Fortnite Jungle Hunter Predator Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Jan, 19th 2021

Epic Games has ensured that players have something more to do in Fortnite Season 5 than go through the same motions of the usual content this season. There is a new “secret” skin that is being released this season. It all has to do with the Fortnite Jungle Hunter challenges. 

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges Event Explained

We have potentially gone through more than half of the current Season 5 of Fortnite battle royale. There is no limited-time event that has happened to date outside of the holiday one that we knew was going to happen regardless. 

While previous seasons had limited time events, or game modes for players to check out, Season 5 has been pretty tame thus far. There have been many changes with the bounties and NPCs you can talk to in a match, but not much else. 

There have been some fantastic crossovers as well, more so than just about any other season to date, but that isn’t enough for some players. Fortunately, it looks like Epic Games is realizing this and will be offering a new limited-time event for players to check out. 

This event is known as the Jungle Hunter one and will be an interesting limited-time event that we had in the last three seasons with their secret skins. Through this event, players will be able to spend the rest of the season if they’d like to try to unlock a new skin in the game.

This skin will not require players to spend any extra money in the item shop or anything like that as it is likely going to be free for everyone, or at least free for those players who have purchased the paid battle pass for the season. 

The Fortnite Jungle Hunter event features a new crossover with a film franchise that is both terrifying and hunter-related, making it a good fit for the fifth season that is all about bounties and hunters. Here is everything you need to know about this event and unlock the upcoming Predator skin. 

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges List

At this time, the Fortnite Jungle Hunter challenges are not yet complete, as some still haven’t been released yet. The full release date for all of them hasn’t been revealed, but we imagine it will be much like the past several seasons’ extra weekly challenges. 

You can find the three Fortnite Jungle Hunter challenges that are available at this time below:

  • Find the mysterious pod
  • Speak to three NPCs: Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy
  • Collect three medkits

As you can see, they are mostly simple challenges that you need to do, but they will be difficult for those who don’t know where to go yet. Fortunately, that is where we come into play. We will help you complete all of the Fortnite Jungle Hunter challenges that are available right now. 

These three challenges and the event are similar to the secret skins released in the past few seasons. Season 2 began it all with the Deadpool skin. Then there was the Aquaman skin in Season 3, and, most recently, the Wolverine skin in the Marvel-themed Season 4. 

It seems that the Fortnite Jungle Hunter challenges are following up on those, offering a new legendary skin that players will be able to collect for free this season, but you have to do some tasks first. But instead of releasing the challenges weekly like before, they have been delayed until now for some odd reason. 

Regardless, here is everything that you need to know about how to complete the Fortnite Jungle Hunter challenges and unlock the items that are associated with it. 

Where to Find the Mysterious Pod

First up in the three challenges, we have to find the mysterious pod. This is similar to challenges in past seasons where we had to locate a relative to the crossover character that we were going to be unlocking the skin for. 

The mysterious pod is found somewhere on the battle royale island in Season 5. You need to visit it to finish the first challenge in this event and unlock the first reward. This is a pretty easy task to complete once you know the mysterious pod’s actual location in Fortnite. 

What you will want to do is head to Stealthy Stronghold, preferably as soon as you enter the next match, as it will allow you to land there easily. This new location in the Season 5 version of the island isn’t too popular as its other new counterparts, so it makes it the perfect fit for this mysterious pod’s home. 

The jungle environment also helps to lend itself well to the character themselves that we will go over in a minute. To find this mysterious pod, you need to head to the northwestern corner of the enclosed jungle arena on the island. You will find it there somewhat near the walls. 

It is a large alien ship pod that you need to get close enough to see the notification appear to have finished this first challenge. If you hadn’t guessed it yet, this pod is the ship that the previously rumored Predator used to somehow come to the Fortnite island. From there, we come to the next challenge on the list. 

Where to Talk to Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy

The second challenge that you need to do involves some more location-based activities. In this case, though, you need to visit three different NPCs that are around the island. As you likely know, one of the biggest features this season is the addition of NPCs in matches. 

