Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 Challenges Guide: How to Make a Stark Robot Dance, More

by in Fortnite | Sep, 24th 2020

Epic Games has released the Fortnite Week 5 challenges this week, offering the latest batch of weekly missions for players to complete for rewards. This week is a special week as it marks the third birthday of Fortnite as well as several other events that are going on this week. 

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges List

With such a major week for battle royale, we fully expect a lot of players to log in so they can check out the new birthday event coming up, the BTS music video that will drop this weekend, and more. As such, you might want to do the Fortnite Week 5 challenges at the exact same time. 

Fortunately, the challenges this week are unique and interesting without actually being too difficult. Though, like always, if you don’t know where to go or what to do, you might find yourself pretty confused. Here is the full list of the Fortnite Week 5 challenges that you can do, starting today:

  • Search for seven treasure chests at Doom’s Domain
  • Get three eliminations at Dirty Docks
  • Drive a car from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner in less than four minutes without getting out once
  • Collect the four floating rings at Coral Castle
  • Jump through the flaming ring at Salty Springs while in a vehicle
  • Make a Stark robot dance
  • Destroy a Gorger (we recommend you do this with a team)

As you can see, there is some nice variety this week that is offered in the missions, even though there are also the usual copy-paste ones, too. With the release of these missions, we are now halfway through one of the best seasons of Fortnite battle royale ever released.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into this list of Fortnite Week 5 challenges and take a look at what you need to do and where you need to go in order to complete all of them and get your rewards this week. 

How to Find Chests at Doom’s Domain

It all begins with the first mission of the week that is the latest treasure chests challenge. This week, players are looking for seven treasure chests at Doom’s Domain, which is actually one of the more interesting destinations for this mission type in the last several weeks. 

Doom’s Domain, for those who don’t know, is one of the new named locations in Season 4 that launched alongside the start of the season. Dr. Doom took over the old location of Pleasant Park and converted it into his base for evil operations. 

For the most part, the location is largely the same as it was before with several houses and the like. The only difference this time around is that the supervillain has taken over one of the houses and made it his base. You are even able to find him there and battle with him if you’d like. 

But we are looking chests this time around at Doom’s Domain. Like in Pleasant Park, you are going to find most of the chests within the houses around the town, so be sure to check the basements and roofs of these houses.

You can also find chests near Dr. Doom himself but this might not be favorable since you might have to fight him. Also, this is a popular area so keep an eye out for enemies. We recommend grabbing a couple of chests per match that you do and you will have this done in a few matches. 

The second challenge this week is the standard eliminations one. You need to get three eliminations at Dirty Docks. For this one, simply head to the named location on the east coast at the start of the match and gear up as fast as you can. 

Then try and take out someone who is also doing the same thing by sneaking up on them or whatever you would like. You don’t need to get all three eliminations in one match but you certainly can, especially in Team Rumble. But we just recommend aiming for one per match and it shouldn’t take you too long to do this. 

How to Collect Floating Rings at Coral Castle

Next up is the first of the really interesting tasks this week and it is to drive a car from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner in less than four minutes without getting out. This isn’t too hard to do as you can definitely cover that distance in a car in less than four minutes. 

You are going from Slurpy Swamp in the southwestern corner of the island to Catty Corner on the opposite eastern side. There is a pretty clear path between the two through Misty Meadows and the like so it really isn’t that hard to accomplish this task. 

However, you will need a car first and foremost. We recommend checking the nearby named locations of Misty Meadows, Holly Hedges, and Salty Springs to see if they have a car. Once you have one, head to Slurpy Swamp and then make your way towards Catty Corner. Just make sure not to get out of the car until you reach the named location.

For the fourth challenge this week, it is a returning one we haven’t seen in a little bit and it is to collect the four floating rings once again. This time around, it is at Coral Castle, which hasn’t really been the focus of any weekly missions since its debut last season. 

This is a massive area and you will find most of these rings together but there is one that is separated from the group. These are blue floating rings that are typically on top of buildings and the like, so make sure to grab plenty of materials so that you can build up to them.

We are going to start with the outlier for this mission so head to the southern edge of Coral Castle when you get there. When you are near the waterfall there, you will find a building that has a gold roof. You will find the first floating ring on top of that roof overlooking the rest of Coral Castle. 

