Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 Challenges: Craft Hunter’s Cloak

by in Fortnite | Mar, 18th 2021

Epic Games has released the sixth season of battle royale for Fortnite, and it is complete with new map locations, skins, a battle pass, and more. Of course, a new season means that there are new missions for players to pick up and start completing for experience, like the Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak one.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 Challenges List

Epic is wasting no time at all right now in Chapter 2, moving right from the 15th and final week of Season 5 last week right into the new set of missions released with Season 6 this week. The first week of quests is here for Season 6, and it is highly recommended that players do them. 

These quests are not going to give you some special cosmetic rewards, but they will give you experience that will be extremely valuable in these early days and weeks of the new season. Players will likely want to reach tier 100 as soon as possible, and these challenges are helpful for that. 

You can find the full list of the Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 challenges below, including the popular ones like the Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak mission and more:

  • Hunt five wildlife
  • Craft some Primal weapons in battle royale matches
  • Craft the Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak
  • Talk to NPC characters on the island
  • Collect mechanical parts materials from various equipment 
  • Craft some mechanical classic weapons
  • Find the three golden artifacts near The Spire
  • Legendary quest: Craft items in general (five-part, multi-stage quest)

As you can see, much of this week revolves around the same general format that began in Season 5. Sure, the standard seven missions per week are nothing new at all, but the legendary quest part has been around since last season, and it looks to be a permanent fixture in Season 6, too. 

You need to know about these challenges because the seven normal ones will stick around until the end of the season, allowing you to complete them whenever you would like to. However, the eighth one, the legendary quest, is only here for this week, and then it will switch to a new one. 

But it will give you a ton of experience while it is here, so it is well worth doing for those players looking to complete the battle pass in time for the end of the season. We are here to help you do just that, as we have our tips for completing all of the missions this week, including the mysterious Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak one. 

How to Craft Primal Weapons

For the first mission this week, we have to hunt down some wildlife, around five of them in total, to be exact. Much of the quests this week are here to introduce players to the new content and mechanics that are available in Season 6 so that you can get used to them. 

This first quest is one such example as you must partake in hunting down the new animals that have been unleashed upon the Fortnite island. There are three different types that we have found thus far — chickens, wolves, and boars — but there are likely more on the way in the future. 

It doesn’t matter how many of each you defeat so long as you meet the required number of them. It is as simple as hitting them with your pickaxe if you are brave enough or shooting them down from afar as the more dangerous wolves and boars can deal some hefty hits to your health. 

But if you are looking to complete this quest in one go or as fast as possible, our recommendation is to head to Weeping Woods. The woods are teeming with wildlife. I went here to complete this quest and easily find enough animals in a single match.

Next up is a quest that can be seen as almost a part two to the first one and something that we highly recommend you do together. You need to craft several primal weapons in matches. Primal weapons are a new type this season. They involve the other major mechanic: crafting. 

Crafting is now a dedicated thing in Fortnite. You can craft and upgrade weapons using various materials. In the case of the new primal weapons, you will need animal bones. As you may have already guessed, you get animal bones from the wildlife you need in the first quest. 

Take as many of them as you can out, open up your inventory, tab over to the crafting section, and make some primal weapons. It doesn’t matter the weapon type, like shotgun, pistol, etc., so long as you make the primal version of them. 

How to Craft the Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak

There is something more hidden within the game’s crafting segments when it comes to crafting: the Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak item. This is the item that we will need for the next part of the Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 challenges this week. 

You need to craft your very own Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak in a match but doing so is somewhat confusing and not well explained by Epic. The developer doesn’t even explain anything about how to craft within the game itself. But that is where we come in. 

It is easy to craft the Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak in the middle of matches so long as you have a couple of key items in your inventory. All it needs for this item are two animal bones and a single piece of meat. This is where the wildlife quest from before comes into play once more. 

You can do these two quests together if you would like. We have found that meat pieces are best found on wolves and boars as it is seemingly a bit harder or possibly even impossible to get a piece of meat from a chicken in Fortnite. 

