Fortnite Alien Nanites Location: Season 7 Week 5 Quests

by in Fortnite | Jul, 9th 2021

It’s that time of the week once more with the Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 quests. This week is the fifth batch of missions for players to do. It includes more than a dozen quests, including the Fortnite alien nanites one and many others that we will help you complete. 

Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Quests List

Before we get started with our tips and guides this week, there is the list of Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 quests that we need to go over. Like in Week 4 of Season 7 and the others before that, this week will include a mix of both epic (also known as normal) and legendary quests in the bunch. 

It is almost evenly spread out between the two groups, with 13 in total to complete. The Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 quests are important, as they mark the normal midway point for a season. However, in recent memory, there have been few seasons that have followed that rule.

We believe that the current seventh season is likely to be a good bit longer than the previous season since the fact that the Superman skin has still yet to release and will come out near the tail end of a normal 10 or 12-week season will be. 

That said, there are the Week 5 quests still here to give players something to do in the meantime while we wait for the Superman skin and a chance to gain some valuable experience towards leveling up the battle pass. You can find the full list of the epic, or normal, quests this week below:

Destroy three computer equipment objects at the satellite dish stations or Corny Complex

  • Deal 250 damage to IO guards
  • Eliminate two trespassers
  • Deal 500 damage with IO or alien weapons
  • Loot two supply drops 
  • Deal 800 damage to a flying saucer with a pilot inside of it
  • Open an IO treasure chest at one of the satellite dish stations or Corny Complex

With that, there are seven missions in total that are the normal ones this week. These are not time-sensitive since they will stick around for the duration of the season, but they are worth doing as soon as possible for their experience rewards regardless. 

In addition to the epic quests, we also have some legendary ones this week and you can find the full list of them below:

  • Get orders from Dr. Slone at a payphone 
  • Interact with the CB radio
  • Place two welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery
  • Use one of the Fortnite alien nanites items 
  • Dance near Zyg and Choppy
  • Become infected by an alien parasite and then talk to the Sunny NPC

For the legendary quests this week, only six of them are in total for players to do. That said, they are only sticking around for a single week until the next batch of legendary quests come out, so if you want their experience, you will need to complete them as soon as possible. 

To help you with that, we will break down what you need to do to complete all of the Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 quests this week. This includes both the normal quests and the legendary ones, like the Fortnite alien nanites quest and more, so let’s take a look. 

How to Destroy Computer Equipment

To kick off this week’s Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 quests, we have the first one that is to destroy three computer equipment objects at either the satellite dish stations or Corny Complex. The satellite dish stations are the landmark places that the IO company built up at the start of Season 7. 

There are several around the island, including the one south of the Aftermath landmark in the middle of the map. My personal favorite one, though, is the one that is found where the Stealthy Stronghold named location used to be, so it is easy to get to that one. 

At the same time, though, Corny Complex will also work for this mission, and you can head there, too, but this is a much more challenging location. In the middle of the area is a huge barn with a spaceship inside of it. Underneath the barn is Dr. Slone’s secret lab with lots of computer equipment and enemies.

But the satellite dish locations are much less guarded, with usually only around two or so IO guards there at one time. All you need to do for this mission is head to one of these spots. You can usually find three or more computer equipment inside of the bases to destroy with your pickaxe or gun. 

Speaking of heading to the bases, the next mission has to do with that and deal 250 damage to IO guards. These are the new NPC enemies in Season 7 at these bases and the one at Corny Complex. 

That amount of damage is not a whole lot. You could honestly get this done in one match if you take out all of the guards by yourself at one of these locations. The guards are not hard to fight, especially if you gear up beforehand, but if you cannot get all 250 damage in one match, that is fine as you continue in the next one. 

The third quest this week is to eliminate two trespassers. These are the other NPC enemies this season. They are the alien invaders who have taken over the island. You can usually find them in the purple alien regions of the map or flying around in saucer vehicles. 

You need to defeat two of them, but they do not need to be in the same match. That said, you could try to take out two all at once if you grab yourself a flying saucer vehicle and fly around taking out the NPC driving them as they do not have the smartest AI. 

The fourth mission this week is to deal 500 damage with IO and/or alien weapons. 500 is a lot, equal to around five players with full health, but it can tie into the last couple of challenges as well. Just make sure to grab your weapons like the Kymera ray gun, rail gun, pulse rifle, and so on, and you can do this. 

