Fortnite Deadpool Week 9 Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Apr, 17th 2020

It’s Friday, so you know exactly what that means: the latest Fortnite Deadpool challenges have now arrived for players on all platforms across PC, consoles, and mobile devices. The newest challenges this week allow players to earn a very sweet reward: Deadpool X-Force skin option.

Fortnite Deadpool Week 9 Challenges Are Penultimate Missions

Interestingly enough, the newest challenges this week are the Fortnite Deadpool Week 9 challenges. Being that this is Week 9, it is likely that this is the penultimate batch of new missions for players to complete as part of the crossover event with the Merc with a Mouth.

It has been going on all season long in Chapter 2, Season 2 but it could be coming to an end soon. It looks like this week could be the second-to-last even though the season is going to continue onward for a good while after next week.

Players will still have a lot to look forward to in season two as this season was recently extended to go on past the original end date of around the end of this month and the beginning of May. Instead, it will go on for a month longer into June.

Unfortunately, we have no idea whether or not this will affect the future of the Deadpool crossover in some way like adding new weekly missions and rewards for players to get as part of it. Regardless of what happens, though, there is a great reward this week with the Deadpool X-Force skin, so let’s jump in on how to get it.

Deadpool Week 9 Challenges List

It all starts with the full list of the Deadpool Fortnite challenges that are available this week as part of Week 9. We’ve already covered the normal battle royale challenges this week, but the new Deadpool challenges are also here and much shorter than the 10 or so we got yesterday as part of the standard seasonal missions.

You can find the full list of the Deadpool Week 9 challenges below:

  • Find Deadpool’s lost shorts
  • Find and salute Deadpool’s pants

For some odd reason, this penultimate week has Deadpool losing a lot of clothing items for some odd reason. This might be because of the party that he is having right now over at The Yacht that he took over a couple of weeks ago or just some fun challenges to do.

It could also have to do with the fact that Deadpool’s pals Cable, Domino, and Psylocke are also here this week, so he is just having a good time taking off his normal outfit and donning the snazzy Deadpool X-Force skin certainly worth unlocking.

Thankfully, there are only two challenges this week that you need to do to get that reward from Deadpool. The two challenges are absolutely some of the easiest ones that we have ever seen, taking just a couple of minutes to complete and they are certainly worth it.

As always, you will need to do the first one to unlock the second one, but that isn’t a problem this week as the missions are relatively simple and easy to do. But you will, of course, need the premium battle pass this season to do these missions and earn the new Deadpool reward.

Where to Find Deadpool’s Shorts

To get that sweet Deadpool X-Force reward, you are going to need to complete the first mission, which is to find Deadpool’s shorts. For some odd reason, he has lost his shorts that he likely purposefully took off and left somewhere around the headquarters.

To find them, you are going to need to head to the battle pass room at the crux of the challenges this season. As in previous weeks, this first challenge isn’t about going into a battle royale match, so you can easily do it just by hanging around in the lobby area.

When you arrive in the headquarters room where all of the spy agents are located, you will want to head to the Agents elevator on the left side of the room. We have used this a lot in previous weeks, but this time, we need to head up to Midas’ room.

The leader of the spy agents and also the coveted tier 100 spy skin that you can unlock this season in the paid battle pass, Midas took over this week as the leader and host of the weekly battle royale challenges for Week 9 and 10, this week and next.

With Midas now in charge, you can now visit his room in the battle royale lobby and see what his style is like. If you are visiting his room for the first time, you will be treated to a short cutscene introducing his character and giving some interesting details about him, so sit back and watch that.

Once you are in the room itself, you will find Midas near the middle. Deadpool’s lost shorts are next to Midas on the chair facing the desk. All you need to do is interact with the shorts and you will pick them up and complete this first mission this week. That’s all you have to do for part one.

Where to Find Deadpool’s Pants Flag

Once you have done the first mission this week, you can unlock the second one, which is a bit more interactive and engaging but is honestly just as easy and simple to do like the first one. These two missions shouldn’t take you very long to do at all.

