Fortnite Season 5 Week 15 Challenges

by in Fortnite | Mar, 11th 2021

Epic Games is gearing up for the release of Fortnite Season 6, but that hasn’t stopped it from giving us some new content to do in Season 5. The Fortnite Week 15 challenges are here to give us a proper send-off for this rather long season and offer some new experience rewards to finish it for good. 

Season 5 Ends With the Fortnite Week 15 Challenges

Season 5 has been going on for a long time now. We are now in the 15th week with these Fortnite Week 15 challenges this week. It is at least five weeks past the expected end date for a season, and it is crazy that we have gotten normal weekly quests the whole time. 

These overtime quests have been pretty wild. It looks like they are coming to an end, though. We got the Fortnite Season 6 release date this week, formally revealing when the new season of battle royale is coming and how it will all go down. 

Those details were much-needed since the current season has been going on for so long. But since we aren’t getting Season 6 until next week, the Fortnite Week 15 challenges are happening this week to give everyone something to do for the last few days of Season 5. 

Season 5 will end with the Fortnite Week 15 challenges, as they are the last ones that will happen this season. It is imperative that anyone who wants to ensure they reach the battle pass level that they wanted to before the end does these in time. Here is the full list of them:

  • Travel 500 meters in total distance through sand
  • Spend five seconds in the sand while being within 20 meters of enemies
  • Spend 500 gold bars
  • Purchase an item from an NPC character
  • Upgrade a weapon
  • Get intel from a character
  • Hire a character to join your party
  • Legendary quest Week 15: Duel characters (five-part, multi-stage quest)

The Week 15 quests aren’t that special and don’t include anything truly different from what we’ve seen in the past. It does stick to the general theme of the sand and dealing with the NPC characters, but that is about it, honestly. 

They aren’t that difficult in general, and they aren’t super unique, either. But this is good since the Fortnite Week 15 challenges will only be here for the duration of the season, which comes to a close in less than a week. That isn’t nearly as much time as other weeks, which is where we come in with our tips for doing them. 

How to Travel Through Sand

In the Fortnite Week 15 challenges, we have the quest where you need to travel through the sand. You can travel through sand in Season 5 in a specific way for those who don’t know. This quest asks you to do a ton of it. 

You need to travel 500 meters in total, which is quite a lot given that the sand is only limited to a certain area on the island. That area is the center of the map near the Zero Point and Colossal Coliseum locations. 

As for how to travel through the sand, you need to stand on top of it and stand there. Don’t move or do anything at all, and you will gradually sink until you are in the sand. This is the way that you need to travel for this quest. 

But you need to travel a total of 500 meters while doing this for it to work. That is a lot, so we don’t expect you to get it all done in a single match. Fortunately, you can take your time with this in as many matches as you need (while the season is around) until you have reached 500 meters. 

Next up, we have another sand quest to do. You need to spend about five seconds or more in the sand while there is an enemy within 20 meters of you. That isn’t a very far distance, so you will need to be close to them and be careful that they don’t see you or take you out in the five seconds you are near them. 

How to Get Gold Bars

For the third quest this week, you need to spend 500 gold bars. As you probably already know, gold bars are a unique match currency that you can get this season used for various activities like hiring NPCs to join your party, buying weapons to use in combat, and much more. 

This is one of the core features of Season 5. As it is coming to an end, gold bars may be as well. Or, they are at least coming to an end in the way that we know them. Epic has hinted that they may stick around in the next season but differently, so the developer is resetting them in Season 6.  

This is pretty unfortunate, but something understandable, for sure, so Epic is encouraging players to use the gold bars up before the end of the season. One way to do that is to have this quest where players need to spend a whopping 500 gold bars to get some rewards. 

That is a lot of gold bars, but you may have saved up more than that amount over the season. But if you haven’t, your best bet is to eliminate other players and complete bounties/side quests to get some gold bars for this quest. 

Once you have at least 500 gold bars, it is time to spend those babies. Head on over to your favorite NPCs on the island and then spend as much as you can on buying weapons, items they might have, and then hire them to join your team. Keep this up until you have spent 500 in total. 

The next quest is to purchase an item from a character on the island in Season 5. This is something that you will need to do for the last quest, so you might as well do them both simultaneously. 

All you need to do is make sure that you have some gold bars, head over to an NPC on the island, and then buy something from them. It could be a weapon or other item, so long as you buy it from them. Each NPC typically has at least one of these items, so find a character. You should be good to go as long as you have the required amount of bars. 

How to Get Intel From a Character

Following up on that quest, we have one where players must upgrade a weapon. This is a type of challenge that we have had many times in the past. It is no surprise that it is back again. Upgrading isn’t that big of a deal, though, these days, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have much experience with it. 

There are upgrade stations around the island at most named locations and other areas where you can interact with them to upgrade and change your weapons. You need to do this for this quest as you will need to upgrade at least one of them to get the XP from this challenge.

Upgrading a weapon requires you to have a certain number of materials in your inventory, so you must keep this in mind first and foremost. Grab some materials from nearby trees and buildings, then head to the station and upgrade any of your weapons. The rarity and weapon type do no matter so long as you complete this action. 

For the next mission, players need to get intel from a character on the island. This is another situation where players need to visit an NPC and utilize the features that they have. This is another feature that the characters have, like buying items, interacting, getting some intel, and being good to go. 

The one thing to note about this particular quest is that you are not guaranteed to get the intel option every time you meet an NPC, at least in our experiences. As such, you may have to visit more than one character to see this option appear. But when it does, be sure to go for it, and you will finish this quest up nicely. 

How to Duel Characters

The final quest for this week’s normal missions and the final normal quest of the entire season, we have a pretty easy one like the other NPC quests this week. It is yet another quest that has to do with one of the many features the characters have/ This one is all about hiring a character.

One of the most powerful abilities you can access when talking to an NPC is hiring them to join your party. This option is there for every single NPC on the island, and it is guaranteed to happen. There is no way that it will not show up for you, so you need to visit anyone that you stumble upon or like. 

Once you visit them, make sure that they are there and that no one has hired or eliminated them yet. If they are there, interact with them, and typically the far-right option is the one to hire them for your team. Be sure to have enough gold bars in your inventory to be able to complete this function. 

Hiring NPCs for your team is one of the most expensive options you can find when talking to a character to require a good number of gold bars. If you don’t have enough just yet, be sure to take on one of the mini-quests they have for you or some bounties. 

Once you have enough gold bars, interact with them again and then hire them for your team. This will complete this quest and give you some added arsenal regarding taking on the other players in the match. You could also do this simultaneously as the spend 500 gold bars quest and progress that one while you do this. 

And with that, we come to the very last quest ever for Season 5: the legendary one. This week’s legendary quest is to duel a certain number of characters on the island. Like the legendary quests before it, it has five parts to it. Each part gives you some rewards for completing it. 

Dueling characters is another possible option when you interact with them on the island. What you need to do is defeat them. You don’t have to initiate anything, either, as you can just run up and shoot them or throw a grenade, snipe them, etc. 

What matters is that you take them out successfully. You can do this by yourself, but this legendary quest is best done with other players as it is a bit easier to accomplish. The first part of this quest requires you to duel five characters. It increases by five more each time until you need 25 by the end. 

Twenty-five characters is a lot. There is likely no way you will be able to get this done in a single match or even two, so be sure to grab a few friends, jump into some matches together, and focus on finding NPCs and taking them out. 


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