For the other three rings, they are grouped together unlike this one near the very center of the named location. In the very middle of Coral Castle, there is the tallest building of the castle. Atop the roof of this building is the next ring and you can just build up there to grab it. 

From there, the third ring isn’t too far off as you will find it atop a building directly northeast of the second one in that bigger patch of land there. From there, go directly northwest to the other large patch of land towards the northern border of the area and you will find the fourth and final ring atop the small building here. 

How to Make a Stark Robot Dance

For the following mission, it is another returning task that we haven’t really seen much of since the first chapter of Fortnite. You need to take a vehicle and drive it through the flaming ring at Salty Springs. This is another situation where the first thing you need to do is find a car. 

Cars can be regularly found at Salty Springs, so land here first in the match and you are likely to find one around the small town or near the gas station on the eastern side of it. Hop in your car and then head just south of Salty Springs and you will find a flaming ring with a ramp in front of it. 

Speed up as quickly as you can in your car and you should have no problem leaping from it through the flaming ring to complete this mission. But if you do miss for whatever reason, you can just drive back around and try it again as many times as you need to until you get it. 

The penultimate mission that you have to do this week is a rather interesting one that we haven’t really seen before. You are simply asked to make a Stark robot dance. That is a pretty vague mission and one that might sound confusing if you aren’t sure of how to do this. 

Stark robots have been the major focus of several missions this season from hacking them to destroying them but making them dance is a whole other ball game. You can find the Stark robots in two main locations so do whichever is easiest for you.

The first location is at Stark Industries where Frenzy Farm used to be on the Season 4 island until it changed partway through the season. Here at the headquarters where Tony Stark is located, you will find several Stark robots that you can seemingly make dance. 

The other spot that you can find some Stark robots is at the various Quinjet locations that pop up in every match that you do. They are randomly generated so we can’t help you with the actual locations but they, thankfully, show up on the map so finding them shouldn’t be too hard. 

Head to either of these locations and there is one main way that you are able to make the Stark robots dance. It has to do with the beloved Boogie Bomb explosive item that has, fortunately, returned in Season 4. This is the classic Fortnite item that you can throw like a grenade and anyone caught in its radius will dance for several seconds. 

So, you’ll need to make sure to pick up a Boogie Bomb before doing this mission. You can find them on the floor as loot there but it is better to check treasure chests as you might be more likely to find them in chests. Once you have some bombs, head to either Stark Industries or one of the Quinjets and make those robots dance for you to complete this mission. 

How to Destroy Gorgers

Last but certainly not least, we have the mission to destroy a single Gorger enemy in a Fortnite battle royale match. This is similar to a challenge that we had recently in Season 4 and it is more of the team mission that you shouldn’t really attempt by yourself. 

You can definitely take out a Gorger by yourself, we don’t doubt it, but there are problems with this that can make it tough. The game mode that we recommend you do this in is Team Rumble since there are fewer enemies to worry about and more teammates to help you do this task. 

To find a Gorger, you need to look for the red beam of light that will appear on the battle royale island a couple of minutes into the match. It can be seen from virtually anywhere on the island so locating it shouldn’t be too hard. But the Gorger spot is totally randomized every single match. 

When you get there, you will find the Gorger NPC enemy boss who summons the Gatherer drones much like the zombie hordes from past seasons of Fortnite. He is a tough boss to take down so we highly recommend that you bring at least a full squad of four players to help you out and get this done together. 

The Gorger will keep summoning Gatherer drones until defeated but there is something that can help you accomplish this. If you take out a drone early on in the fight, you can pick up their body before it explodes and use its signature laser weapon to fight back against the Gorger. 

The constant laser beam can make it a little easier to take it down so that is what we recommend. But if you have weapons that you prefer, go ahead and do that, instead. Simply mash away at the Gorger until it finally goes down and you will complete this final Week 5 mission. 

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges Rewards

The rewards for the Fortnite Week 5 challenges are exactly what you would expect. If you’ve been doing the weekly missions this season, you will know that the experience isn’t as good as before but still pretty solid. You will get 25,000 experience for each of these missions that you do, which is a big help for the battle pass this season if you do all seven of them. 


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