Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 Challenges: Bounties, Pizza Pit, More

by in Fortnite | Dec, 3rd 2020

If you somehow missed it, Fortnite Season 5 is out now. Players can check out the fifth season of Chapter 2 as we reach the halfway point of this particular arc. The fifth season features bounty hunters, new map locations, the Zero Point, and, of course, Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 challenges.

Fortnite Challenges Are Weird in Season 5

Before we jump into the Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 challenges this week, something is worth noting about them. They are rather strange this season and not nearly as organized as they have been in several seasons of the game.

Fortnite has been on a downward spiral for a while now, where it was becoming increasingly more difficult to find the challenges for that week and know what you need to do. But that has only escalated this season into just a mess of tasks for you to do.

If you are looking to find the missions on your own, it is really difficult to do so as there isn’t a dedicated menu location for them and when you do find them in the lobby, they are all scattered and messy. It is hard even to see all of them and figure out everything that you need to do.

It was only apparent what the challenges were once we started completing the ones that were seen, and then we could see what the other ones were. It is a complicated matter, but we will do our best to simplify things with this Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 challenges guide.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 Challenges List

The challenges are unorganized and difficult to find in the game at times, but the number of challenges is rather strange this season. Season 5 follows in the footsteps of Season 4 in that it has a reduced number of missions overall that you can do this week.

This is the first week. It could change, but there are only four main missions that we could find for you to do in week one. This is problematic as there are very few missions overall when it was at least seven last season and in several seasons before that.

But the complicated nature of these four missions does mean that there is more to them than meets the eye, so you can still expect to get a fair amount of experience from each of them. Without further ado, here’s the full list of the challenges that you will be able to do this week:

  • Complete five bounties
  • Destroy 10 structures at either Pizza Pit or Pizza Pete
  • Get three shotgun eliminations (multi-stage quest with four parts)
  • Discover five named locations (another multi-stage mission with three parts)

As you can see, there are only four missions that you can do in the Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 challenges, but two of them are a lot longer than meets the eye. The last two challenges are four and three parts each, making this week’s challenges almost equal nine in a way.

Every single part of the multi-stage quests will give you experience, so it is worth doing all of them as you will get rewards the whole time along the way. Here is our complete guide for doing all of these missions this week and getting all of the valuable XP.

How to Complete Bounties in Season 5

Kicking things off in the Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 challenges is a very important mission that requires you to complete five bounties. If you haven’t played Season 5 just yet, you may not know about these bounties and be in the dark about what to do here.

Season 5 is all about the bounty hunters as the battle pass is filled with different hunters from other realms and periods. There is The Mandalorian from the Star Wars universe, which is known for hunting down targets, a Roman-like gladiator, and several more.

Since you will be spending a lot of time playing as these bounty hunters or trying to unlock them in the battle pass, there is a gameplay mechanic this season to help with that called bounties.

You can collect a special currency by completing various bounties in the game. Bounties work somewhat like the elimination mission in Call of Duty Warzone, where you hunt down an enemy player and taking them out.

These are special little side missions that don’t detract from the overall battle royale experience and aren’t required in matches but will give you some great rewards if you take the time to do them. For this mission, you need to complete five bounties in total, which means taking out five specific players.

But before we can even get to that, you need to pick up the bounties in the first place. You can get them one at a time by visiting the new NPC characters who roam around the map and will not fight you. They are indicated by a little talk symbol above their heads seen from fairly far away.

When you get close, you can chat with them and accept a bounty to take out another player. You can get one bounty at a time from these characters, so this quest will take you a fair bit of time to do. You will likely need several matches to complete this one, so we recommend aiming for one bounty per match.

We have had luck finding these NPCs in some of the named locations like Pleasant Park and others, but their spawn locations are likely randomized. Be careful when talking to them, too, as other players could take advantage of your vulnerability and take you out.

Five bounties is a lot. The game recognizes that, making sure to give you a lot of experience once you have done all of them. This particular mission gives the most individual experience this week, at least on its own, with 55000 in total. That is a lot to go towards getting a nice headstart on the Season 5 battle pass.

