Fortnite Awaken Oro Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Mar, 26th 2020

Epic Games is insistent on adding more and more content to Fortnite season two as time goes on, which is great since season one was so long and began to feel repetitious after a time. The latest addition to the game is the Fortnite Awaken Oro limited-time event.

This new limited-time event is the latest for season two, being a minor one that isn’t as large as some of the previous events like the Star Wars crossover, but it is important nonetheless. After all, it has some amazing rewards for it that players should not miss out on.

Fortnite Oro Skin Added to the Game in New Event

The Fortnite Awaken Oro limited-time event is the latest addition to the battle royale game and it gives players a lot to do besides the standard weekly challenges and the Spy Games event that is going on right now. It comes to players in the form of a very different type of event.

It is all centered around a particular skin that you can get in the game that will let you look rather golden and glorious in battle. Also, players will have the chance to complement their newly received skin with some additional rewards that go perfectly together.

The Fortnite Awaken Oro event is ready now with the Oro skin being the one that players will want to get if they wish to complete their collection. In this guide for the new limited-time event, we are going to go over everything that you need to know about the event from how to get the skin to its challenges and more.

How to Get the Fortnite Oro Skin

For starters, the entire Fortnite Awaken Oro is all about the skin that you can get right now called Oro. As such, this guide wouldn’t be complete without going over how to get that particular skin. When you first log into the game during the event time, the game will even notify you of it happening.

To get the Oro skin, you are going to need to head to the daily item shop as it is only found in that particular place at this time. You are not able to unlock the skin through the event or by completing the challenges. Also, you don’t have to own the premium season two battle pass either.

Instead, anyone can get the Oro skin right now by heading to the item shop. The Oro skin is a legendary skin, which is the best category that you can get. The golden legendary status matches this skin well as it features what looks to be a fallen knight who is now undead.

Oro is a golden fallen knight skeleton creature that happens to have a crown on their head. All of the character’s bones and the crown, too, are golden, showing off a rather regal but also terrifying style. If you are wanting to get this skin, you will have to shell out a whopping 2,000 V-Bucks, which is around $20.

In addition to the Oro skin, you can also get the glider that is meant for the character in the item shop right now if you want to complete the set. The Skellon glider is also legendary like Oro themselves and happens to be a golden bird or dragon creature that is helping you to fly around the map.

Being that it, too, is a legendary cosmetic item in the store, you are going to need a good bit of digital Fortnite currency to get it. It costs 1,500 V-Bucks to purchase, which is around $15. That is a lot of money for a glider and you are looking at around $35 in total if you want the whole collection.

How Long the Event and Skin Will Be Around

What’s great about the new Oro skin is that it isn’t just in the game for a single day unlike most other items in the daily shop. It and the glider are some of the featured items currently, so they will stick around for a good bit of time in case you can’t get them right now.

Unfortunately, they will be leaving the game eventually and there isn’t a ton of time to get them and complete them before the Fortnite Awaken Oro limited-time event comes to an end. This skin and event are only in the game for a few days shy of an entire week.

As such, players should hurry up and grab the skin while they still can and complete all of the challenges as well. The skin and event are currently set to come to an end on Tuesday, March 31. Likely, players will not be able to purchase the skin or complete the challenges after that.

Fortnite Awaken Oro Challenges List

Hopefully, the challenges stick around past the end date for the Oro skin and glider in the item shop, but we shall see. As such, we recommend that players do the best they can to complete all of them before the limited-time event comes to an end soon on possibly March 31.

You can find the full list of the Fortnite Awaken Oro challenges below that will help you to awaken this crazy golden skeleton skin.

  • Assist teammates with 10 eliminations
  • Play a game with a friend 10 times
  • Deal 1000 damage to opponents
  • Collect 40 medals

As you can see, there are only four challenges that you will find in the Awaken Oro event that is going on right now in season two. That isn’t a lot of challenges compared to the 10 that we usually get in the seasonal weekly challenges, but they are worth doing nonetheless.

They are varied and interesting, mostly being challenges that we usually see in the normal weekly challenges that happen every week. However, the difference is that they are all rather long and will likely take you a long time to complete them without a little bit of help.