For this one, you won’t be able to do it in the battle royale lobby, though, and will need to enter a match to complete it. We recommend that you do this in the Team Rumble game mode, but you can honestly do it in any match you want so long as you are prepared for a fight.

The location that you are headed to is a very small area and there are likely going to be a lot of players in your match heading there as well to complete this mission for Deadpool. When we did it ourselves, we were met with at least half a dozen players in a small confined area and the craziest part is that it was just a match of Team Rumble where there are only up to 20 players on each team.

In the case of other matches like squads, duos, and solo, you are more than likely to see even more players show up here so you could die before you are even able to salute Deadpool’s forsaken clothing item. But to do so, you need to know where the pants are found on the battle royale island.

They are actually at Sweaty Sands atop the largest building in the entire city. The tallest building there is a fancy hotel with tons of floors and at the very top, there is a roof with a little smaller roof above it. This little tower top of sorts has a flag pole on it.

Deadpool has taken over the flagpole and put his superhero pants there for all to see around the island. They are swinging there on the pole and you need to salute them for some odd reason that we don’t know of. Doing so will complete this challenge and grant you the reward.

Fortunately, this is really easy to do and the best way to get up there is to just land there from the battle bus, which is what we did. Otherwise, you are going to have to either find yourself a Choppa to get up to this high point or build yourself a lot of ramps to get up there.

Well, you could always just climb up the hotel itself from the inside to get to the roof, but that would honestly take forever, so you are better off just landing there or bringing a helicopter with you for the ride. Regardless of how you choose to do it, reaching here is just half of the challenge.

You aren’t just tasked with visiting the flagpole with Deadpool’s pants on it like in other challenges where you have to find something, but you need to find and salute it. This is the tricky part where a lot of players might be scratching their heads as it is highly specific about what you need to do.

Saluting is something that can only be done with the specific salute emote that you could get previously in the game. Unfortunately, this is one particular emote that you can’t get right now nor is it available to everyone from the start like the original dance emote.

The salute emote was only available in season three of Chapter 1 of the game, a very long time ago in Fortnite’s history. Because it was so long ago, there are likely a lot of players who weren’t even playing the game around that time.

As such, you can easily miss out on getting that salute emote in the game. But if you were worried that this might lock you out of getting the reward from this challenge, you don’t have to worry about that at all as there are other options for you to complete this task.

For those of you who have been around since the beginning of battle royale in its beta format, you can just use your salute emote by equipping it in the locker. If you are like us, though, and don’t have it, you have two other options that you can go about doing.

The first is to just do any dance or other emote that you have in the game right now. Though it says that you need to salute the pants, you don’t have to do that as Deadpool will accept any sort of emote that you have otherwise as proper salutations.

If you want something even easier than just going through your emote wheel and picking one, you can just get close enough to the pants flagpole and look for the interaction icon and select to interact with it. This will also complete the mission for you and earn yourself the really sweet reward awaiting you after the match.

Just keep in mind that other players will likely be here so don’t waste too much time trying to do this or you could find yourself in the lobby prematurely without having the chance to complete this objective.

Deadpool Week 9 Challenges Reward

Completing both missions this week will grant you an extraordinary reward that just so happens to be one of the best that has been given out thus far as part of the Deadpool weekly missions this season in Chapter 2. Last week, we got the unfortunate unmasked variant of Deadpool that we didn’t like too much.

We know some players enjoy that version of the Merc with a Mouth, but that isn’t our favorite. So if the grotesque looks of Deadpool without his mask bothered you last week, you might like the new reward this week that is a new skin color option for the official Deadpool outfit.

You can unlock the new Deadpool X-Force skin option for completing both of these Fortnite weekly missions. This will change the suit into a gray and black aesthetic, instead of the red and black as usual. Also, the eyes of Deadpool will be red and look pretty awesome.

Needless to say, this is one of the best skin options for the character ever and it is one way to stand out from the crowd of red and black Deadpools that have flooded the game recently. And if that isn’t enough, you are also able to pick up the rest of the X-Force crew with the Cable, Domino, and Psylocke skins available for purchase in the item shop for a limited time using V-Bucks.


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