Fortnite Collect Three Alien Devices: Week 12 Quests

by in Fortnite | Aug, 27th 2021

Epic Games has released the next set of challenges for players in Season 7 of Fortnite battle royale. The Week 12 missions are here this week. They include various tasks for players to finish for experience rewards, including the Fortnite collect three alien devices mission and more.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 12 Quests List

The Fortnite Season 7 Week 12 quests are here and they include a lot of challenges this week. This is only the second week of overtime challenges in the game this season, and Epic is continuing the Wild Weeks event that is happening in the game this week. 

Basically, until the end of Season 7, there will be overtime challenges known as Wild Weeks, popping up weekly for extra experience rewards. These are on top of the usual weekly battle royale missions that continue until the end of the season. 

We do not currently know when the season will end, but it is presumed that it will end sometime in September, potentially around the 15th week like has happened in the past. For now, though, we have the challenges here in Week 12 to offer some experience in case you have not finished the season’s battle pass just yet. 

Here is the full list of the normal Season 7 Week 12 quests that we have this week:

  • Wild Weeks 2: Deal damage to opponents within 20 seconds of landing in solos, duos, trios, or squads (three lengthy stages to this challenge)
  • Deal 300 damage to flying saucers that are piloted by opponents
  • Deliver a flying saucer to Rick Sanchez at the Defiant Dish
  • Deal 150 damage to opponents with alien weapons
  • Deal 150 damage with an alien parasite on your head
  • Purchase three items from vending machines
  • Search five ammo boxes at Dirty Docks
  • Hunt down three wildlife creatures

Those are the usual challenges that will stick around until the end of the season (whenever that is). We also have some legendary ones for players to do. You can find the full list of the legendary missions this week below:

  • Get orders from Dr. Slone at a payphone
  • Craft a weapon using alien nanites
  • Destroy four target dummies with IO weapons
  • Search for two books about explosions
  • Deploy two scanners in an alien biome
  • Fortnite collect three alien devices, then activate the countermeasure device underneath Corny Complex

This week’s legendary quests, including the Fortnite collect three alien devices one, are all only here for the next week. Once the next set of legendary missions arrive, they will expire. To help you complete all of these quickly, here is everything you need to know about doing them. 

How to Deliver a Flying Saucer to Rick Sanchez

We are kicking off this week’s challenges guide with the next set of Wild Weeks missions that deal with damage to opponents within 20 seconds of gliding. There are three stages to this mission, beginning with only 250 damage, then going up to 3500, and finally 15,000.

That is a lot of damage and, fortunately, you can do this with friends if you would like and we highly recommend it. The hard part about this mission is that you have to deal the damage after gliding and severely limiting what you can do in a short time. 

Normally, this is where I would recommend Team Rumble, but the game specifically stops you from doing this in that game mode as it would make it a lot easier. Instead, you must do this in one of the normal battle royale game modes. 

This means that it will likely take you a very long time and many matches to do all three of these stages since you only have a short window of time to do it in each match. It is uncommon to be able to glide more than once in a single match. This will take a long time, so be prepared for that grind if you want its rewards.

In terms of normal missions this week, the first is to deal 300 damage to flying saucers with opponents inside them. It does not matter what you use to damage them or if you are in a vehicle, too, so long as you deal 300 damage to them. 

We recommend the rail gun as that is one of the best weapons in the game for countering the flying saucers, but you can use whatever you like. You do not have to do all of this in a single match, so feel free to take your time with this task across matches if need be. 

Next up, we have a mission to deliver a flying saucer to Rick Sanchez at Defiant Dish. First, how you go about this is finding one of these vehicles and flying in it to the dish station near the center of the island. That is where Rick is located. Just landing there will be enough to finish this task.

For the following mission, you need to deal 150 damage to opponents using alien weapons. These could be the ray gun and other weapons in the game, so be sure to pick them up. The best places to do this are at the alien biomes, on top of the Abductors, The Mothership. 

Once you have some alien weapons, use them to deal some damage until you get 150, which is a little more than someone with full health and no shields. Again, this does not all have to be done in one match, but you could do that if you like. 

