Fortnite Season 3 Map Guide: Submerged Map, The Fortilla, The Authority, More

by in Fortnite | Jun, 17th 2020

It is that time again where a new Fortnite season is here and everyone is excited about it again. What is great about Fortnite Season 3 is that it changes the game in a fundamentally exciting way that almost makes the Fortnite Season 3 map feel completely different.

This is a welcome change of pace from season 2 that, while adding several new named locations that were great, started to get a bit dull just like season 1 did when it came to an end after a very long time. But the Fortnite Season 3 map is almost like an entirely new world to explore.

Fortnite Season 3 Is Finally Here With No Patch Notes

The new map in the third season of Chapter 2 is here as part of the update for the battle royale season. Season 3 is finally available on Wednesday, June 17, after so many delays, much like its predecessor. There was the initial delay a couple of months ago to the beginning of June.

Then, there were two more understandable delays in June where the season was pushed back, but now it is finally available and everyone can enjoy it right now. But once again, Epic Games has released this season without formal patch notes as this seems to be something that doesn’t happen anymore for new seasons.

As such, we had to dig into what we have seen and know about the Fortnite Season 3 map at this time to figure out our guide to the new and changed locations around the island. There is a lot that has changed this time around. It creates a whole new experience overall.

Fortnite Season 3 Map Guide: Submerged Island

To help you get acquainted with the new Fortnite Season 3 map, we have our guide to everything that you need to know about it. First and foremost, when you are looking at the map from the map screen, the most obvious thing that you will notice is that it is now a mostly submerged map.

A large portion of the Fortnite Season 3 map is completely underwater and is not available to be visited. This is because of what happened with The Device most recently in the latest live event. There, Midas activated The Device and caused mayhem across the battle royale island.

In an attempt to stop the storm for good, The Device was used to push it back, but that only made things generally worse for the inhabitants of that world (but great for the players who visit it). It did succeed in temporarily removing the storm, but another beast only replaced that.

That beast was the massive circle of water that surrounded the island and has since overtaken a large portion of it. This included getting rid of named locations and fan favorite places like Weeping Woods, Slurpy Swamp, Craggy Cliffs, The Shark, The Grotto, and many more.

Even the beloved Risky Reels landmark location that has been around for so long fell victim to this trap as much of the map is now covered entirely in water. You will find that there are dozens upon dozens of larger land masses around the area with smaller ones filling in the gaps.

The western and northern halves of the island are water-centric, with tons of different islands to explore. The interesting thing is that the southeastern portion of the map is mostly the same as before, except one major new area that we will get into in a little bit.

While some locations do remain the same like there being a named location in the center of the map, they may have changed in design, layout, and even the name of it. Let’s take a look at each of the four new named locations that have taken over in Season 3.

New Location: The Fortilla

Starting from the southwestern corner of the map, we have The Fortilla. This is a new named location that doesn’t necessarily replace an existing one or build upon one. It is only one of two named locations this season thus far that is like this.

That said, it is in the exact spot of some fan-favorite landing spots from the first two seasons of Chapter 2. The Fortilla is where Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp were previously, taking up a significant range of area where those two would have likely been in this season had they not disappeared.

As for what The Fortilla is, it is a floating shack town that is in the middle of the water. You will find floating houses and buildings that are just chilling on top of the sea, not having land underneath them like most of the other named locations in Season 3.

You will find some interesting goodies here like a Choppa helipad that is one of the new ones to replace the lost helipads from the past season. The helicopter vehicle is still around this season. This is a prime location to grab one for you and your team at the start of a match.

Also, there are other piratey, marauder-like items here, including a large pirate ship that certainly feels like a callback to the first chapter of battle royale when pirates reigned supreme over a season.

Rickety Rig

Right next to The Fortilla is the second named location new this season: Rickety Rig. If the name sounds very familiar to you, it is likely because it is the new name and location for The Rig; one of the Season 2 named locations introduced last season.

The water storm has even more decimated the Rig than it was last season, falling apart into a shell of its former self. Rickety Rig has been spread apart into many different pieces floating around the water, exposing many places that you might remember from it.

This includes the popular vault location, one of the five unique spots that Rickety Rig hosted back in Season 2. This place still exists but is now open, instead of forcing you to find a keycard. It has been exposed to the elements.

Overall, while Rickety Rig is not exactly the grand named location before, there is some hope for it as we have some ideas of where it will go from here. If we are right, likely, this isn’t everything that Rickety Rig has to offer, but more on that later in the post.

The Authority

One of the staples in Season 2 was The Agency. It was in the very center of the whole map and it was quite literally the center of many battle royale matches throughout the season. While we had great cities like Sweaty Sands and so on, The Agency was the place to become the new Tilted Towers, if you can call it that.

It was extremely popular, centrally located, and you could easily reach the other named locations or circles from here. It was one of the most visited locations in the season, which also led to it being the focal point of the final live event for Season 2.

There, The Device went off and, oddly enough, The Agency wasn’t destroyed in the process, despite other areas leaving the game. That said, it is no longer what it once was. It has since been taken over and is now known as The Authority.

It is relatively similar to what it was before: the same central named location that will likely still be popular and houses a special headquarters. You’ll find all of the same features that you would expect from The Authority, including a helipad (but in a very different location now) and the headquarters look.

There are new features like a massive border wall all around the outside of the named location and a darker aesthetic overall that makes it fit the Shadow organization that now has a hold of it. As before in Season 2, The Authority will be a great place to visit, but be careful, as it is likely going to be a massively popular destination in Season 3.

Catty Corner

The fourth and final named location that has been added to the game is Catty Corner. This is the one wholly new location that isn’t based on any other major point of interest in the game and isn’t built upon the remains of an old Season 2 named location either.

But what you will find is that Catty Corner is in the southeastern corner of the map in the same spot as a landmark from Season 2. The same factory location from Season 2 has been upgraded from a minor location to now a major named location in Season 3.

It is important to note that Catty Corner, as you can tell from the punny name, is that it is the home of Meowscles and likely his friend/relative who is one of the new skins this season. This is the same place that Meowscles took over after getting kicked off of The Yacht in Season 2 when Deadpool made the luxury boat his home.

Catty Corner is one of the more hidden locales that you can visit in Season 3. It could prove to be useful if you are looking for an out of the way location that won’t be extremely popular this season but will still host some interesting loot for you to find.

There are NPC enemies that you will find here that are more robot-like, much like Meowscles’ relative skin, who pilots a mech suit, and they will prove a nice challenge for gathering up some interesting weapons and gear before heading to the next circle.

Vehicles to Get Around and Future Map Changes Teased

With all of the locations and new changes to the Fortnite Season 3 map, this is only the tip of the iceberg; quite literally, in some regards. Epic Games has already teased that this isn’t the end of the major map changes for this season as it is only the beginning.

We already know that the water that has submerged most of the battle royale island will recede at some point. As for how much of the water will recede, that is currently unknown as well as what we will find once it is lowered.

It seems like we will be introduced to new locations and areas once the water starts to go down. That will likely happen soon, so expect the first changes to be in the next major downloadable patch, which usually happens every two to three weeks in the season, so that should happen soon.

While we don’t know about what will happen when the water recedes, there are some hints of what is to come. There will undoubtedly be a lot more land than there is now. To accompany this, we will get new vehicles in the form of cars and pickup trucks.

Players will finally get what they have been longing for as these new motor vehicles will join Fortnite for the first time in the next few weeks once the map’s water goes down. It will provide a new way to traverse the ever-changing map and boats, helicopters, and more.


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