If you are looking to get it done fast, what I like to do is immediately land on one of the Abductor spaceships. There are usually several ray guns there to pick up. Then I use those on other players or the IO guards to get some easy damage for this challenge. Again, you can take your time with this one, though. 

Where to Find IO Chests

Next up, we have a mission to loot two supply drops on the island. This is yet another simple mission that can be done in the same match or over time. Supply drops are the blue crates that fall from the sky and usually only show up in the next circle of the island. You can shoot the balloon to speed up the process of it dropping; make sure to open it up to get credit for this quest.

After that, we have a mission to deal 800 damage to a flying saucer with a pilot inside of it. This does not mention that it has to be another player; it could be one of the alien enemies, for instance. Again, this is where you can kill two aliens with one stone by doing this and the trespassers one at the same time. 

This is the same tip that we have for that one where you hop into a flying saucer of your own and deal some damage to the other flying users you find around the island, be it other players or just the alien invaders are easy to take out. 

And lastly, for the normal quests this week, we have the mission to open an IO chest at one of the dish bases or Corny Complex. Like the other base ones, you can head to Corny Complex, but that is hard for this mission. 

If you want an easier job, head to one of the dish bases like the one at Stealthy Stronghold and make sure to try to take out the guards first to make this mission a bit easier. Then find one of the long black and gold IO chests to open up, and you will finish off the normal quests this week. 

Legendary Quests: Where to Find the CB Radio

But we still have the legendary quests this week, including the Fortnite alien nanites one and more. These are limited-time quests, so try to do them as soon as possible. First up, we have a repeat mission from earlier in the season with getting orders from Dr. Slone via a payphone. 

This is perhaps the easiest mission of the week, with all you need to do is visit a single payphone location and interact with it. Payphones are throughout the island, but some are near prominent locations like Believer Beach and others that you can visit. 

Next up, we have a mission that involves interacting with a CB radio. This is an easy one, too, but you need to find the radio first to accomplish the mission. For this one, head to Believer Beach, on the eastern side of the city in the little plaza in front of the beach in the northeastern corner. 

Simply head to the table outside where the radio is found and interact with it to finish this mission. Next up, you need to place welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery, which is just Holly Hedges. This one can be done all in the same match, so long as you know where the several locations are.

There are numerous locations where you can place two welcome fits, with plenty within the small town’s borders. They are mostly in the middle and east-ish, with several lined up just by the soccer field. Simply interact with two welcome gift spots. 

Legendary Quests: Where to Find Fortnite Alien Nanites

The following quest is the Fortnite alien nanites one. In this quest, you need to use one of these items. Of course, the problem here is that you may not know where to find one of the Fortnite alien nanites to do the mission. 

They can spawn as normal ground loot on the map, making them hard to find as they are rare in this case. They also can appear on top of the Abductor ships, so that might be a great place to find them. They are also found near the purple alien regions, so you could look there. 

This is one quest that will require some luck of the RNG draw on your side, but once you have one of the Fortnite alien nanites items, you are pretty much done. All you need to do is pick it up and throw it somewhere to create a purple anti-gravity cube.

The second-to-last quest that we have this week is to dance near the Zyg and Choppy NPCs. While it may seem like you might need to visit two NPCs, these alien pals are together in the same spot. This is another simple one so long as you know the location of where you need to go. 

That spot is none other than Hydro 16, the landmark location that you can visit east of Weeping Woods, where the waterfall is found. Head there, go up to the NPCs and then do your favorite dance emote to complete it. 

And last but not least, this week, we have one of the strangest and most specific quests in the history of Fortnite. First, you need to get infected by an alien parasite and then talk to the Sunny NPC. Starting with the first part, you need to find an alien parasite to become infected by. 

This can be done by either finding another player or animal infected, killing them, letting it infect you next, or heading to one of the purple alien regions on the map. The goal is not to kill the parasite as you need to make sure that it can get close to you and infect you.

Once this is done, it is time to visit and chat with the Sunny NPC in the same match. You can find her hanging out on the beach at Believer Beach, so it might be worth trying to get infected close to that area. Fortunately, there are some alien regions not too far off from there. 


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