sandcastles

by in Fortnite | May, 20th 2021

It’s that time of the week again, so it is time for more Fortnite quests to arrive for players. The Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 quests are here this week, bringing a new batch of missions to complete with them. This week, several new and intriguing ones, like the Fortnite build sandcastles quest and more.  

Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 Quests List

What is especially important about this week in Week 10 is that we have now reached the coveted 10th week of the sixth season. In some of the previous seasons, this was the final week in which players had normal quests to complete before we had just a short time before the next season began. 

Unfortunately, it does look like the current sixth season will be going on for a little while longer than 10 weeks. It is uncertain how long the current season will last, but we do expect it to go for at least a couple of more weeks for now. After all, Epic Games has not given any indication of when we will see Season 7. 

There are even quests that data miners have leaked for the next couple of weeks. They could mean that we are possibly looking at a similar scenario to Season 5 in which it went five weeks longer than it was originally supposed to. 

In the meantime, though, we have the Fortnite Week 10 quests to do this week for those players who are still looking to reach tier 100 for the battle pass before the season ends. You can find the full list of the quests this week compiled below for you to find easily:

  • Eliminate a player while swimming
  • Deal 150 damage to players within 30 seconds of landing from the battle bus
  • Get an elimination using your pickaxe
  • Fortnite build sandcastles quest (three in total)
  • Deal 100 damage to supply drops falling from the sky
  • Destroy an opponent’s structure with a modded vehicle
  • Destroy three sandcastles
  • Week 10 Legendary Quest: Use the Hop Floppers and shockwave grenades to spend time in the air

As you can see, this week has some intriguing quests that are a bit more fun and unique compared to what we had in Week 9. Also, this week’s theme is more summertime activities, so it seems that Epic is in the summer mood or even getting us ready for a potentially hotter Season 7. 

For all eight of the quests, though, we are here to help you out with the full guide to each one of them. From the Fortnite build sandcastles quest to the legendary one here for a limited time, you need to know about how to complete these missions.

How to Deal Damage Within 30 Seconds of Landing

First off, this week, we have a quest that asks the player to eliminate someone in a match while they are swimming. Elimination quests are not uncommon, but this one is a bit unique. You need to take someone while you are swimming in the match. 

We’ve had eliminations in the past where the enemy that you take out had to be in the water, but this time around, you are the one who needs to be in the water when it happens. The other player could be in the water, sure, but it doesn’t matter so long as you are in the water. 

This is the trickier part of the quest, as eliminations can be hard enough without being stuck in the middle of the river or lake on the island. This can severely limit your movement and leave you pretty vulnerable to the enemies that you are trying to eliminate for this quest. 

That is why we highly recommend that you do Team Rumble for the match that you attempt this quest in. Team Rumble is always our go-to for weekly missions. That is because you have fewer enemies and respawns, meaning you can try again even if you fail to eliminate someone while you are swimming; make sure to use a weapon that you are good with. 

This week’s second mission is to deal 150 damage to players within 30 seconds of landing from the battle bus. This is rather similar to a recent quest where you needed to eliminate someone soon after landing in the match from the battle bus. 

But this time around, you need to get 150 damage within 30 seconds of landing in the match. The time starts as soon as you touch the ground, roof, Spire, whatever in the match, so you have to make your landing count. For this one, it is best to land somewhere popular and with a lot of players. 

Try to land on top of a weapon, grab it, and then immediately start shooting at your enemies if you can. But you could always use your pickaxe if that fails and get some damage this way. The key isn’t to eliminate someone but to deal some good damage. 

150 is a good amount for only 30 seconds, equal to just over a player with 100 health, so you may struggle to get this all at once in 30 seconds. Fortunately, you don’t have to, as your damage will carry over from match to match, so our recommendation is to aim to eliminate one player when you land and do that again in another match, and you are done with this quest. 

Fortnite Build Sandcastles Quest Guide

The third quest this week is to get an elimination with a pickaxe. This is a somewhat difficult quest as the pickaxe is not supposed to be your main method of attacking other players. However, this quest can be paired up nicely with the previous one that we just covered.

