Fortnite Season 3 Week 2 Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Jun, 25th 2020

Epic Games is making sure that players have a lot to enjoy in Fortnite Season 3 as a lot is going on this week, even though the season just started. Despite having a new and improved map, locations, and weapons, there are even more challenges this week, including the Fortnite Deadpool floaties.

The Week 2 challenges are just one part of everything that is happening this week in battle royale. In addition to the weekly challenges to complete, two new live events will happen in the recently released Party Royale game mode where players can watch a live performance or check out the first-ever movie night in Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 2 Challenges List

But until those live events go down, there are some new challenges to complete this week. As the second week in the new season, these challenges are interesting enough but not quite on the level that we had from last season’s weekly missions.

You can find the full list of the missions that are available in Week 2 below:

  • Find three Fortnite Deadpool floaties at The Yacht
  • Use eight different ziplines at The Authority
  • Search seven chests or ammo boxes at Holly Hedges
  • Score a goal on the soccer field at Pleasant Park
  • Get three eliminations at Lazy Lake
  • Get 20 headshots on henchmen at The Fortilla
  • Gather or consume five foraged items at The Orchard

As you can see, there are only seven challenges this week, less than the last couple of seasons in Fortnite. Since there were seven challenges last week as well during the launch week of Season 3, this is likely going to be the new standard moving forward.

This is rather unfortunate since the actual quality of the challenges themselves hasn’t gone up since the change to fewer challenges. They are still relatively around the same quality level, having the same sort of “search chests here” and “go there” missions that we have always had.

That said, there is a rather poignant theme throughout all of these missions this week: they are all location-based. We have had location-based challenges in the past, but there is usually only one or two weekly with more generalized challenges for the rest of the group.

In this case, though, every one of the challenges this week requires you to visit one of seven different named or landmark locations. This is rather interesting and makes these seven locations much more popular than they would have been otherwise, so keep that in mind when you’re doing stuff like finding those Fortnite Deadpool floaties. Here’s how to do these challenges.

Where to Find the Fortnite Deadpool Floaties

We are going to start this guide with the most important challenge this week that the most number of players will need help with: finding those Fortnite Deadpool floaties. This mission might strike you as an odd one since we already dealt with this superhero last season.

He was the major crossover skin that everyone was working towards in Season 2. It would be fine to have a challenge about him this week if there wasn’t already a replacement for Deadpool in Season 3. That replacement is none other than the new Aquaman crossover skin.

But for some reason, Epic Games is keeping Deadpool around and is letting him be part of the missions this week. For this particular challenge, you need to head to The Yacht and find three of the Fortnite Deadpool floaties in that area.

But when you visit The Yacht, what you might find is that it isn’t in its previous location from Season 2 anymore. If you haven’t been to The Yacht in Season 3 yet, it is now right in the central northern section of the map, rather than the northeastern corner like it was before.

And not only that, but it is no longer a named location this season for some odd reason, so it is now a landmark location, despite being roughly the same size as before. This makes finding it on the map a bit harder than ever before, but you can still see the large luxury boat on the main island map.

When you get here, you want to go on The Yacht itself. Though these floaties are for the water, they are just chilling on the boat in odd places. There are three we found for this challenge on the boat, but there are potentially more than that, so be sure to look around.

The Yacht isn’t a large area, but we have found some in corners and at the top of the boat, so keep an eye and collect them. You need three for this challenge. They are different from the floaties you might remember from Season 2. They are red and black, themed after Deadpool himself, so they are hard to miss.

Like usual, you don’t have to find all three Fortnite Deadpool floaties in the same match that you are in. If you only have time to find one in a match, that’s fine as you pick it back up in the next one and so on until you have found all three that you need for this mission.

How to Use Ziplines and Search Chests

For the second mission this week, you need to use eight different ziplines at The Authority. Ziplines are a staple that have been around for several seasons in Fortnite, even before the start of Chapter 2. You likely already know how to use by this point, but simply interacting with them will do.

