Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 Challenge Guide: How to Unlock the Trident

by in Fortnite | Jul, 16th 2020

Epic Games has ushered in the fifth week of Fortnite battle royale Season 3 in Chapter 2, and there is a lot for players to do this week. Beyond the normal weekly battle royale challenges, there is also the Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 challenge that players can now complete.

Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 Challenge

The Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 challenge is perhaps the most fun and exciting one that we have had all season for this crossover event. It isn’t exceptionally hard to complete, but it will take some quick-thinking and searching to complete it.

Here is the Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 challenge this week:

  • Find and claim the trident at Coral Cove

And that is it. Like the Week 4 challenge, there is only one challenge that you have to do for the Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 challenge. Week 5 means that we are now halfway through the normal battle royale challenges for the season and nearing the end of the Aquaman crossover event.

There is still the task of getting the official skin for the superhero character, but we aren’t too far off. And to make things even better, the Week 5 challenge this week is going to give you one of the best items that we have gotten from an Aquaman mission yet.

While it isn’t the skin, it is something amazing that players who are fans of the character and cosmetic item completionists should not miss out on. But this mission is a bit more difficult than past ones, which is where we come in. Here’s how to complete this week’s Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 challenge and get the awesome reward.

Where and How to Get the Trident

Before we go any further in the Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 challenge this week, there is something that we must do first. The mission this week is to claim the trident at Coral Cove, which has a couple of different layers to it that we will get into, but the most important one at first is the location.

Where is Coral Cove? If you aren’t familiar with this location from the past couple of seasons, you might be lost as to exactly what you are supposed to do for this particular mission. For those of you who do remember this landmark location, it is in the same spot as it was before.

However, the one thing that you should keep in mind is that it is currently mostly submerged underwater in Season 3, so finding it can be even difficult for those players who remember this location well. Coral Cove is a landmark area that is in the northwestern corner of the island.

In this case, this area is mostly still underwater at the time of the Week 5 challenge releasing and is the location that has seen the least amount of water recede over the last couple of map changes. As such, the area that we are heading to seems like the middle of the ocean.

For the location of Coral Cove, it is north of Sweaty Sands and in the middle of the ocean. Thankfully, if you pay close attention to the map and the grid on it, you will be able to find this location with ease. It is right near the border of the A1 and B1 squares on the grid-based map.

This area is almost nothing but water, but there are small rocks and islands that you can visit that don’t show up on the map. That’s also what makes this task extremely hard as you have to find Coral Cove without any guidance or named location to help you out.

When you arrive in this area, you will find that some rocks protrude out of the water around Coral Cove. These three massive rocks are near the location and are easy to spot since there isn’t much else around there.

These three spots are where the tridents spawn, which you need to pick up to complete the Week 5 challenge. But just finding them is only half of the challenge as there is another secret here. Those three rocks will spawn three tridents altogether, and they are the only ones for the match.

This means that once three players have claimed the three tridents, all of the other players who missed out will have to wait until the next match they enter to try again. If you are in a standard battle royale solos match, only three of the 100 total players will finish this mission.

There is an urgency for landing at one of these three locations at the start of the match. We highly recommend that you do this match in the Team Rumble mode as you can cut down the participants to only 40 in total. If you are on the Coral Cove side, you may only have to deal with your 19 teammates.

Once you land at one of these spots, quickly interact with the trident, and you will pick it up and complete this mission.

Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 Challenge Reward

Once you have completed the Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 challenge, all you need to do is finish or leave the match you are in and get your reward when you return to the lobby. For this particular mission, you still aren’t going to get the Aquaman skin.

While that is unfortunate, you will receive one of the best rewards that you can get from this crossover event and certainly the best one so far. You will receive the trident item that you picked up as a reward and be able to use it from then on as your pickaxe item if you so choose. This is an awesome reward, and we won’t have to wait too much longer for the Aquaman skin.


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