Final Fantasy XIV Dancer Guide: How to Play, Where to Start, More

by in General | Jul, 3rd 2019

Square Enix has released the third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV called Shadowbringers. This expansion brings with it tons of additions and changes to the game, including new areas to explore in the world of the First, two new races rather than one, and also two new job classes.

The two new job classes are, by far, part of what’s going to be most important to new players as they attempt to play through the new expansion areas and complete the main story. There are many players — myself included — who want to experience the story by using one of the new classes.

And that’s where I come in. This guide is meant to give you everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer job class so that you won’t end up in the game with no idea of what to do. This guide is going to go over everything from where to unlock it, how to play it, and so on. Without further ado, let’s jump (or jete) right in and take a look at the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer job class.

What Is the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer Job?

First and foremost, let’s go over the basics of what the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer job class is. For those who don’t know or are new to the massive MMORPG, Dancer is one of two new classes that joined the game with the release of the Shadowbringers third expansion.

Each expansion to date has released with either two or three new job classes. It has varied between the three main roles of tanks, DPS (damage dealers), and healers. The two new jobs in the game are the Gunbreaker and Dancer jobs.

While the Gunbreaker is a tank job class, Dancer is a DPS class that focuses on damage and buffs. It is one of the ranged physical DPS jobs and only the third one to date. It joins the Machinist and Bard as the third one in that small category of classes.

It is also the main job that focuses on buff rather than dealing damage. Of course, you are going to be dealing a lot of hits against enemies as you go about playing the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer job, but the other main focus of it is to buff your teammates and yourself as you fight.

Like with the songs that the Bard and Machinist can use to buff teammates, the Dancer takes that element and takes it to a 10. Dancer is an elegant job that uses a mix of two distinct gameplay features that are at the heart of it: your ranged weapon and dancing.

You can use two ranged weapons to throw at the enemies you face on the battlefield. These weapons are your primary mode of attack, offering you the ability to attack from a distance or up close if you’d like.

The other main element of the Dancer job class is, as indicated by the name, your ability to dance. Dancing is by far the more complex part of playing this job because you have a bit of randomness and specific details that you must understand to play the job class well.

But if you are to grasp the Dancer job, you will find that it is a standard one that requires a mostly set rotation to complete, similar in that regard to that of the Red Mage from the previous expansion. But before you can dance around the field and buff your party members, you will need to unlock it.

Requirements for Unlocking Dancer

Final Fantasy XIV Dancer Shadowbringers Transparent

Before I get into where and how to unlock the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer job class, there are requirements that you must meet beforehand in order to don your dancing garbs. For one, you do have to own the Shadowbringers expansion to enjoy all that the Dancer has to offer.

Without the expansion, you can still play the game, but you won’t be able to unlock Dancer. In fact, you’ll end up grouping up with other players using the class while you can’t, and that would be unfortunate. So, the first thing you must do before anything else is purchase the third expansion.

However, the requirements don’t end there, so don’t get too excited just yet. You also must have at least one Disciple of War or Magic job class other than Dancer that is at level 60 or higher. So, that means it can’t be a gathering or crafting class, either.

It can, however, be one of the newer jobs from the two previous expansions if you’d like. The reason that you need a level 60 class is because the initial quest to unlock the job is level 60 itself, and the game doesn’t allow you to do quests above your current level.

Thankfully, though, you don’t need to have completed the previous expansion Stormblood or Heavensward in order to unlock Dancer. In fact, you don’t necessarily need to own those either as the Dancer job is found in an easy location to get to just by owning the base game.

Where to Unlock Dancer Job Class

So, with all of the specifics and technicalities out of the way, we can finally get to unlocking the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer job. To unlock it, you are going to want to teleport or make your way to the starting city of Limsa Lominsa, specifically, the Lower Decks.

Once you arrive in the main Aetheryte crystal plaza, you won’t have to go too far in order to find the Dancer’s starting quest. The starting quest will be found just a wee bit south of the crystal and is called “Shall We Dance.” It is a level 60 quest that won’t take you far.

It will send you down the staircase on your left to view some cutscenes that I won’t dare spoil for you. Then speak with the required NPC, confirm your desire to unlock Dancer, and you will do so as you complete that side quest. But don’t run away just yet.

This is because there is a second quest you can do right then as soon as you complete the first one. It can be easy to miss with all of the players who are also unlocking the job blocking the view. That quest is meant to ease you into the job, and it does its best at it, but it’s not enough.

Basics of Using the Dancer Job at Level 60

As I mentioned earlier in this Final Fantasy XIV Dancer guide, your abilities are divided between your dances and your ranged attacks. To start, there are several combos that you need to know initially when playing Dancer that will get you going well.

