Five Characters That We Want As Smash Ultimate’s Last Two DLC

by in Fighting Games | Apr, 27th 2021

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is winding down its development as soon as this round of DLC is over, at least, according to Sakurai. He’s been known to exaggerate or have things change, though. So, it’s at this juncture that there aren’t many slots left for DLC fighters in the game.

With only two slots left, many characters make sense as additions to the Smash universe, but these are our five favorites. We tried to make the list as well-rounded as possible to better represent various genres in gaming. After all, Smash has become more than just a fighting game and, at this point, represents more of a celebration of gaming overall. What better way than to get some under-represented genres in the mix?

Who Would Make Great Additions to Smash Ultimate?

The following characters are in no particular order, nor did we offer any preferential treatment for characters that are more likely to get in. However, we do speculate a little bit on their chances in each entry.

Sora, Kingdom Hearts

The beloved brainchild of Square Enix and Disney, Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora would make a perfect entry as one of the last DLCs for Smash Ultimate. Not only would this bring in a fanbase that might not otherwise be exposed to Smash, but it also exposes Smash to a legion of Disney fans that might have gotten on board with Sora way back in 2001 when Kingdom Hearts first released.

As for powers and potential moves, Sora has them in spades. While he is yet another dreaded swordfighter, the keyblade offers enough magic and interesting moves that would make it unique compared to his brethren in the class. And while Sora does have a counter in the games, he does have far more moves at his disposal just when considering keyblade swings and throws to make it to where he wouldn’t have to rely on a counter.

That’s before you mention his magical abilities or any creative uses of Donald and Goofy in his attacks or Smash attacks. While it could be a licensing nightmare to attempt to incorporate Sora and all of his Disney cohorts, the effort would be well worth it for both Square Enix and Nintendo to consider.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a character that’s been long requested for Smash Ultimate and the series in general, especially since the series has become home to would-be mascots for various consoles through crossovers. After all, who wouldn’t want to throw down in the ultimate eight-player battle between Mario, Sonic, Pac Man, Crash Bandicoot, Banjo and Kazooie and Terry Bogard representing different consoles and generations entirely?

His moveset might be hard to maneuver, especially since he was mostly known for spinning, but with some creative use of the items available for pickup in his titles, most notably the Tiki Mask and the TNT crate, as well as some go-kart shenanigans thanks to his time in Crash Team Racing. It’s not hard to imagine a moveset that could be fun to use.

Axel Stone, Streets of Rage

Axel Stone, or anyone from Streets of Rage really, would make an excellent addition to Smash, largely due to the bevy of moves that he exhibits in the Streets of Rage series. From excellent throw animations to his special attacks to his dashing Bare Knuckle uppercut, Axel would make a fine representative for the Beat em Up genre. Ironically, despite Smash’s roots as a brawler and one that’s multiplayer at that, Smash hasn’t had anyone from a beat-em-up game make their debut. Other candidates from that genre would include Capcom characters like Haggar or Guy, or even Battletoads characters like Zit, Pimple or Rash.

In any case, with the recent release of Streets of Rage 4 and its upcoming DLC, it would make a lot of sense for Nintendo to take advantage of the hype and introduce Smashers to a genre of game they might not have played since the arcade days.

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog

Smash Ultimate has been taking the track of introducing villain characters to combat some of their most iconic cast members. However, someone’s been conspicuously absent throughout the cycle of both Smash Ultimate releasing and the DLC packs – Sonic’s arch-nemesis Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik (sorry modern Sonic fans – gotta stick with the original name.)

If Nintendo wants to keep that pattern of introducing villains and making Smash the dream matchup game, they’d add Dr. Robotnik and all of his wily inventions. Not only could Robotnik feature various badniks in his taunts, but also easily incorporate many of his inventions into his combat style, perhaps with one in particular (Metal Sonic) proving to be especially effective against his foes. The good doctor has had many inventions that could prove fatal and could even be seen as good zoning tools – bombs, wrecking balls, robots, the whole nine could be utilized for pestering his foes.

It would perhaps be the biggest highlight for fans when he died, as Nintendo could add Eggman’s defeat animation from the classic games for the ultimate catharsis for Sonic players.

Master Chief, Halo

Not much needs to be said about Master Chief and his impact on gaming as a whole. However, the Chief’s got a whole arsenal of guns and various types of grenades that could easily make him one of the most effective zoners in the cast.

Just imagine the look on your opponent’s face when you stick them with a sticky grenade, knock them back, only to have the grenade explode, preventing recovery. Or how about an A or standard B attack that fires his assault rifle, causing some hitstun? There are also many implementations of the energy sword that could be fun, giving a pure zoning character some options for close-range attacks.

There is also the rumor that Nintendo and Microsoft will be announcing something huge this year, with most rumors pointing to some form of Game Pass integration on the Switch. Given that, Chief’s inclusion in Smash would be an excellent way for Nintendo to market this new program.

That’s it for our picks for who would make it into Smash Ultimate. Who would you like to see make the cut? Let us know on Twitter @esportstalknews.


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