Fortnite Season 6 Crafting Guide: What to Do With Makeshift Weapons

by in Fortnite | Mar, 17th 2021

Epic Games has introduced one of the most exciting and game-changing new elements to Fortnite battle royale with Season 6. That is none other than the new Fortnite Season 6 crafting feature that allows players to create interesting and fun upgrades to weapons on the fly. 

Fortnite Season 6 Introduces Dedicated Crafting

Season 6 of battle royale expands upon everything that has come before it in Chapter 2 and is making it bigger than ever before. Rather than have a massive new season with tons of new locations and other unique ideas, it feels like this season hones refining and introducing new features. 

One such feature is the dedicated Fortnite Season 6 crafting that is different from the lame. For many players, it rarely used the upgrade system available in past seasons. That system involved heading to an upgrade station, feeding it some materials, and then moving on. 

The idea of it was nice, but the execution meant that few used it since you would have to go to a specific location, of which there were only so many, to make it happen. Now, though, players can craft wherever they would like with this new crafting system. 

With it, though, it has changed the entire loot pool of the game and the progression of how matches work. In many ways, it is a quiet but similarly effective way of changing up the battle royale gameplay to how the building system is so important to Fortnite’s core gameplay. 

The Fortnite Season 6 crafting system will likely be controversial to some players who don’t want more mechanics thrown into the game and seemingly forced upon players. Still, others may like the more Minecraft-like system of gathering resources and then upgrading weapons. 

Unfortunately, what is weird about the Fortnite Season 6 crafting system is that it is not explained that well at all by Epic Games. There is nothing to introduce you to it in the game itself. You’ll be picking up items and not knowing what to do with them unless you experiment or have someone else help you out first.

That is where we come in. We have spent several hours with the new season already in the first week and come up with our Fortnite Season 6 crafting guide to help you out. We will go over all of the recipes in the game at this time, how to gather materials, how to craft, and what we recommend you do. Let’s get started. 

How the Crafting System Works

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the Fortnite Season 6 crafting system from a glance. How it works is similar to Minecraft in that you can craft on the fly wherever you are in the match. You don’t need to head to a certain crafting station or anything like that to make it happen. 

Furthermore, you will need to open up and go through the menus to make the crafting upgrades happen. There are easier ways to do it by just interacting with materials, but, at first, this is something that players may not be aware of, whereas the dedicated crafting menu is always there. 

This brings us to our first tip, though: always be careful when you open up your crafting menu to do upgrades and the like. You are vulnerable and potentially unaware of your surroundings during this time, which can be a problem in a survival battle royale game like Fortnite. 

In the crafting menu, what you will find are the options that the game has available to you for crafting at that time. You cannot craft weapons from scratch, at least for now, but you can upgrade the existing ones that you have found on the ground or searched for inside of treasure chests. 

To craft, what you are going to need to do is find the menu for it. This is done by pressing up on a controller like you would if you were to try and switch your inventory slots around so that your weapons are in the right spot where you like them. 

Epic Games has changed things in Season 6 where your inventory is still accessed this way (and using the same key on PC as well) but what you will find is a new menu at the top of the inventory screen. One tab will say inventory like usual, while the other one will say crafting. 

You can tab over to the crafting menu to find a new screen where you can select your upgrades and the like. The problem with this whole situation is that opening up your crafting menu can be confusing if you try it out for the first time. It can be overwhelming to look at, especially if you have many different weapons in your inventory right now. 

But we will do our best to simplify things so that you aren’t overwhelmed by the different options to choose from and the stats that make them different from one another. 

Primal Versus Classic

It all starts with the two main categories at the heart of the crafting system in Fortnite: Primal and classic. When you first jump into a match in Season 6, you will find many makeshift weapons and probably some Primal ones as well that will be unfamiliar to you for now. 

The makeshift weapons are, for all intents and purposes, weapons that you will want to get rid of as soon as possible through crafting. They are not very good at all and are fine for those initial fights at the beginning of a match but won’t likely get you very far beyond that. 

The makeshift weapons are the baseline from which you can craft into the two branches of Primal and classic. Primal weapons are new as well in Season 6 and have a heavy focus on being heavy-duty, powerful weapons that emphasize strength over anything else. 

Of course, these weapons are different depending on the weapon type that you have, but there are Primal ones for the SMG, assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, and so on. They are all pretty wild in design and even more interesting when using them in combat. 