Pickaxe eliminations are best at the beginning of the match when you might be against someone else who only has their pickaxe at that time. What you can do is land from the battle bus and start mashing away at someone with only your pickaxe in hand. 

If you’re lucky and skilled, you might be able to eliminate the other player first this way; if they don’t try and run away, that is. If you are successful, you will be able to complete this quest and get a huge chunk out of the last one at the same time. 

This week’s fourth quest is also one of the most important ones that we have to do: the Fortnite build sandcastles quest. This one will be strange to some players who may not have known that you could build a sandcastle in battle royale, but you can now. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to do this. It doesn’t require you to do much other than be in the right place on the island. When you think of the Fortnite build sandcastles quest, the first place that may come to your mind is Sweaty Sands

That is the destination that you are going to want to head for this summertime mission. When you reach the named location, head to the beach on the northern side of the city, you will find some special spots that have popped up around the beach. 

In the sand, you will find that there are locations where you can interact with the sand. Doing so will allow you to build a sandcastle to show off to your teammates and foes. It is as simple as interacting with the spot where it can be built for you to make a sandcastle. 

Then, all you need to do is make sure that you build three of them and you are officially done with the Fortnite build sandcastles. There may be other locations on the island where you can do this, such as other beaches on the edge of the map, but we have not yet tried it at those places. 

How to Drive a Modded Vehicle

Following up after that quest is the next one where you need to deal 100 damage to the supply drops falling out of the sky. Those who do not know the supply drops are the blue containers that will fall slowly out of the sky and land on the island with some very valuable gear inside. 

They only appear in the areas where the circle is located, so you want to be in the middle of the action on the island so that you can get to one of these supply drops. They are marked on the map, so it is easy to spot one from even far away. 

They are noted in the sky by their huge balloon that helps them to float down to the surface. But you can speed up the descent by shooting at them and dealing enough damage. In this case, you need to deal 100 damage to the supply drops. 

This does not have to be all in the same match, but it is also not very hard to get that much damage so long as you start attacking the supply drop before someone else does. The one part to watch out for is that everyone can see supply drops, so you may run into other competitors out there. 

Next up, you need to destroy a structure that an opponent has built by driving in a modded vehicle to hit. Destroying a structure with a vehicle is simple enough, but you need to make sure that you have a modded vehicle when you do this part. 

Modifying a vehicle is to find the off-road tires item on the island and then apply them to a car you find. The item isn’t super rare, but it can sometimes be difficult to find. Plus, you have to find a player who has built something and destroy it, so this challenge has some very specific requirements that you need to abide by for an otherwise easy task. 

Week 10 Legendary Quest

The last quest for the normal missions this week is to destroy three sandcastles in Fortnite. If you’ve done the Fortnite build sandcastles one, then you already probably know how to do this quest. What you need to do is, again, head to Sweaty Sands’ beach. 

There, either build yourself some sandcastles again or find someone who already has and destroy them. You need only to destroy three in total, and it does not have to be in the same match, so make sure to do that many. It does not matter what you destroy them with, be it a pickaxe or another weapon, so long as you take out three of them. 

The final quest this week is the legendary one. As always, this is only here for about a week until the next one appears, so be sure to tackle it early on if you want its experience rewards. This week, the legendary quest is to spend time in the air using the Hop Floppers or the shockwave grenades. 

Either item will work to put you in the air and spend some time, but the shockwave grenades can be pretty easily found since they are key to one of the upgrades for the bow this season. We recommend looking for them in the treasure chests and the like.

Then what you want to do is use the shockwave grenade to launch yourself into the air. For this quest, we recommend Team Rumble again since you have a glider that you can redeploy. This will help you to spend more time in the air and get those precious seconds in.

This is important since you have to spend a lot of time in the air with these two methods for this quest. Once again, it has five stages, beginning with 100 seconds needed and increasing by 100 until 500 in the final stage. That is more than nine minutes of airtime, which is insane. 

You will want to grab some friends and tackle this together so that you can whittle that time down to only a couple of minutes each. You get experience for each of the five stages that you complete. 


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