Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 Challenges Guide: Bounce on Dog Toys at the Ant Manor, More

by in Fortnite | Sep, 3rd 2020

Epic Games has released the latest batch of weekly challenges for players to complete this week. The Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 challenges are here for players to complete, and they continue the trend of having unique objectives. This week includes the bounce on dog togs Fortnite challenge.

Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 Challenges List

Overall, it seems like Epic Games has possibly learned from the awful challenges that were released in Season 3 recently. That season wasn’t good at all when it came to the weekly missions. Fortunately, it does look like this new Marvel-themed season is more than making up for that.

With the Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 challenges now here, players can complete even more tasks and earn even more experience towards leveling up and getting tiers for the battle pass. It happens to be most likely the very best one ever created in the history of Fortnite.

You can find the extremely important Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 challenges listed below:

  • Search for seven treasure chests at Salty Springs
  • Get three eliminations at The Authority
  • Dance on top of three different Sentinel heads at the Sentinel Graveyard location
  • Destroy seven boats at Craggy Cliffs
  • Bounce on dog toys at the Ant Manor (four required)
  • Ride a motorboat under three different colored steel bridges
  • Search seven Shield chests inside of Quinjets (four players recommended)

As you can see, there are seven missions in total this week that you can do. Those seven challenges are rather quite good in terms of quality, uniqueness, and difficulty. This is the second week in a row in which Epic has given us some great missions, so we fully expect this to continue this season.

Given that there are several rather difficult missions, like the bounce on dog toys, steel bridges, and Sentinels ones, it can take a while to complete all of these on your own. Fortunately, we have tips and tricks on completing all of the missions this week efficiently.

How and Where to Bounce on Dog Toys at the Ant Manor

To kick things off, we will start out with the Week 2 mission that I think that most players will be searching for since it is pretty obscure and rather unknown. For this mission, you need to bounce on dog toys at the Ant Manor location on the Season 4 battle royale island.

Before we can get to the four dog toys that you need to bounce on top of for this mission, we have to deal with this challenge’s locations. If you didn’t know, Epic has been adding various landmarks to the map the last few days that weren’t at the season’s initial launch.

For some reason, Epic Games is staggering out new locations like the Ant Manor and others, and we fully expect more to release in the coming weeks. The Ant Manor is themed around Ant-Man himself, but the location isn’t a named one, so it can be hard to find.

Instead, it is a landmark location but one that is easy to get to if you head to Holly Hedges. You will find the Ant Manor directly northeast of Holly Hedges in that tiny mysterious circle that you can see on the map. It is hard to miss this location once you are near Holly Hedges.

You will find that it is a dog house for Ant-Man’s dog rather than a mansion for the superhero himself when you arrive here. But you will also find that you could be shrunk and made small, so traveling around this area is a bit more difficult than you might expect.

Given that this is a dog house, there will be dog toys for you to find. There are several at this location, but you need four different ones to complete this mission. Note that they must be different ones, and you need to bounce on the dog toys for this to work physically.

This means finding one of them and then jumping on it to bounce up into the air. Do this on four different dog toys, and you will be good to go for this mission. They are all over this location, both inside the house and outside of it, and we have found dog bones, tennis balls, and more that count.

How to Search Chests and Get Eliminations

Next up, we have a couple of standard missions you will find every week in Fortnite. They are the constants that haven’t changed until this point, but, even though they are the expected challenges, this week is still a lot better than anything we got in Season 3.

You need to find seven treasure chests this week as always, but this time at Salty Springs. This named location isn’t one of the more popular destinations on the map, so even with this mission, you should have a better time finding these chests than in other weeks.

Even still, your best bet is to do this challenge in the Team Rumble game mode. Otherwise, you will deal with up to 99 other players who will compete for the same chests you are also trying to search for at this relatively small named location.

In Team Rumble, you will have less than half the number of players you’ll find in other modes plus the fact that half the entire match is on your side, so you have people to watch your back in case you do run into enemies. But even still, seven chests are a lot.

