Fortnite Mando’s Bounty Guide: How to Win at Mando’s Bounty Limited-Time Mode

by in Fortnite | Feb, 3rd 2021

Epic Games has released a new game mode and event for players to partake in Fortnite Mando’s Bounty mode. This new limited-time mode will only be here for a while in the battle royale title, but it is already becoming overwhelmingly popular in the community. 

Fortnite Mando’s Bounty Limited-Time Mode Is the Latest Event

The entire fifth season of Fortnite battle royale can be primarily seen as one massive event in its own right focused on a singular theme. The latest season’s theme is bounty hunters or hunters in general, including The Mandalorian from the hit Star Wars TV show. 

While not nearly as deep and evident as the last season in which the Marvel theme dug into every single fiber of Season 4, the fifth season could have a lot to do with Mando himself. From the battle pass to the map changes, much of what is happening has to do with him.

He is the main skin focus of the season, with the first tier of the paid battle pass granting you access to his base skin plus the ability to unlock more skin styles as you go, other themed items, and even the Baby Yoda pet back bling that you can get at the max tier 100. 

But beyond that, Epic Games has decided to expand upon what has already been done with The Mandalorian event by releasing the new Fortnite Mando’s Bounty mode for a limited time. This extends the crossover event this season to have more to it than what we already had.

Last season, we had the Marvel Knockout series of limited-time events about using the superpowers in the season. Season 5 now has its counterpart to that. This new Fortnite Mando’s Bounty mode is a special one that changes the rules of battle royale and heavily dives into the hunter theme from this season. 

To help you out with the surprisingly deep and challenging Fortnite Mando’s Bounty mode this season, we are going to give you our full guide to everything that you need to know about it. Here is everything you need to know about this game mode, from the little details about how the mode works to tips about winning it all. 

Mando’s Bounty Start and End Dates

First and foremost, there is the question of when the Fortnite Mando’s Bounty mode will leave the battle royale title. This is something that leaks, rumors, and even Epic Games have yet to reveal at this time. 

We know that it launched this week and is available for a good time, at the very least. But our guess about how long the new limited-time mode will be around is actually for a fair bit of time. We do think that it will stick around for more than a couple of weeks. 

As far as we know, this current fifth season will be going on for a good while longer than anticipated. Even though this week is the 10th week of regular missions and the like, it looks like Epic Games is getting ready to extend this fifth season for the foreseeable future quietly. 

If it is anything like the last season, we imagine that it will go on for about a month or so longer than the standard 10 or so weeks that we would see in a Fortnite season. As such, that would put this season’s ending deep into March, from what we can tell.

To this end, it makes sense that the Mando’s Bounty limited-time mode is coming out now of all times right at where many other battle royale seasons would already be ending. This is likely the seasonal event of sorts to give players something to do in the unofficial extension of Season 5. 

So, we imagine that the Fortnite Mando’s Bounty mode will likely stick around in the game until the end of Season 5, whenever that is. This would make a lot of sense and give players plenty of time to understand how it works and, hopefully, get themselves a victory royale. 

How the Mando’s Bounty Gameplay Works

When it comes to how this new limited-time game mode works, it is a lot more complicated than we expected from a glance. For the most part, this is not a game mode meant to be played like most other typical battle royale experiences. 

Instead, it is more focused on something like a mix of battle royale, the bounties system launched in Season 5, and the Team Rumble mode that we already have. It takes some elements of each of these to make its own unique experience unlike anything else that we have seen before.

For starters, while there is the possibility that you can be eliminated from the match by merely dying too many times, it is not the sole focus of this mode like in normal battle royale. Instead, you have three lives that are available to you at the start of it. 

Your initial life is one of these, so you have two respawns that are available. Dying after you have respawned a second time will mean that you are entirely out of the match. If you play solo or your teammates die in the process, this means game over totally for your team.

While this is one way to eliminate a team from the match and win in the end, it isn’t the primary way that you should go about playing this game mode. Instead, focus on building up your credits as this particular currency is the match’s real winning focus. 