Two animal bones and one piece of meat isn’t a whole lot, so you could probably get away with just taking out two animals in total for this quest. Once you have the materials, open up the crafting menu and make yourself a Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak capable of hiding you from the wildlife while wearing it. 

Following next is a simple quest that you likely already know how to do, and that is to talk to NPC characters. Some new NPCs have shown up around the island and the familiar ones that are back from Season 5 as this feature seems to be a permanent part of the game. 

All you need to do is go around the island and talk to as many NPCs as you can until you’ve met the requirements. We recommend heading to any named locations or landmarks that you can in matches as that will up your chances of finding a character to interact with. 

How to Craft Mechanical Weapons

We’ve already learned about the local wildlife and crafting some new primal weapons, but that is only half the story for the new crafting system in Season 6. The other half are mechanical or classic weapons, as in the ones you already know and love from past seasons like the pump shotgun. 

What you need to do for the next quest is to farm some of the mechanical parts used to make the mechanical weapons in Fortnite Season 6. But this is the tricky part as they are not as easily told to you as the animal bones that come from the new wildlife.

There is nothing new that you need to worry about when it comes to finding the mechanical parts. All you need to do is destroy any mechanical equipment, like cars, buses, tractors, and the like. You will be able to find parts every so often. 

Simply go around to different places and destroy vehicles with your pickaxe to get metal and potentially some mechanical parts every once in a while. Collect as many as you need for this quest, and then you will be able to move on to the next quest.

This next one goes along with the last one perfectly and has to do with taking those mechanical parts that you harvested from the equipment and then making something with them. It is the same situation as with the animal bones and primal weapons but switching them out. 

What you need is to once again have a makeshift weapon or two in your inventory plus the parts you pick up and then head to the crafting menu. There, you can make a mechanical weapon using around four parts per weapon. 

All you need to do is repeat the situation, gather mechanical parts, get a makeshift weapon, and then upgrade it in the crafting menu to a mechanical classic one until you have made enough weapons to satisfy the requirements for this particular quest. 

Where to Find the Golden Artifacts

As you know, one of the big crossover skins in Season 6 is none other than Lara Croft herself from the Tomb Raider series. With her skin available as only the second one, many players will be unlocking her during the first week alone. 

As such, there is no surprise that there is a quest this week that is Tomb Raider-style as you need to go looking for three golden artifacts on the island. Fortunately, Epic Games does throw you a bone for this one by making it pretty clear where you need to go for the mission. 

It is made known in the quest name that you need to find the three golden artifacts near The Spire. For those who haven’t seen it yet, The Spire is one of three named locations in Season 6. It is at the very center of the island where the Zero Point used to be.

Or, well, where it still is this season, but it has been sealed atop this massive tower known as The Spire. Upgraded to a named location this season, The Spire is also home to a town that sits at the bottom of the dark, mysterious tower. 

This town is where you will find the three golden artifacts needed for this normal quest. The first one that you can find is on the eastern side of The Spire in the building next to the tower. It is one of the larger houses here, but you can find it on the first floor hidden. 

The second one is a bit easier to find and is to the left of that building, where you will find a small one that is right up against the tower. This building is notable for having wooden planks blocking its entrance. Smash those planks away, and you will find the second golden artifact here. 

The third and final one is on the opposite side of the first one by The Spire, near where you can find some market stalls. One of the stalls right next to the tower is where you will find the third and final golden artifact. 

But we are not done with the missions this week. The Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 challenges conclude with the legendary quest that we have this week. This time around, players need to craft a whole bunch of items. Like past legendary quests, this is a five-part one recommended for four players.

You start by needing to craft only a couple of items, but it increases with each stage until you need 10 in total to complete it all and get all of the experience rewards, which isn’t a lot. You can do this by yourself before the first week is over, but we recommend doing it with some friends as you can progress together and do it much faster in the process.


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