As such, it is understandable if you only want to find one or two per match you do and then keep landing here in every match that you participate in until you have found all seven. With that done, it is time to get some eliminations once again and we need three in total this week.

For this week, Epic is making it hard mode and tasking players with getting three eliminations at The Authority. This location is the total opposite of Salty Springs as it is one of the most popular destinations as it is located right at the very center of the map.

Usually, we wouldn’t recommend Team Rumble for this challenge since players act differently in that mode. Still, there are players who almost always land at The Authority, and its central location means that it is likely to be in at least one circle in the match.

In Team Rumble, you could easily get all three eliminations here in a single match. But it is alright if you don’t since you can pick this back up in the subsequent matches you do. If you aren’t too confident in your fighting abilities, aim for one elimination per match, and it shouldn’t take you too long.

Where to Dance on Top of Different Sentinel Heads

With those two standard missions now out of the way, we can get back to the good stuff with the next challenge to dance on top of three different Sentinel heads at the Sentinel Graveyard. Like the bounce on dog toys mission this week, this one assumes you know a new location.

The Sentinel Graveyard is yet another new location added to the game with the launch of Season 4, and it is a landmark one so you won’t see its name appear on the map. That said, it isn’t too hard to find this spot either as it is found right in the middle of nowhere between Weeping Woods and Lazy Lake.

It is in the space of nothingness here where there is a massive hill south of The Authority and north of Misty Meadows between all four of these major named locations. The Sentinel Graveyard is what it sounds like: a graveyard full of dead Sentinels all over the place.

These massive behemoths tasked with destroying mutants have been taken care of (for now) at the graveyard. You need to celebrate their defeat by dancing on top of their heads. Finding the location is harder than actually completing this task as the Sentinels are huge.

There are several of them at this location, and it is easy to locate the required three that you need to dance on top of. Simply land on one of the heads or build up to it using materials that you have gathered and do your favorite jig emote. Repeat this two more times on different heads, and you will be good to go.

Now we have to destroy seven boats at Craggy Cliffs. This northern shore named location is a well-known destination, so head here, and you will find that this beachside town has a ton of boats by the shore. Simply go over to them and destroy them with your gun or pickaxe.

The catch is that you need to destroy seven of them, and with other players involved, it will be hard to do this in one go. It is best to do this in Team Rumble, and you still might have to do this challenge multiple times to get the required seven destroyed boats.

Where to Find Shield Chests Inside Quinjets

The penultimate challenge that we have this week is to ride a motorboat under three different colored steel bridges on the map. This is a callback to an earlier challenge from a past season of Chapter 2, and you need to ride under three of five total unique bridges.

Since there are five of them around the map, you only need to do three, but you must grab a motorboat and ride under them. These bridges are the green, yellow, purple, red, and blue steel bridges. If you want to do them all at once, the red, blue, and green bridges are your best bet.

The green is slightly southeast of Frenzy Farm, the red steel bridge is between Doom’s Domain and Salty Springs, and the blue steel bridge is between Doom’s Domain and the land that goes up to Craggy Cliffs. These are all within short distance of one another, so you could grab all three in a match like Team Rumble.

For the final mission this week, you need to find seven Shield chests inside the Quinjet locations. Shield chests are special new chests this season that comes with some impressive rewards. But to get them, you need to head to one of the Quinjets, found all over the island.

Fortunately, even though they have random spawn locations every match that you do, they are marked on the map for everyone to see them. Simply head to these locations and go inside of the Quinjet to find these chests. You need seven in total, which is a lot.

This is why the game recommends that you do this with a full team of four and because there are going to be other squads and the new Stark Industries robots that you will have to deal with. This is a complicated challenge that could take you a while, so you are better off doing this with a team in a mode like Team Rumble.

Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 Challenges Rewards

The rewards for the Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 challenges are the same as the previous week. Experience is reduced a little bit this season from the last one, so you will only get 25,000 experience per mission you do this week for a total of around 175,000 experience. But this is still good XP for trying to reach the coveted tier 100 this season and unlocking the Iron Man suit.


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