Forget reCAPTCHA: Here’s Why You Need to Try DOOM Captcha

by in General | Jun, 5th 2021

It’s fair to say that nobody likes the reCAPTCHA system when logging in or trying to sign up for something. I would know; I spent 10 minutes trying to sign up for a KO City tournament. The webpage kept resetting, making me do the captcha over and over again. I didn’t get into the tournament. Although, while I was disappointed that my chances of going toe-to-toe with other players were stopped by a system designed to let me in and keep bots out. I heard that a programmer named Vivir En Remoto, otherwise known as Miquel Camps Orteza, had made a replacement for this program that ruined my chances of playing competitively. Apparently, instead of clicking on pictures of cars, crosswalks, bicycles, and fire hydrants, you shoot demons from DOOM.

DOOM Captchas Are Here

While the captcha isn’t having players complete E1M1 to log into their Google, the concept of the DOOM captcha is simple, players click on their screen to start and are given many demons to shoot. Then the little screen shows an Imp standing in the middle of a room, and players have to shoot it by clicking on it. Doing so will make another Imp appear somewhere else on the screen, and the player has to click on it again. After shooting it as many times as the captcha wants you to, it’ll let you through. You can also bypass the captcha by entering the cheat code IDDQD. 

While nothing more than a fun novel shooting gallery, this is an extremely nice change of pace, especially since I don’t want to see another captcha in my life. However, don’t expect to see any DOOM captchas online anytime soon, as Miquel has stated that the security of the captcha is very weak and is easy to break if you know how to code it. Regardless, the DOOM captcha has proven to be a fun and exciting change of pace for anyone extremely tired of clicking on mundane objects to prove they’re not a robot.

However, this isn’t the only thing that Miquel has made that is a mix of gaming and engineering, as Miquel has some more projects under his belt that are sure to tickle the fancy of any gamer.

Miguel has made his CV in several different ways, all viewable on his website. Users can view his resume as link shooting bokoblins or Leon shooting zombies, both stylized as an over-the-shoulder shooter. While the player isn’t walking around, it’s fun to see someone making their resume stand out as much as possible. Both of these also include a game inside them. Clicking on the cross-hair icon in either of his CVs will let the player shoot an infinite number of randomly appearing enemies, making for a fun score attack section on his website. 

However, the crowning achievement of Miquel’s web design is a version of Super Mario Bros. in which you control Mario with your hands. Going to this website and turning on the webcam will let you play Mario by holding your hand up on either side of you to make him move and opening your hand to make him jump. The site starts on only levels 1-1, but there are plenty of other levels to check out. The game also includes a handful of mods, such as changing the sky, so it’s a gradient in Mario’s direction and making the clouds move independently of the world. There’s more than just those, but Miquel is certainly has a lot of projects under his belt. 


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