Fortnite Season 5 Map Changes: Salty Towers, Stealthy Stronghold, More

by in Fortnite | Dec, 2nd 2020

Epic Games has released the fifth season of content for Fortnite battle royale, which is always an exciting moment for the community. As always, one of the most important parts of the new content this season is the new changes and additions for the Fortnite Season 5 map.

Fortnite Season 5 Brings Major Map Changes

Before we go any further, it is worth noting that there is no completely new Fortnite Season 5 map this season in battle royale. There were some rumors and hopes for a brand new map or the original Chapter 1 map’s return, but that isn’t going to happen.

Those rumors came up because of the end of the Fortnite Galactus event this week that concluded with the player stuck in space and no real resolution on what happened with that event. Instead, we returned to the Chapter 2 island with some new areas and replaced ones.

Like most seasons of battle royale, there are some major Fortnite Season 5 map changes this time around. There are some more changes this season than there were in the last couple of seasons at launch. The Marvel-themed island last season had few changes but got more as time went on.

In Season 5, there are several new locations, some of which are brand new ones that weren’t here before. They have diversified the map considerably, making it much more interesting and varied in how the Chapter 1 island was. This could be very pleasing to fans of that original island.

But what is odd about the island this time around is that it doesn’t expand the snowy regions of the island in the way that I expected it to. Season 7 famously covered the entire island in snow and expanded the snowy named locations for a while, but that isn’t happening again.

But what we do get in the Fortnite Season 5 map are some impressive and welcome changes that are themed heavily around the bounty hunters aesthetic that the game is going for with the battle pass. Here is our map guide so you can know everything you need to know about it this season.

All Marvel Map Locations Are Gone

We are going to start things off with the bad news about this Fortnite Season 5 map. The addition of new locations on the island does mean that some areas have been removed from the game. Unfortunately, several areas did not come back for Season 5.

According to what we have seen and experienced on the map, all of the Marvel-themed locations part of Season 4 have been removed. Doom’s Domain, Stark Industries with Upstate New York, and the other landmark spots are all gone.

We think that Epic Games might keep at least one of these locations around, especially since this season does still crossover with Disney with The Mandalorian now in the game, but that isn’t the case. You won’t find these spots on the map anymore. All of the superhero bosses and powers are gone.

This is rather strange since Coral Castle stuck around from Season 3 and is still here, despite being heavily inspired by Aquaman. Besides the Marvel ones that are gone, a couple more locations are no longer on the map now and will be sorely missed.

Galactus attacked the center of the map where The Ruins were before and took the Zero Point location from it, so the named location of The Ruins is no longer there. Players will find something different when they visit that spot from now on.

And the other removed location is The Fortilla that has just completely disappeared off the coast of Slurpy Swamp for some reason. There wasn’t much rhyme or reason behind this decision, but it’s just not there anymore. There is no replacement for it either at this time, but maybe that will change later on.

New Map Location: Colossal Coliseum

In total, four brand new named locations have been added to Fortnite battle royale. Four is a pretty fair amount for the start of a brand new season. That is likely because we are missing about four locations at this point in the season with the removed ones.

Interestingly, though, only two of these locations are replacing an existing named location. It isn’t the ones you would expect (for the most part), like taking over the former Doom’s Domain and all that jazz.

But the first new named location that we would like to go over does replace an existing place from the previous season, sort of, and that is Colossal Coliseum. This unique named location is the first of two arenas in the game now, focusing on a sort of modern Roman colosseum take.

It doesn’t look that much like a traditional colosseum, at least in how you imagine it, probably, but it does have some arena vibes to it. It is rectangular in shape, northeast of the Zero Point location where The Ruins used to be.

This arena, complete with stands for players to watch, is around the area where Frenzy Farm and Stark Industries were before it. This will likely be one of the most popular destinations this season, even though there isn’t much to it.

