Fortnite Season 4 Map Guide: Doom’s Domain, Sentinel Graveyard, More

by in Fortnite | Aug, 28th 2020

Epic Games has released what looks to be one of the most exciting seasons of battle royale in the entire game’s history. Season 4 is here, and it brings with it a superpowered season that is all about Marvel heroes and villains as they fight across the Fortnite Season 4 map.

Fortnite Season 4 Is Here

The launch of Fortnite Season 4 is still rather new at the time of writing this as the new season is barely a day old. That said, we have been able to scour through the entire island and find the various changes and additions that have come to the new season of battle royale.

Overall, the Fortnite Season 4 map changes are rather minimal at best. Despite this season being perhaps the most exciting one of all time, the island’s actual changes are rather simple compared to every other season that has launched in this second chapter.

Take the first season of the chapter, for example, when we got a brand new island for the first time since the launch of the game in 2017. This new map was met with tons of new locations to visit plus some new takes on older ones like Salty Springs and Pleasant Park.

The second season came around and offered up a major expansion of the first season’s map with several new named locations. We didn’t expect there to be a whopping five new locations added to the entire map with seaosn 2, but that is exactly what happened.

Then the most recent Season 3 just ended. That season didn’t let the other two seasons outdo it at all. It began the season with a flood of water that had overtaken most of the island, leading to sharks, marauders, and changed locations all over the place.

And the map changes continued throughout the third season until the water receded. We received Coral Castle as the final new location there. This directly led to the Fortnite Season 4 map changes that we now have. This season isn’t as grand as those past ones, but it is still an important one nonetheless.

New Fortnite Season 4 Map Changes: Doom’s Domain

When it comes to what’s new with the Fortnite Season 4 map changes this season, there is only technically one new named location that players can visit. This is no surprise since the map is currently filled to the brim with almost too many points of interest that you can visit.

It could potentially hurt the island unless it grew in overall size to accompany that change. And even with the new named location, it isn’t entirely new but is a replacement of an older point of interest that has been around for a long time.

For the first time, Epic Games has done something that we haven’t seen before. It changed Pleasant Park for good and changed its name. Though there have been smaller, general changes to Pleasant Park throughout its time in Fortnite, it has always kept the same name.

It and Salty Springs remain the two relics of a bygone era as they are the only named locations of their kind to have a major change to them still. Even the other Chapter 1 point of interest Retail Row at least became something else for a brief time in the previous chapter.

But here we are. Pleasant Park is no longer the named location that it once was. It is now formally known as Doom’s Domain. This is a direct reference to the Marvel supervillain Doctor Doom who has invaded the battle royale map this season.

He is one of the several Marvel skins that you can get through the amazing Season 4 battle pass and one of the few villains. But he was summoned to the island by Thor to help defeat Galactus. He has used this opportunity to further his plans.

He has taken over Pleasant Park and made it his castle. Overall, the named location is somewhat similar to how it has always been. Two major changes have happened, including slightly changing the park in the middle of the soccer field.

He has erected a statue of himself so that everyone knows whose domain this place is and converted one of the already existing houses in the neighborhood into his castle. You can visit this location and find Doctor Doom hiding in his house even to fight him.

Defeating him is a rather difficult process, but you will need to if you are looking to complete the Week 1 challenges. Under his house base, you will find an underground base where there is a vault that you can access after defeating him. This location will grant you a ton of loot that will get you well to win the match.

Sentinel Graveyard

Though the Doom’s Domain location is the only new major point of interest in this season, some smaller map changes are landmarks and the like. One of these is the Sentinel Graveyard landmark. You will find this location in the northeast section of the map.

It is found near Steamy Stacks and happens to be a new landmark location just south of it. If you have been playing the most recent seasons, it shouldn’t be too hard to find this spot as it will be one of the new gray areas that you have to visit to make the map clear again physically.

The ominous name of this location is what it sounds like. The X-Men’s long-running evil nemesis, the Sentinels, are left for dead here, and they seem to be inactive. Several of them are scattered around here, and there is loot for you to find at this particular location.

This new Sentinel Graveyard isn’t too remarkable at this time. Still, we do have a feeling that it will come into play later on in the season with some of the weekly challenges or, worse, making the Sentinels come to life and having them be a world boss or something to defeat on the island.


This next location is technically on the Season 4 map but isn’t one of the points of interest you can physically visit during the map’s middle. That location is none other than the Avengers’ famous helicarrier flying above the changed island.

You will be able to see it throughout your time in the various battle royale matches that you do, but you won’t be able to physically glide there or even build up to it as the game won’t let you right now. That said, you can visit the helicarrier in this new season.

It acts as the pre-game area where the players will gather and warm up before the match begins. Instead of sending you to the separate Chapter 2 island where the pre-game lobby was before, you will now be sent to the Avengers’ helicarrier before the matches start this season.

This is an awesome location that you get to visit during this season, but it is only for a brief time. Depending on when you join a new match, you might only be here for a split second, or you could be here for upwards of a minute. Regardless, it is a unique place to explore with some potential Marvel references there.


One of the other smaller changes on the Fortnite Season 4 map is the addition of the Quinjets. These special vehicles used by the Avengers will be quite recognizable by some Marvel fans. They are now showing up on the island for you to check out.

Unlike the helicarrier, you can visit these Quinjets, and they have an incentive for you to do so. Unfortunately, you will not fly the jets (at least not right now), but you will find some amazing loot that you can’t get anywhere else.

This is the place to head to for the new Stark Industries energy rifle. It is also highly likely that you will find yourself some superpowers at this location, giving you the advantage over the other players in the match who can’t ground pound and the like.

What is odd about the Quinjets is that there are typically several of them in a single match, but they are randomized, much like the spawns of vehicles and the like. Whereas you might find a Quinjet location in one spot in the last match, it might be in a different spot in the next one. You have to pay attention to the map as it will mark it for everyone.

Other Minor Changes

As always, there are some minor changes to the map that most players will likely not even notice unless they go looking for them (or they show up in a future weekly challenges batch). One such location is a random shack that you can find the same tiny little shack stuck on an island.

This little shack island is reportedly grayed out this season, for some odd reason, even though it is the same as it was in previous seasons. This may be a mistake on Epic Games’ part, and it wasn’t meant to be considered a new area or some secret involved.

Or, even more interesting, the shack could change up later down the road this season. For now, we will have to wait and see. Also, there is a new NPC enemy type that you will find on the map, and they are the Stark Industries robots.

You will find these enemies near the Quinjet locations around the island. They will carry around the new energy rifle weapon to take off their hands if you defeat them. They are guarding the locations as well as the supply drones that fly around.

The supply drones are worth shooting down as they come with some amazing loot like superpowers and more that will be harder to find elsewhere.

What Could Be Coming in the Future?

Overall, the Fortnite Season 4 map changes are not that amazing compared to past seasons. That said, it is likely that Epic Games has some plans in store for the future, much like what it did in Season 3. It added the cars, Coral Castle, and other changes as the season went on.

We fully expect a similar situation this season, but it begs the question of what is coming this season? Well, there will likely be another Marvel-themed area that will come partway through the season, similar to how Coral Castle and Deadpool’s overtaken Yacht showed up midway.

If we were to guess, we could likely get an Asgard-themed location, similar to what Epic Games did with Atlantis last season. It would be nice to see this be either floating in the sky or where Salty Springs is since it is now the only location not to have changed at all ever. For now, we will have to wait and see.


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