Fortnite Aquaman Week 4 Challenge: Dirty Docks Time Trial

by in Fortnite | Jul, 9th 2020

It is now time for the fourth week in Fortnite Season 3. This season has gone by really fast already. We are near the halfway point of the season, at least in terms of the normal weekly challenges. This also means that we are almost done with the Fortnite Aquaman challenges. This week’s mission is the Dirty Docks time trial one.

Fortnite Aquaman Week 4 Challenge List

Epic Games has graced us with new content to complete in Fortnite as it is Thursday once again. This fourth week is near the halfway point of the 10 weeks of normal challenges plus several weeks of the crossover event with DC Comics’ Aquaman.

In the past few weeks, we have had some pretty easy challenges going to a specific location and doing a simple task that would take no more than a handful of minutes. This week is no different because it could be done in a very short amount of time (you’re encouraged to), but it is a bit harder than what we have had recently.

Here is the Fortnite Aquaman Week 4 challenge that you must complete this week to progress towards the eventual crossover skin:

  • Complete the swimming Dirty Docks time trial

And that is it for this first week, in particular. Like last week’s challenge and the two weeks before that, there is only a single mission for you to complete, contrary to how things were handled with the Deadpool crossover event in Season 2.

Where to Find the Dirty Docks Time Trial

First and foremost, before you can complete the Fortnite Dirty Docks time trial, you will need to locate it on the map. Fortunately, the game makes it clear that you will find this one in the now unnamed location of Dirty Docks on the east coast of the Season 3 island.

For whatever reason, Dirty Docks fell victim to the water that took over a good portion of the island this season and is a shadow of its former self. Most of the location is pretty submerged at this point, but you can still find it roughly in the same general location before in Season 2.

If you aren’t familiar with Dirty Docks (it wasn’t the most popular location after all), then you need to head northeast of Lazy Lake or south of Steamy Stacks and you will find Dirty Docks just off of the coast where there are a ton of buildings in the middle of the ocean.

However, there is a specific location that you should head to when you get to Dirty Docks to do this Dirty Docks time trial. Your best bet is to head to the large crane on the southern end of the map. You will find a large blue floating ring that you need for the time trial.

Tips for Quickly Completing the Dirty Docks Time Trial

When you are ready, you can start the Dirty Docks time trial by simply swimming through the blue floating ring. This will cause the game to start the timer for you. The next floating ring will appear near you that you need to go through.

The objective here is to swim through each of the floating rings as they appear until you reach the end. The catch is that you must do it before the timer runs out or else you will have to start all over. Fortunately, unlike the time trials of the past, this one is solely related to swimming.

You don’t have to hop in a boat or other vehicle to do this challenge as it is specifically built for players to do it using their swimming capabilities. There is just enough time to complete this barring any major distractions or issues that come up during the process.

So, you need to go from ring to ring, and you should be able to do this. However, there are two things that you should keep in mind when doing the Dirty Docks time trial. For one, other players are trying to do this simultaneously as you. It will likely be pretty crowded.

You could run into some other players who like to cause mayhem and may shoot you while you are completing this task. Because of this, it is best to do this mission in the Team Rumble game mode as you will have less enemies to worry about and respawns if they can interfere with your Aquaman escapades.

Dirty Docks Time Trial Challenge Reward

For completing this Dirty Docks time trial challenge, you will get an awesome reward that you can’t get anywhere else as part of the Aquaman crossover event. While it isn’t the Aquaman skin (yet), it is better than just about any other three cosmetic items that we have gotten thus far.

You will get the Supreme Shell back bling item that will certainly go a long way towards making you look a lot more like Aquaman himself. And better yet, we are getting ever closer to the official Aquaman skin soon.

From the rumors and leaks that we have seen thus far, it seems that there are only a couple of more weeks until we unlock the official skin and look like the superhero himself. We are still missing the pickaxe that was supposed to happen before now, but that could be the only thing standing between us and the skin.

After that, we should also get an extra cosmetic style for the official Aquaman skin that will make him look slightly different. That is similar to what was done with the Deadpool skin last season. So, there are likely only a few more weeks left of this crossover event this season.

But don’t worry, it will be available throughout Season 3 if you don’t get the challenges done when they come out. You have plenty of time to complete any previous missions and get their rewards.


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