Fortnite Season 6 Map Guide: Boney Burbs, The Spire, More

by in Fortnite | Mar, 16th 2021

Epic Games has introduced some new content for players worldwide to enjoy with the sixth season of Fortnite battle royale. This new season comes with a new battle pass, new skins to collect, new mechanics, and, of course, some Fortnite Season 6 map changes. 

Fortnite Season 6 Introduces New Map Changes

With the introduction of a new season of battle royale, we all know that this means some major changes to the island in Chapter 2. Now that we are more than halfway done with the chapter, Epic Games is trying some new stuff with the Fortnite Season 6 map.

Players will find a new biome type to explore around the island in a certain region and a lot of removals as well. Much of what made Season 5 what it was is gone now, similar to what happened with Season 4 before it, and there is new content to enjoy on the island in Season 6. 

Perhaps this is a way to ensure that players have something new to find on the map this season, rather than not have any changes at all, but it will be disappointing for players who grew used to the Season 5 map we had for about 15 weeks in the game. 

The Fortnite Season 6 map changes also mean new stuff in return to make up for the loss of what we don’t have anymore. This means that a few new named locations are here to stay for the next couple of months. There is interesting new content for players to discover across the Season 6 island. 

New Biome and Animals

Before we can jump into the new named locations on the Fortnite Season 6 map, it is important to go over something else first, which is this season’s theme. Season 6 is known as Primal. The theme is prevalent throughout much of the content, including the island. 

As such, there is a brand new biome that has debuted on the island that is known as Primal. This new Primal biome is unlike any other one that we have had in the game to date. It is strange, not quite looking like it sounds in practice but still something unique. 

It is essentially an autumn-like area of the map washed in brilliant and vibrant fall colors like browns, yellows, oranges, and reds. These colors give off a very natural and beautiful look to the biome that certainly helps the island to feel both more peaceful and nature-themed at the same time. 

The Primal biome is located near the center part of the island. It also spreads out some in six little arms around the island. This may extend further as the season goes on, but that is something that we will have to wait and see about for now. 

The Primal theme truly comes into play because players will find some new creatures roaming around the new biome during Season 6. Season 5 saw the release of non-violent NPCs that you could interact with, which went a long way towards making the island feel more realistic.

The Fortnite Season 6 map takes a step further, adding animals to the island for players to find in the Primal biome. These animals include chickens, wolves, and boars that you can hunt down for materials or even befriend, with the promise of more creatures to come as the season goes on.

New Map Locations: Boney Burbs

With the new Primal biome comes some new locations for players to explore. All of the new named locations in Season 6 are located in this central area around the middle of the island where the Zero Point was found in Season 5 and is still found in Season 6. 

But as you saw in the Zero Point Crisis Finale, the point is now sealed away by The Foundation and is housed atop a spire-like structure. This has presumably resulted in the new biome that has taken place around it and caused new points of interest to appear. 

One such location is Boney Burbs, a name that is quite unlike any of the other named locations we’ve had to date. This location has a town/city-like structure that may be familiar to some of you and features buildings and a style unlike any other named area to date. 

It has a very tribal feel to it, with wooden structures and spiked tops unique to the Boney Burbs area. It feels like it has arrived on the island from a bygone era and will give a unique feel for players in Season 6. 

It is relatively easy to access, as well, found west of the Zero Point that has been sealed at the center of the island, south of Pleasant Park, and north of Weeping Woods. There are many buildings and loot to be found here, so we imagine it will be a very popular destination for the months to come. 

The Spire

Perhaps the most important location in all of the Fortnite Season 6 map is the very center of it all: The Spire. The central location on the Fortnite island has once again become a point of interest, rather than just a little landmark that you could visit to check out and see. 

The Zero Point has been sealed away, as previously mentioned. It is found at the top of a massive tower that oversees the island’s entirety known as The Spire. This tower can be climbed on foot by running up its long stairs or gliding there from the battle bus at the start of the match. 

What you will find at the top of The Spire is not only the possibility of loot but the actual Zero Point itself, which is considered a different location in an odd turn of events. The Zero Point is once again a landmark but only found at the tower’s very tip-top point. 

