Fortnite Agent Jones Skin Guide: How to Unlock All Skin Styles

by in Fortnite | Mar, 18th 2021

Epic Games has released the sixth season of Fortnite battle royale. It is looking to be one of the most mechanically-changing seasons of all time. But one thing that isn’t changing necessarily is that we have a main skin that is a focal point of the season. This time it is the Fortnite Agent Jones skin.

Fortnite Agent Jones Is the Mando of This Season

The Fortnite Agent Jones skin leaked a very long time ago and was desired by the community for a while. After showing up in some of the live events in the past couple of seasons, this version of Jonesy is a character that seems to be intrinsically linked with the history of the Fortnite lore. 

We have seen him in some interesting and mysterious backstory sequences, and players have been dying to have a chance to have the Fortnite Agent Jones skin in their lockers. Now, it is finally time for that to happen with the launch of Season 6 of battle royale.

The Fortnite Agent Jones skin features the classic Jonesy character, voiced by the beloved Troy Baker, in a fancy slick suit that looks very nice on him. It is a classic look appealing to players who want to look fancy in the upcoming sixth season and beyond. 

If you want to get the new Agent Jones skin, what you will want to do is purchase the paid battle pass. At tier one of the pass, you will automatically unlock the Agent Jones skin as soon as you purchase the pass through whatever means you want: 950 V-Bucks, battle pass bundle, or the Fortnite Crew subscription. 

In many ways, the Fortnite Agent Jones skin is the new Mandalorian skin from Season 5. With that skin at tier one in its battle pass, players got an incomplete version of the popular Star Wars character. He initially had his cruddier outfit that had to be upgraded through quests.

If one was able to by the end of the season by reaching tier 100, they could unlock the fancy look for Mando. It is a similar situation for the Agent Jones skin where you can unlock the suit version at tier one but much more if you can complete the special quests for it this season. 

How to Unlock More Skin Styles

There are a total of six skin styles that you can get for the Agent Jones skin in Fortnite this season. That number of skin styles does include the base one unlocked at the start of the battle pass. There are five more that you can get through unlocking them. 

As was the case with The Mandalorian skin last season, you will need to do the five specific challenges to unlock the different styles for Jonesy’s fancy version. Unlike that previous season’s skin, though, the Jonesy one is well worth it every single time as you are essentially getting a new skin each time you complete a quest for it. 

And these skins are pretty much vastly different from one another. From the more karate, Ryu-style skin for Jonesy to the one featured at the start of Season 6 singleplayer story mission, there are plenty of different ones to choose from. 

But you will do these five quests to unlock each and everyone one of the extra Fortnite Agent Jones skin styles. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as just going to specific places or doing certain tasks right now. You aren’t able to immediately do them as you have to unlock the quest before you can do it.

Like with Mando, you unlock each quest throughout the season as you level up your battle pass tiers. At certain tiers, you will unlock a new quest and then be able to do it. Once you have finished that quest, you will unlock the skin style associated with it. 

List of Agent Jones Skin Challenges

As there are six Fortnite Agent Jones skin styles in total, with the first one unlocked by default, there are five challenges in total that are related to the Jonesy skin. You will need to do all of them before the season is over if you want to unlock this character’s full skin set in time. 

You can find the full list of the five Fortnite Agent Jones skin style challenges listed below in case you would like some spoilers about the missions that you will be doing in the upcoming battle pass tiers as you progress more and more throughout the season:

  • Investigate the anomaly detected in Lazy Lake
  • Investigate the anomaly detected on Shark Island
  • Investigate the anomaly detected near Catty Corner
  • Investigate the anomaly detected in Stealthy Stronghold
  • Investigate the anomaly detected in Weeping Woods

This is the full list of the five challenges you will find thus far for Agent Jonesy, but some things are worth mentioning. For me, this author has this list of challenges in this particular order. However, that may not be the case for you. 

We have looked around the internet and found that other players have the same set of missions in general, so you will, too, but the order for you might be a bit different than ours. As such, be sure to look below for the respective mission location that you might have. 

