Fortnite Aquaman Week 1 Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Jun, 22nd 2020

Epic Games released Fortnite Season 3 this week with a ton of new content to enjoy, including the Fortnite Aquaman week 1 challenges. The first week of Season 3 includes the release of these challenges that will help you unlock Aquaman in the battle royale game.

Aquaman Is Here in Season 3

Aquaman is here in Fortnite Season 3 as one of the main parts of the game. The famous DC Comics superhero replaces Deadpool from Season 2 as the main crossover skin character this season. This officially continues the crossover seasonal skin and makes it a permanent addition.

It seems that every season will have a crossover character skin now that will be throughout the whole season. You will likely have to complete weekly challenges each week of the season to gain special rewards that you can’t get anywhere else.

This will eventually lead to the release of the Aquaman skin in the game once we have reached a certain number of challenges completed. These missions are specific to the character and are separate from the normal weekly battle royale challenges that we already have in the game.

At this time, it remains to be seen when the Aquaman weekly challenges will typically be released in the game as this is only the first week of the new season. In the previous season, the Deadpool challenges were moved back to Fridays, which could be the case for Aquaman starting next week.

Fortnite Aquaman Week 1 Challenges List

To kick things off in the first week of the new season, we have the Fortnite Aquaman Week 1 challenges. These are the beginning of the Aquaman crossover event that will likely last most of the season, so players who are interested in the skin should get started completing these now.

You can find the full list of the Fortnite Aquaman Week 1 challenges this week below:

  • Use the whirlpool at The Fortilla

And that’s it for the Fortnite Aquaman Week 1 challenges this week. Yep, there is only a single challenge this week that you need to do. For some odd reason, there is only one mission for the Aquaman event this week, which is strange given how this type of event was handled last season.

In Season 2, there were two challenges for Deadpool each week and that has potentially changed this season with possibly only one to do each week. This would extend things a bit and possibly make it easier, at the same time, to get Aquaman as it would only be one task each week to do.

This is matched in the normal weekly battle royale challenges as they also were reduced this season in number from 10 in total to only seven. Epic Games may generally reduce the number of missions each week to have a higher quality of them overall or fewer rewards.

For the Fortnite Aquaman Week 1 challenges, though, here is how to complete this first task.

How to Use a Whirlpool at The Fortilla

Overall, the first mission in the Aquaman crossover event is a pretty easy one. You need to find and use a whirlpool at The Fortilla named location. For starters, you need to know where The Fortilla is before you can even get around to completing this mission.

The Fortilla is a brand new named location that you might have been to or have never seen before, depending on how early you are in the new season. The Fortilla is in the place of Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp, located in the southwestern corner of the battle royale map.

This new area arrived at the start of Season 3 when the map was changed because of The Device live event. That event, started by Midas, caused the storm to go away temporarily and then return with a sea flood of vengeance that has now submerged most of the island.

That included the locations Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp that have been effectively replaced by The Fortilla. This new named location is one of four this season. This challenge is here to help you get accustomed to it while also unlocking some sweet rewards.

It is a marauder village of sorts that is floating above the water. The houses and buildings are floating on the sea, rather than an island like much of the Season 3 named locations are. This unique new named location is right next to another one: Rickety Rig.

The Fortilla has several whirlpools that you can see swirling around in the water near the named location. All you need to do is find one of these, dive into one, and launch into the sky. This will be all it takes to complete this challenge for this week and earn your reward.

Fortnite Aquaman Week 1 Challenges Reward

You will get a single reward for completing this first challenge in the Fortnite Aquaman challenges. It is, fortunately, much better than the ones that you get in the normal weekly battle royale challenges as it is an actual item reward that you can use and it is exclusive to this challenge.

You will get the King of the Beach loading screen to complete this mission and start using it to spice up your loading phases between your online matches. There are five weeks of challenges that we know about currently, so be sure to check back next week for more missions and rewards as we head on our way to unlocking the underwater superhero in Season 3.


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