FORG1VEN Returns to Competitive League of Legends

by in League of Legends | Dec, 8th 2019

The most surprising twist of the off-season is Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou’s return to the LEC scene as he just signed with Schalke 04. It was always a possibility, but it seemed like it would never come to fruition, for a wide variety of reasons.

There was never a European player as enigmatic and fascinating as the Greek AD prodigy. Even though many years passed since his last competitive game (on the LEC stage), thousands of fans still remember when he dominated beyond measure.

His personality is a fascinating one, especially in the world of competitive League. He’s the one true “heel” of the LEC. Some felt he was overly cocky and arrogant back in the day. Others, however, felt that he oozed with supreme confidence. And even though his play blew the minds of many, his opinions and bluntness attracted perhaps even more attention.

FORG1VEN takes LoL trash talk to another level. Quite frankly, he’s not doing it to entertain or to spark a debate — he does deem his opponents sub-par. He speaks without a filter and is honest in his assessments almost to a fault.

Even if you disliked the things he said and the way he said them, you couldn’t deny his spectacular mechanics and lane prowess. At the top of his game, there were only a select few players who could throw down with the former LEC MVP. Most of them came from other major regions.

As a player, he’s a dazzling mix of skill and swagger, and he’s equally as fascinating both in and out of the game. He often “bended” the rules. In doing so, he created mind-boggling highlights and game-winning plays. Players like FORG1VEN were infrequent, and they still are, to this day across the entire LoL community.

You always tuned in, hoping to see yet another outplay for ages.

An Unexpected, But Successful Career

His career, however, had many unexpected twists and turns. His complicated nature and approach to the game were perhaps the biggest culprit. According to many, he is notoriously hard to contain and work with, but it seems that all his alleged toxicity comes from an unparalleled drive for success.

As time went on, no one was sure what to think as there were many conflicting accounts and statements. Some spoke of him as an absolute deity, whereas others refused to play by his side.

All these elements coalesced into a much larger narrative which ended up molding FORG1VEN into a bona fide LoL legend.

Most professional players who stop competing fade into obscurity. But, as with many other things, FORG1VEN is different. He never went away and always chimed in on the state of the region and many of its players. His cult following preserved his achievements and, in a strange way, it feels like he never left the LEC at all.

The many FORG1VEN-related posts on the front page of Reddit were constant reminders that fans still wanted to see the veteran ADC in action.

Is FORG1VEN Still Destined for Greatness?

Can he still compete at the highest of levels? Did his talent dissipate over the years? Will we see a more subdued FORG1VEN, a player depleted of his former aggressiveness and bravado? A tamed mechanical deity?

No one’s sure what to expect. We’re all dying to find out. To many, this is the most fascinating question of the 2020 Spring Split. The question of who’ll win the whole thing no longer takes center stage.

Three seasons have passed — an eternity in the world of competitive esports. The game has changed. Many faces he played with no longer compete. Many fans who watched him dominate on the Rift no longer tune in every weekend.

And to the ones watching now, he’s not a legendary playmaker, but instead a confusing enigma.

FORG1VEN is a relic of the past but with incredible value. He’s a unique player whose personality left no one indifferent. He re-enters a region that no longer resembles the one he left. All eyes are locked on the Greek mechanical phenom. Those who want to see him succeed or fail will tune in with equal interest and anticipation.

It takes a baffling amount of confidence to return to competitive play after so many years. But if there was ever a player graced with supreme confidence (and ample mechanical prowess to back it up), it is FORG1VEN.

If he fails to reach his former heights, we will still be granted an “ending” to one of the most fascinating careers in the history of the LEC. We can finally get closure after his abrupt withdrawal because of mandatory military service.

2020 can’t come soon enough!


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