We recommend experimenting with the Primal weapons a bit to see if they work for you before deciding how your crafting setup will go in most matches. You can find the Primal and classic weapons as loot in Season 6, but we’ve found that they are very uncommon compared to the makeshift ones. 

On the other hand, the classic weapons are the standard ones that you are used to in Fortnite. Your standard assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, SMG, and so on. So, you are basically down to choosing each weapon if you want the standard Fortnite-style or the new Primal one. 

As an example, let’s take the makeshift shotgun that you will likely come across very often in the game. This one can become a Primal form that will be similar to an automatic shotgun in that it can fire off around two shots with each press of the trigger.

They are powerful ones, but you need to land them. This shotgun isn’t great if you aren’t in close range to the enemy as it is unwieldy and not super reliable, but the fast speed of it means you can even recover from some missed shots, if necessary. 

The classic, on the other hand, is your standard pump shotgun. This is the one that you know and love, capable of dealing some serious damage but being much slower than the Primal version and much more accurate when it comes to firing, so take your pick. 

How the Makeshift Bow Upgrades Work

While guns have the most standard upgrade formula of just picking between the two weapon styles, bows are different. Bows have returned to Fortnite this season, and they are at the core of the crafting system. 

Sure, they are similar in that they have the Primal and classic, mechanical versions, but they differ. This is because they have four more options to upgrade on the second path, two on each side of the branching crafting menu. 

Like the other weapons, you will need animal bone materials if you want the Primal version or mechanical parts if you would like to have the classic bow. From here, though, the materials change and allow for some more interesting combinations when it comes to the makeshift bow. 

Once you have selected the bow of your choice, you will have two more choices than the other weapons, depending on your first choice. If you were to pick the Primal bow, the two options that you would have are the Primal Flame bow and the Primal Stink bow. 

The flame one will have a more fiery aspect to it, while the stink bow will, well, you get the idea. For these two, you are going to need either a firefly jar or a gas canister for the flame one, while the stink one requires either a stink sac or three stink fish. 

On the mechanical side of things, there are explosive and shockwave versions available. The explosive one requires you to have six grenades in your inventory, while the shockwave version requires two shockwave grenades in your inventory. 

How to Get Animal Bone Materials for Primal Weapons

While some of the other materials for the bow, like the gas canister and firefly jars, are pretty self-explanatory, the main materials you will gather for the weapons are not easy to find. The animal bone and mechanical parts are new this season, making them hard to get if you don’t know where to look.

Both the Primal and classic variants require four pieces of either the bones or the mechanical parts to upgrade a weapon. When it comes to the animal bones, they delve into one of the other new aspects this season: the animals here. 

Animals are on the island of Fortnite, including chickens, wolves, and boars, with more to come in the future. If you would like to get some animal bones for upgrades, you will need to kill some chickens or other animals on the map and collect them from their loot drops. 

It isn’t hard to kill any of these animals, though it is worth mentioning that the wolves are pretty strong and travel in packs usually. If you are looking for the easiest place to find animal bones, you are going to want to head to Weeping Woods, where we have found plenty of boars and chickens in the past. 

How to Get Mechanical Parts and All Other Materials

The other new material this season is the mechanical parts. These are found relatively quickly by destroying vehicles and other mechanical equipment around the island. Destroy them with your pickaxe, and you will have a chance of some parts dropping in the process. 

When it comes to the extra upgrades for the bow, finding those materials are relatively easy as well, for the most part. Firefly jars are gathered by simply interacting with a group of fireflies on the island. At least to me, it seems like I have encountered a lot more fireflies in Season 6, so this isn’t difficult to do. 

I don’t recommend going this route for gas canisters as you will likely need those for filling up the gas tank of the vehicles you drive, but you can find them at most gas stations and other random locations. When it comes to the stink bow, you need to fish around until you get three stink fish. 

For the mechanical bows, I’ve found that they are pretty easy to gather materials for, too. Grenades are all over the place for the most part in Fortnite, whether on the ground or in chests. You shouldn’t have too much of a hard time finding six of them. 

The shockwave grenades are rarer for sure, but they are also seemingly more common to me than in past seasons. Your best bet for these, though, is searching through chests, and you can find two of them fairly quickly this way. 


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