We highly recommend that only the most battle-hungry players go here and take on the challenges that await. It is just a fighting pit for players to destroy one another; don’t go for the middle of the arena as you are likely to be quickly decimated by those in the stands.

Hunter’s Haven

The second area that we can visit on the map this season as one of the new named locations: Hunter’s Haven. This is a brand new location that occupies an interesting spot on the map since it isn’t replacing one of the older areas.

It also joins Colossal Coliseum and the next named location on this list as one of the three new central locations centered around the Zero Point in the middle of the island. This particular location is different from some of the other ones by being a more traditional one.

It is a facility of several different buildings in the middle of the hills with several interconnected locations. It isn’t super large but not super small, either, being a fairly decent spot for indoor spaces and lots of loot. We don’t expect Hunter’s Haven to be too busy compared to the colosseum.

Players will find this location south of the Zero Point, north of Misty Meadows and the lake, and west of Lazy Lake.

Salty Towers

The third location added to the game in this update is none other than Salty Towers. This name may strike you as familiar and for good reason. Found west of the Zero Point in the previous location of Salty Springs, it takes that location and transforms it into something new.

We are happy to announce that Tilted Towers, perhaps the most popular and famous named location of all time in Fortnite history, is back again in Season 5 for the first time this chapter as a mix between it and Salty Springs as you knew it from before.

In the same spot as Salty Springs was previously, this is the first significant change that we have seen for the location. It was overdue for an upgrade. Salty Springs just wasn’t that great of a location. Now, it can flourish as an upgraded city with skyscrapers that feel like the original Tilted Towers.

We imagine that Salty Towers will be one of the most popular destinations this season and for seasons to come if it does become a long-term location for Fortnite, which we think it will. There is lots of loot to find in its towering buildings. Just make sure to watch out for the tons of players who will now visit it in every match.

Stealthy Stronghold

Last but not least, we have one more location in Season 5: Stealthy Stronghold. This is another situation where the game has come out with a brand new location in a spot that wasn’t a point of interest before.

It is found north of Pleasant Park and slightly northeast of Coral Castle in the spot here that was previously empty on the island’s northern coast. Stealthy Stronghold sounds like a castle or something like that from its name, but it is more like another arena but very jungle-like.

Stealthy Stronghold gives some serious Hunger Games or traditional barebones battle royale vibes with this closed-in arena with jungles, temples, and other locations spread throughout it. Unlike the colosseum, it is very dense and packed with lots of trees and things to see.

It was easy to get lost in this relatively small area and run into other players unexpectedly just visiting there once. Given its strange location that is far away from most everything else, I don’t expect it to be super popular most of the time, so it might be a great place to gear up at the start of the match and then head towards the first circle.

Zero Point and Other Minor Map Changes

While those are the only four new named locations added to the game thus far in Season 5, there are other minor details worth mentioning. Some new landmarks are on the island now, not the least of the Zero Point itself.

The thing that caused these changes and the arrival of The Mandalorian and others is at the heart of the map, taking The Ruins and The Agency’s place. It isn’t a named location, though, and while it looks stunning, there isn’t much to see or do here.

There are also other places like the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian, new NPC enemies to fight in pretty random locations around the island, and much more. There is also the fact that Pleasant Park has reverted to its former self, instead of Doom’s Domain as it once was, which is unfortunate.

When you are traversing the island in Season 5, one new feature that you might notice are NPCs walking around who don’t want to fight you. They will have a talk bubble above their heads and will give you little tasks to complete as quests like eliminating an enemy for rewards.

That is the bulk of what is on the Fortnite Season 5 map, but there will likely be more additions and changes as the season goes on. For one, I would like to see Mando get his area on the map, like a named location similar to Tatooine or another planet from the Star Wars universe.

It would also be great to see some changes for places elsewhere on the map, especially as the winter season approaches. It would be great to see more snow appear for the holidays, but these changes would likely come a few weeks from now, so stay tuned.


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