To give you some assistance in completing these four challenges, we are going to go over all of them individually and the best tips that we have for completing them while the event is still going on. After all, they will take some time to do and time isn’t something that we have a lot of before this event could come to an end.

Fortnite Awaken Oro Challenges: Assists and Games

The first challenge of the four in this limited-time event is to get assists with teammates for their eliminations. You have to do this 10 times in total, which is a lot given the fact that this is a highly specific challenge that you need to do in the event.

First and foremost, this does mean that you will need to do a game mode that has teammates in it so solos won’t work here. We are also unsure if Team Rumble will count for all of the teammates that you have or just the three you have in your squad so that one might be a tricky one for this challenge.

That said, duos and squads will work well no matter what in this challenge, but you will need to stay with your teammates at all times. This is because you need to assist them in the eliminations that you do or else this won’t count for the challenge and you mustn’t be the one to get the kill either.

As such, your best bet is to communicate with your team and perhaps party up with someone that you know (more on that in a moment). Stick together so that you can fight as one and make sure to get some hits in before your teammate takes the opponent out.

So long as you get a little bit of damage in, you can stop and let them finish off the person. You want to also be careful not to be the one to down them as that might make it your elimination instead of an assist. This is why communication is so important in the case of this particular challenge.

Not only do you have to assist your teammate with an elimination but you need to do this 10 times in total. Of course, this doesn’t have to be done in a single match so you can take your time a little bit with this; at least while the event is still going on.

This first challenge ties directly into the second one, which is to play a game with a friend 10 times. This has to be someone that you are already friends with on the battle royale game and not just queueing up for any of the matches that will give you teammates.

These two challenges are available at once in the event, so it is best to just try and do them together. Both have 10 as the requirement, so just be sure to do 10 matches with your friend and work together to ensure that you assist them in an elimination in each match.

Do one per match and you are guaranteed to complete both challenges in 10 matches. You can even switch back-and-forth, helping one another get an assist for an elimination in the process. This is a great one to work together on.

How to Deal Damage and Collect Medals

The third challenge that you need to do is deal 1000 damage to opponents across all of the matches that you do. This doesn’t have to be in a single match, but you do need to complete it before the time runs out on this event.

We recommend for this that you do the Team Rumble game mode since it allows for respawns and plenty of time to keep fighting. You can get a lot of damage done in a single match of Team Rumble, so this challenge won’t take long this way.

1000 damage is equal to around 10 players with full health and no shields, or five players with both full health and full shields. When you are done with this challenge, you will only have one more left to do and it might be hardest out of all of them.

You need to collect a whopping 40 medals during the entirety of this event. You get medals in matches for completing various tasks like surviving, getting eliminations, assists, and more. The medals typically have multiple levels to them, so they will usually count for more than one.

For instance, you get a bronze survival medal when 50 players are remaining the match, a silver when there are less than that, and then a gold again when there are less than that. You are sure to get a good number of medals just from completing the other three challenges since you have to do 10 matches anyways.

Just make it your goal in those matches to make it to the top 10 no matter what and you are looking at least 30 medals just from those 10 matches right there with potentially more than that for eliminations and assists. From there, only a few more matches and you would have 40 medals.

This challenge is a grind but you can certainly get them before the event ends so long as you dedicate the time and effort.

Fortnite Awaken Oro Event Rewards

There are two main challenges that you can get from the Fortnite Awaken Oro event. The important thing to note is that you don’t have to own the Oro skin to do these challenges or unlock these rewards, but they do go together so that is worth keeping in mind.

The first is the Greed weapon wrap item. This great weapon skin turns your weapons into golden masterpieces with a nice burning symbol on it and some slick black accents. This will make your weapons look like some of the best ones out there, so it is worth getting.

You only need to complete a couple of the challenges in the Oro event to get this weapon wrap reward and it doesn’t matter which ones you do so long as you complete them. The other reward that you can get is the Gilded Scepter pickaxe.

It is a large golden pickaxe that looks nice and sharp with a black hilt. To get this one-of-a-kind exclusive item, you will need to complete all four of the Oro challenges before the limited-time event comes to an end next week.


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