Where to Find Pizza Pit and Pizza Pete

The second mission that you can do and the only other standalone one is to destroy 10 structures at Pizza Pit and/or Pizza Pete. For some reason, someone is mad at pizza in the Fortnite universe. It would help if you destroyed everything regarding them.

To do so, you first need to figure out where these two locations are found on the Season 5 map with the changes that have come to it this season. First up, we have the Pizza Pit in the game. This part is rather interesting as you can find a surprising returning location this season on the map.

Tomato Town is back, sort of, and is found somewhat in the location on the original island in Chapter 1. It is in that northeastern-ish section of the map where Frenzy Farm used to be. It is right next to the Orchard landmark near the new Colossal Colosseum named location.

The Pizza Pit restaurant is in the returning Tomato Town. Alternatively, you could head to the Pizza Pete food truck instead, which is strangely also really close to this location as well, near the Orchard and north of the Colossal Colosseum.

The Colossal Colosseum is where Frenzy Farm, and Stark Industries after that, used to be, northeast of the Zero Point in the middle of the map. In between the new named location and the Orchard landmark is the Pizza Pete food truck on the edge of the desert, instead of its old location near Salty Springs, now known as Salty Towers.

Finding the locations is the hard part of this mission as the actual task is pretty simple: head to these two locations and destroy 10 things. It could be tables, walls, etc., so long as you destroy 10 things. The one thing to watch out for is other players who might have destroyed everything before you.

How to Get Eliminations

Next up is the first of two missions this week that is all about multiple parts to it that players must complete. There are four parts to this eliminations-themed mission. Thankfully, all four of them will give you XP as you complete them, instead of waiting until the end.

The unfortunate thing is that you must complete the first part to see the second one, and so on. The first part of this mission is to get three shotgun eliminations for 20000 XP. This part is likely here to highlight the new and returning shotgun weapons that are in Season 5.

The charge shotgun is back in the game. The new, powerful Dragon’s Breath shotgun is also here. Both are excellent weapons that can get you some nice eliminations, so focus on finding them or another shotgun type to get three eliminations.

The second part of this mission is to get an assault rifle and then deal 500 damage in total with it. This is slightly different since you aren’t looking for eliminations per se but mainly damage. Five hundred is a fair bit of damage equal to around five players with full health and no shields or more than two players with full health and shields.

The third part of this mission is to find a sniper rifle and get an elimination from 150 meters away. There is another new weapon this season, and it is the sniper rifle that The Mandolorian uses in the hit Disney+ TV show. You can use it or another sniper rifle to do this task.

One hundred fifty meters is very far away so you will need some skill to do this one. And last but not least, you need to get 10 eliminations with common or uncommon weapons. Past eliminations in this multi-part challenge will not count, so it will need to be fresh eliminations with the weapons of your choosing, so long as they have these rarities.

How to Collect Bars

And finally, we have one more mission that you can do this week to earn some experience. It is another multi-stage one that works similarly to the last one but only three parts. The first part is to discover five named locations on the map.

This part isn’t hard to accomplish but could take you some time or a couple of matches to do since you need to visit five locations on the map. What is weird about this mission is that you need to visit five new named locations, but there are only four this season.

I found that it counted when I visited locations that weren’t necessarily new, like Pleasant Park. To be safe, though, I recommend visiting the four new named locations and then something like Pleasant Park as not every named point of interest is guaranteed to work for this.

The second stage of this mission is to talk to three characters in a battle royale match. This has to do with the NPC bounties mission from earlier, but this time you only have to talk to three characters. You could do this in tandem with the five bounties one.

The third and final stage is to collect 500 bars in total. Bars are the new special currency you get from doing bounties and other quests in the middle of a match. Five hundred is a lot, but these quests also give you a fair amount for each one, so it will vary. This mission will keep your progress from match to match, so do quests you can in each mission you are in until you have 500 bars.


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