We already had NPCs before, but they were minibosses and other random enemies you could take down. None of them were peaceful as they would attack you on sight. But these new NPCs in Season 5 are like quest-givers, giving you tasks to complete in the middle of missions.

They could give you a mission to take someone out in the match, do the trick with a car, go from one place to another, and so on. These mini-challenges of sorts are there to give you the means to earn the gold bars currency. This new currency is at the heart of much of the meta this season.

You can take it to those same NPCs to hire them to join your team for that particular match, which is useful for solo ones, buy a rare weapon that you can’t get anywhere else, and so on. These NPCs are essential. This second quest has you talk to three of them. 

It can’t just be any three, though, as it has to be these specific three NPCs in the match. These NPCs are based on the character skins that you have been collecting throughout the seasons. The three characters you need to chat with are Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy. 

Starting with Beef Boss, this is the mascot of the popular Durr Burger chain of restaurants in the Fortnite lore. While there are multiple locations for most of these three characters, there is only one real spot that you need to head to for this challenge. 

Oddly enough, Epic Games ensured they are pretty close to one another and near the first challenge that we did. All you need to do is head southeast of Stealthy Stronghold and north of Pleasant Park. You will be able to find all three characters within a short distance of one another.

In Beef Boss’s case, he will be near the food truck in this open area, taking care of his Durr Burger food truck business. Remedy is further east of him and Dummy, around the house on the hill near there. And the last one, Dummy, is found west of Remedy’s location and generally south of where you find Beef Boss. 

Don’t just go up to each of them. You need to chat with all three to complete this task. 

Where to Find Three Medkits

The third and final mission that we have is to find three medkits. It seems weird to have this random of a challenge after two of them were all about heading to an obscure location on the map to find something. 

But in this case, you need to find three medkits. This can easily be done in the same match, especially if you do something like Team Rumble where you are there for a while. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be done all at once if you don’t want to.

For medkits, not bandages, we recommend checking in treasure chests, the loot that a fallen player has dropped, and so on. You have likely come across lots of medkits in your time, so finding three of them should be pretty routine at this point for you. 

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges Rewards

As always, there are some rewards for completing these Fortnite Jungle Hunter challenges during this event. The event will last until the end of Season 5, so be sure to take your time with them if you’d like. Each of the three quests will reward you. 

For the first quest to find the mysterious pod somewhere on the island, you will get the special Predator banner icon for your locker. The second mission to talk with all three NPCs will give you the Plasma Caster Reticle emoticon that you can show off in matches.

And last but not least, finding three medkits will give you the Heat Vision Hunter spray that you can spray around the island if you’d like. But the rewards do not stop there. From what we have gathered, six more quests will release in this chain, possibly in the future. 

It is currently unknown when that will be, but the rewards that we get in the future will directly tie to the most crucial part of this Jungle Hunter event: the Predator skin. 

How to Unlock the Fortnite Predator Skin

If you wonder how to unlock the Predator skin in Fortnite, you’ve come to the right place. Though not all of the challenges are available, we know that the skin is coming at some point. It will tie into the Jungle Hunter challenges that we have already completed. 

Details are scarce about how future quests will work. Will they release together at once as some believe, or release weekly, similar to secret skins in the past? That is something that we will have to wait and see about. 

But what we do know is that every single quest will give you a special reward, like the first three, ranging from wraps to the Predator Trophy back bling to a pickaxe and more. It is through this that you will be able to unlock the official legendary Predator skin.

There are two routes that unlocking the Predator skin could take. The first one has to do with a single quest. In the past, there have been cases where you just needed to wait for a specific challenge to come out, complete it, and you would unlock the secret skin.

But there have been other times that players have had to complete all of the available missions to unlock the unique skin. It could go either way. We will have to wait and see to find out. For now, though, you can take care of these quests in anticipation of the eventual release of the Predator crossover outfit. 


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