There are two main twists with this particular zipline challenge, though, that you shouldn’t forget as you complete this. The first is that you must use ziplines near The Authority, which, fortunately, there are a lot of so that shouldn’t necessarily be an issue.

The second is that you must use eight different ones, so there is no use the same one over and over to complete this mission. If you don’t know The Authority, it is a new named location in Season 3 at the center of the map and replaces The Agency as one of the most popular destinations. There are ziplines all over the place, so wander around this base.

Next up is to search seven chests or ammo boxes at Holly Hedges. This challenge is here every single week, but with a new location and the place this week is Holly Hedges. It happens to be one of our favorite named locations for its more under-the-radar nature, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to find all seven in one match and that you can reuse chests across matches for this mission. Our recommendation is to head to the garden center store in the middle of the town, as that place typically has a lot of chests and ammo boxes around and in it.

How to Score a Goal and Get Eliminations

For the following challenge, you need to head to Pleasant Park this time and score a soccer field goal. This is a challenge we’ve had before, as the soccer field is a huge part of Pleasant Park. Head here and find the soccer ball that is usually in the middle of the field.

If it isn’t there, check by the goal as another player may have already moved it. Fortunately, though, the soccer ball will usually reset when another player kicks into the goal and scores, with the ball returning to its usual spawn point in the middle of the field.

Use your character to “kick” the ball by just running into it until you have reached the soccer goal and kicked it into the net. This is all you need to do to complete this task. But you should keep in mind that this is going to be a really popular spot for this challenge.

You will likely run into a lot of other players who are trying to complete this task. There is only one soccer ball to go around. You could be organized about it and wait your turn, but no guarantee that all of the players will be willing to do that.

As such, we recommend playing in the Team Rumble game mode like usual for this challenge as it allows you to have more teammates and fewer enemies to worry about when doing something like this. Your team will be able to watch each other’s backs in case enemy players appear and you have respawns if you are taken out.

Next up is to get three eliminations at Lazy Lake. This named location is one of the returning ones from Season 2 and is in the same spot you remember it from. All you need are three eliminations, so head here early in the match and grab as much loot as you can so you can easily take out some of the easier enemies.

How to Get Headshots and Gather Foraged Items

For the penultimate challenge this week, you need to get 20 headshots, which is quite a lot honestly. That would already be a lot in general, but then there is the added step that the headshots must all be made on the henchmen enemies that you can find around the Season 3 map.

Henchmen are recurring characters that come from Season 2 and were NPC enemies that you can find in specific named and unnamed locations on the island. They are back in Season 3 with the added threat of marauders, new NPC enemies that you can fight on the seas.

Presumably, the henchmen and the marauders are the same when it comes to this mission, so you should be generally good when it comes to taking out either-or. So long as you aren’t trying to get headshots on other players (though you should always try to do that), you will be good to go for this mission.

The best places to find henchmen and marauders on the map are enemy bases like The Fortilla, where you are required to go for this mission. You need to get all 20 of your headshots on the NPC enemies here.

This is a popular new named location, so watch out as you are likely to run into other players who are doing the same. Sniping is always good for getting headshots, but fortunately, these NPCs are rather easy to fight so you can do just as well with a well-aimed assault rifle.

20 is a lot, though, so feel free to take your time with this particular mission. Just try to get as many as you can in each match by landing at The Fortilla first and then keeping it going in subsequent matches until you reach the 20 mark.

For the final challenge on this list, you need to gather or consume five foraged items at The Orchard. The Orchard is the same old landmark location as before, found directly north of Frenzy Farm on the edge of the named location.

Here, you will find many apple trees where you can pick up apples and consume them. You only need five, so you can find all of them within a single match. But you can continue this in more than one match if you need to.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 2 Challenges Rewards

Unfortunately, the challenges rewards are just as boring as last week and usual. You are only going to get experience from these missions, but we can’t complain too much as that is great for getting your battle pass tiers up early on in the season.

You get 35,000 experience for each of the missions you do this week, for a total of 245,000 experience if you can complete all seven of them, which is quite a lot of XP for sure.


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