How to Hunt Wildlife

For the next mission this week, we have to deal more damage and 150 again, but this time with an alien parasite attached to your head. You could do this one and the last one simultaneously, as you can have an alien weapon in your hands while you do this. 

To get an alien parasite attached to you, we recommend heading to the alien biomes on the map, especially the area called the Aftermath at the center of the island. The parasites can usually be found floating around the area here. You need to approach them to get infected. Then go about your business dealing damage to other players. 

Next up, we have a mission to buy three items from vending machines. This is one of the easiest missions this week as you need to approach one of the many machines around the island and purchase three items from it or break it up over time until you have bought three. 

After that, we have another easy mission this week, with one requiring you to search through five ammo boxes at Dirty Docks. Head to this location on the island and then search around the warehouses, under stairs, and in weird hidden spots, and you can usually find ammo boxes. Keep going across matches until you have found five there. 

Lastly, for the normal missions this week, we have one that requires you to hunt down three wildlife on the map. It does not matter what type, so long as it is a boar, chicken, or so on. We recommend heading to Weeping Woods and Corny Complex for this mission as these are usually the good spots for finding wildlife. Take out three across the matches that you do. 

Where to Find the Target Dummies

From there, we come to the legendary quests this week, of which there are six in total. Starting off the legendary quests in Week 12 is, no surprise, a mission to get orders from Dr. Slone at a payphone yet again. This is the usual one that we always get, so do what you always do: head to a payphone near a bus stop or a phone booth and interact to complete it. 

Next up, we have a more engaging legendary quest that has you craft a weapon using alien nanites. First and foremost, you need to find an alien nanite, which can be found on the ground or in chests. Our recommendation is to head to alien biomes as they can often have them there. 

Then you need to destroy four target dummies with IO weapons. IO weapons are items like the rail gun, pulse rifle, and so on. These are easily found by heading to the satellite dish bases that the IO has set up around the Season 7 island. 

Once you have collected an IO weapon of your choice, it is time to find the target dummies. You need four in total, but you do not have to visit four different locations. You need to head to two. They each have two dummies there, making for four in total. 

You can do all of this in the same match or divide it up between matches, but, regardless, the two locations are close enough to one another that you can certainly do this in the same match. These two locations are southeast of the main factory in Slurpy Swamp near the water’s edge. 

The second location is found on the southern edge of Weeping Woods, just south of the main campsite. Take a shot at each of the target dummies at these two locations. With all four done, you will complete this mission. 

How to Do the Fortnite Collect Three Alien Devices Quest

After that, we have a quest to search for two books about explosions on the island. Simple enough mission, except you need to know the locations of these two books. They’re close to one another on the island, one found at Dirty Docks in the southwestern corner and another at Steamy Stacks in the central building under some stairs. 

All you need to do for this quest is go up to the two books, interact with them, and then do once you have both. Since they are both in named locations that are rather close to one another, you could get this done in the same match, but you are not required to. 

From there, we come to the penultimate quest this week: deploying two scanners in an alien biome area. These are all over the island and are the purple, alien-themed areas that you can visit. Head to one of these biomes, and you will be able to complete this quest. 

When you arrive at one of the alien biomes on the map, you will find that you have the option to deploy the scanner. Just make sure to do this twice, so you will likely need to visit two of the alien biomes on the island to make sure you can deploy two of them. 

Last but not least this week, we have the Fortnite collect three alien devices quest. This is a two-part mission, and the first is collecting the alien devices. You can do the first part, the Fortnite collect three alien devices section, by heading to the area near Corny Complex

Optimally, this Fortnite collect three alien devices mission should be done all in the same match. Head to near Corny Complex at the start of a match. The first is on the eastern side of Aftermath in the middle of the map, on the edge of the biomes. You can find the three devices spread around this area. 

The second is just east of that, just north of the gas station but before the river there. And the third one is on the large hill found northwest-ish of Corny Complex. Once you have collected the three devices, that is only part one. 

The second part is to head to the underground lair that Dr. Slone has under the huge red barn in Corny Complex. There are many guards here, so be sure to bring some friends with you and plenty of equipment. In here, you will find the main area with a massive bomb that is the countermeasure device. Interact with it, and you will complete this final mission this week. 


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