Fortnite Aquaman Week 2 Challenge Guide

by in Fortnite | Jun, 25th 2020

Epic Games continues its new trend of having a crossover character throughout the season in Season 3 with the release of the DC Comics superhero Aquaman. Players can unlock his skin throughout the season by completing various, unique weekly missions like this week’s Fortnite Aquaman Week 2 challenge.

Fortnite Aquaman Crossover Continues in Week 2

The Fortnite Aquaman crossover event began last week with Season 3 for all players on all platforms around the world. It replaces the Deadpool event from last season as players must complete missions to unlock the Aquaman crossover skin this season.

We aren’t quite ready to get the skin just yet, but we have several weeks more of missions to do until then. In the meantime, you are going to get some special, exclusive rewards for completing each of these tasks, leading up to the actual release of the Aquaman skin later on in the season.

The crossover event continues this week with the next challenge that you must do on your way to becoming the underwater superhero himself. But you should keep in mind that the one requirement for the Fortnite Aquaman is to own the premium battle pass, so be sure to have that purchased via V-Bucks to do this challenge and get its reward.

Fortnite Aquaman Week 2 Challenge

Like last week, there is a new Fortnite Aquaman Week 2 challenge for players to complete. Interestingly enough, Epic Games is taking a more simplified and easier approach to the skin this season, as there are less challenges overall for you to do. It is all more streamlined.

Instead of two challenges each week like the Deadpool missions last season, there is a single challenge each week that players must do to get the Aquaman crossover skin. So, like last week, there is a single new mission that you must do. It is a bit harder, but not too difficult to complete.

Here is the Fortnite Aquaman Week 2 challenge that you must do this week:

  • Use a fishing pole to ride a Fortnite loot shark at Sweaty Sands

And that’s it for this week. You need to do this simple challenge, and you will receive your reward and be well on your way to getting that Aquaman skin in the next few weeks. To help you with this mission, we will give you some tips on what to do.

What Are Loot Sharks?

But before we get into what you need to do for this particular Fortnite Aquaman Week 2 challenge, you need to know about the loot sharks. They are a new feature — a vehicle of sorts — that was added last week at the launch of the new season in chapter 2.

Loot sharks are sharks that can be converted into a vehicle and rode around the seas like the motorboat. But they are a volatile vehicle that can damage other players and even you if you happen to get too close. Given how useful they are, they are a great companion for traveling around the map.

You can customize them to an extent by having them eat various loot on the map. This will make them have a glow and stick out as a unique loot shark compared to the normal ones that you can find around the island.

How to Ride a Loot Shark at Sweaty Sands

To complete this Fortnite Aquaman Week 2 challenge, you need to know how to ride a loot shark. It isn’t like a motorboat or Choppa where you walk on up and press the correct interact button to get in. You are going to have to tame one of these loot sharks to use around the map.

More specifically, you are going to have to ride a loot shark at Sweaty Sands, so your first order of business should be to head to Sweaty Sands as soon as you jump into the match. When you arrive here, you need to find a fishing pole before you can do anything else.

Fishing poles are rather common at Sweaty Sands, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem. Simply look on the ground loot, check chests, and baskets, and you should find one before too long once you have a fishing pole, head to the pier or other waters around the named location and find yourself a shark in the water.

Take the fishing pole out and throw a line at the shark so that it bites onto it. Once it has bitten the line, you will automatically start riding the loot shark and be good to go. This will complete this mission. If you are having a hard time finding a shark in the water, ride a boat in the water and show up quickly.

Fortnite Aquaman Week 2 Challenge Reward

You will have to wait a few more weeks to get the Fortnite Aquaman skin in the game and start sailing the open seas as the hero. But until then, this week’s challenge will grant you a special reward that you can’t get anywhere else.

For finding a loot shark at Sweaty Sands and riding it, you will get the Trident spray cosmetic item that you can use to graffiti the Season 3 map. Stay tuned for the next weekly Aquaman challenge and reward next Thursday.


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