However, being that it is a named location, The Spire is not just special for the tower that you can find here but also ziplines and other elements. At the tower base, you will find that a stylized town has sprung up there with some buildings and loot to find. 

If Boney Burbs is not the most popular named location this season, that award will most definitely go to The Spire. Being at the center of the island and hosting this awesome menacing tower plus the town below offers some unique and deep gameplay opportunities, so only come here if you want a fight. 

Colossal Crops

The third and final brand new named location is also near the center of the island and is known as Colossal Crops. If you couldn’t tell by the name of this point of interest, this is a mix of two different previous points that have come together in a very familiar location. 

Colossal Crops is a mix of both Colossal Coliseum and Frenzy Farm that came before it. As such, you can find it in the general area of those two previous locations, just northeast of The Spire and fairly far from the other named locations around it, like Craggy Cliffs and Lazy Lake. 

Colossal Crops is a mix of the two, bringing together that highly competitive and fun gameplay of the coliseum but mixed with the farm-like style of Frenzy Farm. As such, it does feel like the best of both worlds and is, personally, my favorite new named location in Season 6.

You will find several buildings structured similarly to the coliseum and will be filled with chests and loot for players to fight over. But on the outside of the named location, you will find gardens and crop fields to explore and hide in when battling. 

Like the other two locations, Colossal Crops will likely be a popular destination in Season 6. We imagine that it will be one that you should be careful about visiting, especially at the start of the match. But I do think it will be less popular than both Boney Burbs and The Spire.

Weeping Woods

There are technically only three brand new named locations in Season 6, but Epic Games wants you to think that there is more than that for some odd reason. When you first log into the game and try out a match, the new areas will be grayed out and ready for you to explore. 

The new points of interest will have question marks on their names so as not to spoil them until you’ve visited them for the first time. What’s weird about the Fortnite Season 6 map is that you need to visit four hidden points of interest.

While Boney Burbs, The Spire, and Colossal Crops make up three of them, the fourth is where Weeping Woods is found. Before you think that there is a new location there, we will spoil that there isn’t. Instead, Weeping Woods has changed a bit, I guess, to make Epic want you to revisit it. 

But in all honesty, there isn’t much different about Weeping Woods that should warrant this. In the middle of the forest, you will find the Primal biome has invaded it, but that is about it. Other than that, the central park area with the RVs and lodges are roughly the same. 

But one thing that is also new about it, and is likely the real reason for Epic considering it new, is that you will find much wildlife here. So, if you are into hunting and taming in Season 6, one of the best places to head to is Weeping Woods, as we have found a lot of animals here in just a few matches.

Spire Enemies and Removed Locations

There are some new landmarks and other minor locales that you can find on the Fortnite Season 6 map, too. There are new bases here in Season 6, for instance, near the Primal biome’s edges. One is northeast of Pleasant Park; another is east of Sweaty Sands, and so on. 

These bases are mini spires that feature some new Spire Guardians that you will need to take down to get some loot and survive. These new NPC enemies are fairly difficult, but defeating them and gathering the loot around there will get you a long way towards winning the match. 

With the addition of the new Primal biome, there are removed locations from Season 5 that you should know about. Sadly, every new named location from that season is gone except one: Stealthy Stronghold that looks to be a permanent addition to the island for this chapter.

All of the other ones have either been replaced or removed. Tilted Towers is sadly gone, with Boney Burbs taking its place but looking fairly similar in design. Colossal Coliseum has been replaced by Colossal Crops, instead. 

The weirdest one, though, is Hunter’s Haven. That location is the only one not to be replaced but was removed anyways. In its place is a little landmark that is honestly pretty cruddy and makes no sense. The Primal theme works with the hunters one from last season, not to mention Hunter’s Haven was a fan-favorite destination, so it made sense to stay. 

Hopefully, Hunter’s Haven comes back new and improved in Season 6 at some point. For now, the new locations are a bit lacking in Season 6 compared to past ones, unless you count Weeping Woods as new, so the return of Hunter’s Haven or a new spot in its stead would be very welcome. 


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