Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Jun, 19th 2020

Epic Games has released the third season of Chapter 2, and it is finally here with everything from skins to map changes and more. Of course, this also means that the first set of challenges is here in the Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 challenges, offering players the chance to earn some quick rewards.

Fortnite Season 3 Is Finally Here

The release of the Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 challenges arrived with the start of the new season that kicked off earlier this week. The third season of this chapter is finally here after the game was in a bit of a drought for a while now, as players had to wait patiently for the new content to drop.

We would have had Season 3 in May originally, but delays over time brought it to this week. That said, this season was certainly more than worth the wait for everything from The Device live event causing major changes for the island and the much of the island going underwater.

With the start of Season 3, things are looking up for Fortnite battle royale and its community, as the new season has been generally well accepted. As with any launch of a new season, there are challenges to complete and they are super important at the beginning since they let you get a jumpstart on the new battle pass and its epic rewards.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 Challenges List

The Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 challenges are here this week, kicking off 10 weeks of normal challenges that players will be able to complete, in addition to stuff like the Aquaman skin event and more. These challenges are the first taste of what this new season will have to offer for players.

You can find the full list of the Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 challenges below that you can complete for some important experience rewards:

  • Search for three gnomes at Homely Hills
  • Enter the Catty Corner vault
  • Damage 200 loot sharks at Sweaty Sands
  • Deal any damage within 10 seconds of landing from the whirlpool at Hydro 16
  • Search seven chests or ammo boxes at Rickety Rig
  • Land at Misty Meadows and then finish the match in the Top 25
  • Get three eliminations at Steamy Stacks

What you might notice, first and foremost, about this list of challenges is that there are only seven of them; that’s it. This is contrary to the past seasons in this chapter where we had at least 10 challenges each week. While the lowered number of challenges isn’t great, this isn’t too abnormal.

Originally in the first chapter, we only got around seven challenges each week, but that was bumped up to 10 last year. It does seem odd to make this change all of a sudden, though, when players are used to 10 by this point. But worse than that, the challenges themselves don’t make up for the lack.

They aren’t exactly any better quality-wise than the challenges we used to get, so it makes the whole situation very bizarre. This week isn’t the greatest in terms of challenges, but there are a couple of interesting ones in the mix. Here’s how to do all of the Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 challenges this week.

Where to Find Gnomes at Homely Hills

We are going to start with, perhaps, the hardest one, mainly because you might not know where this location is. This challenge requires you to find three gnomes at the Homely Hills landmark location on the Season 3 map. The gnomes themselves are easy, so long as you know the location of this place.

Homely Hills is one of the only landmarks that we have found this season thus far. There were dozens in the previous season around the map, including the former named location Risky Reels and more, but many are lost to the sea due to the flood.

They could, of course, come back in the future as Epic Games has already confirmed that the water will recede and reveal new areas as it goes down, but for now, Homely Hills is one of the only landmarks that you can find. This does, thankfully, make it a bit easier to locate on the map.

It is really easy as it is part of a major island in Season 3 that is only occupied by it and another major location. That island is the one in the northwestern sector of the map where Pleasant Park is still located. This somehow still standing chapter one location is separated from everything else.

On this island where Pleasant Park is, you can find the small town of Homely Hills northwest of Pleasant Park on the rest of the large island that it is on. When you head here, you will find a small suburban neighborhood with only a few houses to its name.

All you need to do is head to the backyards of the houses. You are likely to find one of the gnomes there. Not every house has one, but there are several enough to get all three that you need for this relatively easy challenge. You don’t have to find all three in one match, but you shouldn’t have a problem doing so.

Where to Find Catty Corner’s Vault

With that rather significant first challenge out of the way, we have the next one that is the other major challenge that is difficult to do without a bit of help. What you need to do is head to Catty Corner, which is one of the newly named locations on the map and the only one solely on the eastern half.

You can find it southeast of Lazy Lake and near it. This is the same previous landmark location where Meowscles took shelter after being kicked out of The Yacht by Deadpool. Now, it is no longer held by Meowscles as it got the named location upgrade as it is home to his feline pal (family member?) Kit.

Kit is one of the new minibosses and skins that you can get this season as they are a little calico kitten who is piloting a mech suit. Like the five season 2 named locations, Catty Corner is home to a vault with tons of loot and really good gear to find here if you can open it up.

This named location is rather small compared to the others in Season 3, so it isn’t too hard to find the vault itself on the western side of the location on the outside. But just visiting it will not let you open it up as you will need to find the keycard, which is done by locating Kit the cat.

Take out Kit and their mech suit, and you will find their signature weapon and the keycard necessary to open the vault. Once it is opened, enter it and you will complete this second challenge this week.

How to Damage Loot Sharks and at Hydro 16

Loot sharks are a new feature in Season 3. They are sharks that you can either get loot from or start riding around as one of the new vehicle options this season. They are a vehicle, sure, but they are dangerous as well as they will attack any player who gets too close to it.

As such, they are found all around the Season 3 map in the waters that surround all of the named locations and the like. There are plenty of them around for this challenge, but they can be difficult to locate unless you do one specific task.

We recommend grabbing a boat if you are having a hard time finding a shark and hopping into it. Ride around the waters a bit. You are likely to get attacked by one of them. This will make finding a loot shark easy and then you can do this challenge.

All you need to do is get 200 damage on a loot shark, so be sure to aim and fire until you get that much, which isn’t too hard. But if, for some reason, you don’t get 200 in one go, that is fine. It will accumulate altogether. You can just finish it in the next match you do.

For this next challenge, it is a highly specific one. You need to use the whirlpool at Hydro 16 and then damage someone within 10 seconds of landing from it. First, you can find Hydro 16 in its original location on the map, but you won’t find the location there.

It is northwest of Misty Meadows and east of Rickety Rig. The little road that passes between two islands is the top of the dam that is submerged now. There is a whirlpool there now that you can dive into and fly out. So, do that and then while you are in the air, look for an enemy player.

Land by them and immediately shoot at them or attack for any damage. It doesn’t matter how much you do so long as you damage them.

How to Finish Top 25 and Search Chests

For the next challenge, players need to search seven chests or ammo boxes at Rickety Rig. This is a standard one that was a weekly thing, basically, last season and will probably be the same this season. You just need to head to a location and search seven chests and/or ammo boxes there.

This can be done across multiple matches, as no one expects you to get all seven within a single match and visit when other players are gunning for the same thing. As such, you should be sure to just search as many as you can and watch for lots of enemies there.

Rickety Rig is a new named location added this season as the destroyed and submerged version of The Rig from season 2. It is found east of The Fortilla in the southwestern corner of the map. Head here at the start and search as many chests or ammo boxes that you can find in each match you do.

Next up is to land at Misty Meadows and finish in the Top 25. This is a pretty self-explanatory, if not highly specific challenge, that is one of the easier ones. You need to visit the returning named location of Misty Meadows at the start of the match and land there. Then, you need to survive, hide, or fight your way to the Top 25 in that match to complete this task.

Last but probably least, you need to get three eliminations at Steamy Stacks. Head to this returning named location in the northeastern corner of the map and take out as many enemies as possible. You don’t need to do all of these in one match, so feel free to get one or two per match and keep it going until you have all three required.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 Challenges Rewards

With all seven of these challenges completed, you will get all of the rewards associated with them. Like last season, the rewards this season are not that great for the normal weekly challenges as you will only get 35,000 experience points for each of them.

Though this is rather lame and not the best reward, it is standard at this point and is a great way to level up fast and get those battle pass tiers this season. With some really good rewards available in the battle pass in Season 3, some players will appreciate the boost the challenges give towards getting them.


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