You can earn credits in the match for taking out various opponents, defeating Mando himself, and completing the bounties given to you. As soon as you jump into the match, you are given a bounty immediately for one of the players in the match. 

Doing so will grant you a ton of credits, much more than what you would find from the other players around. If you are part of a team, this means that they will all have bounties as well. Because of this, you will likely have someone chasing you down as well. 

So, it becomes this cat-and-mouse chase where you will be trying to chase someone down to take them out for credits while also trying to survive against the players hunting down. And then there are the NPCs you have to worry about, too, as they are fighting as well. 

Player Count and Teams

When it comes to the new Mando’s Bounty game mode, there are many game options available at this time. You can play it solo if you would like or with a team, so it is really up to you to decide which of the various game types you would prefer to play.

Choosing the game mode works much like it would in any other limited-time mode where you switch it up in the lobby and see all of the various options there. There is the solo one, duos for two players, trios for three players, and squads for a full party of four players. 

You can bring your friends into the match with you to compete alongside each other, play by yourself in a team mode by not filling it out, or match up with randoms online. Regardless of which of the game modes you select, the result will be the same. 

You will still be trying to take out your bounties, other players and survive against the others trying to take you out. The general gameplay remains the same across the four options, but it is a challenging mode that you might need some help with winning in. 

How to Win at Fortnite Mando’s Bounty

There is one primary win condition that you are dealing with in this limited-time game mode. If you are looking to catch yourself a win, there is one thing that you should be focusing on, and that is to have the most credits by the end of the match. 

As you will see in the match at the top of your screen, there is a bar indicating how many credits your team currently has, the goal you are aiming for, and an idea of where the other teams currently are in the race to reach that number. 

When it comes to the full squads matches, the goal is 100,000 credits in total. For reference, you will get around 2,000 credits for completing a bounty in the match to take someone out. With this, you are looking at needing many bounties and enemy eliminations to win it all. 

Fortunately, that is where the respawns come in, as taking out an enemy will not finish them off for good, so you will be able to fight them again if you would like—couple this with the ability to fight Mando himself for some credits. You have a few options for either reaching that goal or just having the most credits when the match ends. 

Tips for Playing and Winning

You can’t play Mando’s Bounty like you would in a regular battle royale experience, for starters. You have the three lives to account for, for one, but more importantly than that, you have the fact that the win conditions are different from a typical match of Fortnite battle royale. 

Sure, you could be the last player or team standing but don’t count on this to be the case. Because, while you are going around trying to survive or take out anyone that you find, other teams will be getting credits and aiming to win the match, so your chances of winning this way aren’t favorable.

Focus on what the game mode asks you to do: take out the bounties given to you. Understandably, you are likely to get a bounty for someone stronger than you, which is why I recommend doing this in a team version with your friends, if possible.

This way, if you try and fail to take someone out, you can focus on another teammate’s bounty and try to do that one instead. This brings me to my other point: teams should always stick together in this game mode, no matter what you are doing. 

This is much more brutal than other modes since enemies will know your general position and be hunting you down. Stick together and keep moving at all times. You do have a base loadout at the start. It will get the job done, for the most part. 

So, we recommend looting up as much as you can and focusing on just trying to keep moving as the other teams will see your position and likely come for you. Unless you are an excellent player who isn’t afraid of anyone, staying in one place for too long isn’t a great idea. 

Also, be wary of being the top team in the game for too long. The ultimate goal is to win the match, but being in number one for too long will mean that Mando will be chasing you down himself to take you out. The top position is your goal but be careful if you get there too early in the match, as your doom can come swiftly by being there. 

In the end, though, you will want to win the Mando’s Bounty game mode at least once before it goes away. This is because of the particular reward that is given out in it: a new umbrella. Usually, there is only one victory umbrella per season of Fortnite, but that isn’t the case here. Winning a game of Mando’s Bounty will grant you the particular Beskar umbrella that you can’t get anywhere else, so good luck.


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