Fortunately, each of the missions’ general setup is the same, so you should find out how to do them just from any of the other challenges for the Fortnite Agent Jones skin styles. Without further ado, here’s how to complete all of these missions and some general tips. 

How to Unlock Agent Jones Jump 15 Style

As mentioned, this is how it was for us, so the missions might not be in the same order for you. The first skin you can unlock is Jump 15 style and is only available at tier 14, which is a missed opportunity to have it just be at tier 15. 

For this one, players will need to investigate one of the anomalies that are around the island. For us, that was the Lazy Lake one, but you might get one of the other ones first. The Lazy Lake one is found in the town itself in one of the houses. 

We have heard that this particular quest may have potentially different locations within the town itself, but we are unable to confirm that at this time. Regardless, go through all of the houses that have a basement underneath them. 

When you enter the house, you are looking for the blue butterfly that you might recognize from the Zero Crisis Finale event that kicked off Season 6. The butterfly will guide you down to the basement of the house, and there you will complete the first part of this quest. 

Note that this is only the first part, as the butterfly will end up in front of a wall. There, you will find four icons that you can interact with and are colored differently. The gist of it is that this is the second and final part of this particular quest. 

What you need to do with this anomaly is solve the puzzle essentially. The buttons must interact within a certain order, but this is also something that might be random from player to player. But you can easily experiment with it to find out what the correct order is. 

Simply start with one color, press it, and press the next one if it doesn’t reset. If it does reset, you know that the order was wrong. But if you can continue, memorize the correct colors so that you can do those again if the order resets at some point. Once you have all four in the right order, you will unlock the new skin style and complete the quest. 

How to Unlock the Other Agent Jones Skin Styles

With that first quest now done, you have unlocked your first skin style and are well on your way to making Jonesy look the way you would like him to. But that is only the start of the Agent Jones skin quests. There are still four more beyond that one that you can do.

As we already mentioned, the next quest in the list will be unlocked when you reach the next tier level for it. For the second quest to give you the Jump 23 skin style, you are looking at battle pass tier level 28. When you get there, you will get the next quest. 

It will ask you to go to the next destination on the list of ones above. When you get that quest, it will be very similar to the Lazy Lake or whichever one is your first. Simply go to that location, find the butterfly, and follow it to the anomaly where you will have to solve the puzzle for it. 

It is pretty much a rinse and repeat method but will require you to find the anomaly first before solving the puzzle. But once you’ve done one of these, you’ve figured out how to do all of them generally. 

Once you have finished the second one and unlocked the Jump 23 skin, you will get the Jump 31 quest at tier 49, the Jump 42 one at tier 60, and the final one, Jump 88, at tier 76, so you won’t have to wait until tier 100 like it was for Mandalorian last season. 

Will There Be More Agent Jones Skin Styles in the Future?

Of course, this brings us to the final part of this guide. Will there be more Fortnite Agent Jones skin styles in the future? Many players will likely be wondering about this since the skin has so many already. It hasn’t been impossible for skins to get more skin styles in Fortnite later.

Furthermore, there is the fact that Jonesy has been a prevalent character in the battle royale game, basically since the very start of it. All of this would likely point towards there being more to the story for this particular skin style, but that might not necessarily be the case. 

I could see it go either way, honestly, with Epic Games wanting to give players more stuff to do in Season 6 with their character skins by unlocking some new Agent Jones styles in the future. This would be great, especially if this season goes on as long as Season 5 did. 

It would also make sense with the skin theme where you see the different jump versions that Jonesy went through when dealing with the Zero Point Crisis. If there is a Jump 15, for instance, and a Jump 88, too, it would make sense that there is a Jump 80 that we haven’t seen yet or a Jump 50. 

There are so many that we haven’t seen at this point that it is unlikely that we will ever see all of them. But Epic may at least show some more in the future for the skin. Simultaneously, though, we might see those other Jumps in a different skin in the future. We will have to wait and see for now. 


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