There are four abilities called Cascade, Fountain, Reverse Cascade, and Fountainfall. It is imperative that you group these four abilities together on your bar in some way that works for you. This is because Cascade leads to Fountain, and you have the chance of Cascade leading to Reverse Cascade and Fountain leading to Fountainfall.

Final Fantasy XIV Dancer Basic Abilities

These are the four basic ranged attacks that you are going to use as you play through the early quests and level of the Dancer job. However, those attacks are only for single target damage. If you need to attack multiple enemies, you need to use Windmill, then Bladeshower.

It’s worth noting that you must be up close for Windmill and Bladeshower to work on enemies. From there, the four main combo actions that you use for dealing damage will build up the fourfold feathers. These four feathers come from using all four abilities at least once.

When this happens, you are then able to use the two Fan Dance abilities. Fan Dance is used for single targets while Fan Dance 2 is for multiple enemies at once. Last but not least, you have the dance techniques. Closed Position is an ability you always need to have while in a party.

This makes the person your dance partner so that all buffs and Curing Waltz will work for them as well. From there, it’s a matter of spamming Standard Step as soon as it cools down. This is a powerful move that is like a mini game of Dance Dance Revolution.

Look at your four main combo abilities, and they will change into four different icons. You will need to select the two that light up one at a time and then use Standard Step again to execute the move. Those are the basics for using Dancer at level 60.

How to Play Dancer

To begin, if you are in a party, you must turn on Closed Position and choose someone as your dance partner. If there is more than one Dancer in the group, great. You just need to divide up the team between you, but if you’re alone, prioritize the DPS. Though you can heal the tank, the DPS will benefit most from your damage buffs.

The set rotation you will want to use for the majority of the game goes like this. We recommend starting out fights with your two dances: Standard and Technical Step (if you have the latter). These have long cooldowns and should be used over everything else.

FFXIV Dancer Standard Step and Technical Step

Image courtesy of Square Enix

In addition, Standard Step grants a lengthy damage bonus that always needs to be active. It lasts 60 seconds, but the action has a cooldown of 30 seconds, so there is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn’t have this on for you and your partner at all times.

Once you have these foundations laid, it’s time for your four basic combo attacks or your area of effect attacks. These depend on your situation, so switch between them when required. With your four combo attacks, follow the guidelines of your hotbar.

If a skill lights up, use it. If it doesn’t, don’t use it except starting the combo over with Cascade. When you see Fan Dance light up, use either the first one or second depending on if you are fighting one enemy or more.

Beyond that, it’s all about using Curing Waltz, Shield Samba, your stun ability, and any other buffs when they are available. In the midst of this, when you see Standard and Technical Step become available, use them. Keep up this rotation, and you will be good to go until level 80.

How Dancer Will Work in Endgame

Dancer doesn’t change much in the endgame, but it does become more difficult to use the most efficient way. Now, it is possible to play the job class as I mentioned in the guide above, but you aren’t going to be doing the best you could for your team in that method.

However, it is passable and better than nothing if you aren’t confident in these next steps. At level 80, you receive the ability Improvisation. This is an interesting one that lasts 15 seconds and increases your Esprit gauge. You want to use this to increase your gauge for using Saber Dance and healing your party members better with Curing Waltz.

However, that is the easy part of using Dancer at level 80. Based on my experience thus far, the best way to use Dancer in the endgame (or even before then if you’d like) is to be consistently switching dance partners. For reference, you have to wait 30 seconds to switch partners.

But at the same time, the effects of Standard Step last 60 seconds, which is double that of your dancing cooldown. Your best bet is to switch between two teammates, specifically your other DPS and tank or two DPS if you are in a large group.

In a group of four, you could switch to all three teammates if you’d like, but that isn’t necessary. The key to playing Dancer in the endgame is to partner up, buff them, do your normal rotation, end partnership when the cooldown is up, partner up with someone else, and repeat.

This is to ensure that all or a majority of your party constantly has their damage buffed. Though it is only five percent, that can add up a lot over the lengthy dungeons, trials, and raids you will go through. Mastering this will have you become a combat dance master in your own right.

How to Quickly Level Up Dancer to Level 70 and 80

But to enjoy the likes of Improvisation and Technical Step, you are going to need to reach 80 and 70 from 60. There are a few different ways you can do this, and these are your best options. First and foremost, always do your daily Duty Roulettes like leveling, 50/60/70, and so on.

FFXIV Dancer Stretching Gif

That will give you the biggest leap each day. Beyond that, though, you can do Heaven on High or, my personal recommendation, running the dungeon appropriate to your current level. Once you reach the next dungeon level, switch to that one, and you will be level 70 in no time.

At level 70, you have another option: you can do the main story of Shadowbringers. The main scenario will level you up well, but that’s only if you haven’t already done it with another job. If you have, that’s totally fine; you just need to continue doing the dungeons for your current level. Do this, and you will be in the endgame as the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer shortly.


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