Fortnite Season 3 Week 4 Challenges Guide

by | Jul, 9th 2020

As always, a new week in battle royale means that there are new challenges for players to complete in Fortnite. The Fortnite season 3 week 4 challenges are here and you can check them out right now. There aren’t a ton this week, but there are some hard ones like the Fortnite dance on camera one.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 4 Challenges List

As we are now in the fourth week of battle royale, we are nearing the “midway” point of the third season in chapter two. We put quotation marks around it because no season this chapter thus far has actually run for the normal 10-12 weeks, so it isn’t likely this will happen here either.

That said, we are nearing the midway point of the challenges, though, so it is about time for Epic to start releasing some really good ones but this week is a bit lax compared to last week. Last week, we had a bigger week with more interesting tasks to complete but this week is pretty much back to normal.

In fact, it kind of piggybacks off of last week’s challenges by mostly copying them with just one or two changes made. But experience is experience, so there is no getting around how important these are for players who want to reach that coveted tier 100 this season.

Here are the Fortnite season three, week four challenges for you to complete:

  • Search seven chests at Salty Springs
  • Get three eliminations at Holly Hedges
  • Collect four floating rings at Pleasant Park
  • Land at Frenzy Farm and then finish in the top 25
  • Collect 200 metal from Rickety Rig
  • Dance on camera for 10 seconds at Sweaty Sands
  • Search seven ammo boxes at Steamy Stacks

There are seven this week, which is mostly standard for this season with the exception of one week, which is still rather lame for those players who are used to the 10 we were getting in the past couple of seasons of battle royale. That said, there are some interesting ones like the Fortnite dance on camera challenge. Let’s get started.

How to Complete Fortnite Dance on Camera Sweaty Sands Mission

Kicking this off, we are going to start with the one that most players are going to be looking up first: where to do the Fortnite dance on camera at Sweaty Sands mission. This one is really random and oddly specific, so you need to first figure out where exactly this camera is.

Well, we know that it is at Sweaty Sands so your first goal should be to head here as soon as you drop into a match. We haven’t said this in a while, but we recommend that you do this (and most of the other ones on this list) in a Team Rumble match.

Team Rumble is great because it has a much smaller pool of players in total than in normal battle royale matches with 40 at the max. You will have two large teams of 20 players each, so you have less competition overall when doing these missions and more players watching your back.

Plus, you have respawns in the event you do get eliminated so that shouldn’t be a problem either. So, jump into a match of Team Rumble and head on over to Sweaty Sands. Once you are there, you are going to want to head to the northern side of the city where the pier is located.

At the end of the pier is the ice cream shop that veteran players will remember well, and in front of it on the pier is a dance floor. The floor will light up all crazy when you are running and dancing along on it, so be sure to stand on here.

As you will see in front of the dance floor is a large camera that you will need to stand in front of and do your favorite dance. The catch is that you need to do this for 10 seconds in total, which is a lot longer than most dance challenges we get.

As such, your biggest concern isn’t the challenge itself as it is rather easy to do but the other players. Hopefully, this will lead to a good ole fun time where everyone is trying to complete this task and just have a dance party, but someone might show up with nefarious plans so keep that in mind.

Where to Collect Floating Rings at Pleasant Park

The next big challenge that players have to complete about the Fortnite dance on camera one is to collect floating rings at Pleasant Park. Now, this is a really interesting mission that is only the second of its kind this season. It actually began last week with the Lazy Lake one.

As such, it seems like this floating ring mission type will become a new and recurring challenge type for the rest of the season, but just at different locations around the season three map. In this case, we have to head to the returning location of Pleasant Park.

Once you arrive here, there are four floating rings in total that you must find and collect in the town. Like the Lazy Lake ones, there are only four that we have located around the town so you must grab all of them in order to complete this mission and receive its reward.

In addition, this mission is a lot easier than the one that we did last week where the rings were all over the place in really high and hard to reach places, plus just randomly thrown around. This one is much more methodical and is actually easier because of this.

There is actually a specific pattern that is best used for finding all four floating rings at Pleasant Park and it makes your job a lot easier. First head to Pleasant Park near the southern entrance to the town on the outside in the southwestern area. What you will find here is a zipline that you can use.

Right near the zipline that you land by is the first floating ring that you can grab. Take it and it is time to go for a ride on the ziplines for a rather easy mission this time around. When you get off the zipline, you will be near the windmill and you will find the second ring right near your location.

This is pretty easy to grab, so just take it and head on the next zipline to the next windmill location and you will find the third ring there. Starting to see the pattern here? Finally, from the third windmill location, take the last zipline down and you will end up on the ground with the fourth and final ring near your location. Grab this one and you will be good to go for this mission.

How to Search Chests and Get Eliminations

With those first two challenges now out of the way, it is smooth sailing from here. The remaining five missions that you need to do are either really easy to accomplish or just things that we have every single week. The first of these is just that and is the standard treasure chest mission.

For this week, you need to head to Salty Springs and find seven chests to search through for loot. This is the usual stuff that we do every week, so the tips for it remain the same. Your best bet is to just do this in Team Rumble to have more time and less competition for the chests.

Don’t fret too much about whether or not you are going to get enough treasure chests in one match as they do carry over to as many matches as you need for this task. So, just aim to get one or two each match that you do and you should be done with this in just a few matches or so.


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