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The FGC is one of the most unique communities in all of esports for their unity and dedication to the genre as a whole. Here on our fighting games blog you can get a glimpse into how everything ticks with tier lists, analysis of the scene, breakdowns, and more.

Fighting Game Discussion Blog

Cole Travis | December 2, 2021
There’s a handful of fighting games that have attempted to take up a similar mantle […]
Connor McNeil | October 27, 2021
You may have seen this backronym going around online in the arduous time since my […]
Connor McNeil | October 14, 2021
For games like Nick All-Star Brawl, which I think I’m going to mostly be calling […]
Jason Parker | September 1, 2021
I recently had a chance to interview Mike Mika of Digital Eclipse about an MVC2 […]
Jason Parker | August 6, 2021
Now, I want to say that despite EVO 2021’s issues, I still love the event. It’s the […]
Connor McNeil | July 23, 2021
It’s a good day for me when I get to talk about Melee to the […]
Connor McNeil | June 28, 2021
Those of you who have been following news about the newest entry in the Melty […]
Connor McNeil | June 21, 2021
When I was living in my childhood home for a few weeks in May between […]
Connor McNeil | June 14, 2021
Well… this is embarrassing. I’ve done my best to talk up the Melee community on […]
Connor McNeil | June 12, 2021
I don’t even have a Twitter account, so that should make it all the more […]
Cole Travis | June 9, 2021
Modding is not uncommon for fighting games and certainly not uncommon for Street Fighter. When […]
Cole Travis | May 16, 2021
Dominique McLean, also known by his online handle “SonicFox,” started his career in fighting games […]
Cole Travis | May 15, 2021
Esports has been in the mindset of many gamers before some of the latest talents […]
Cole Travis | May 12, 2021
With Mortal Kombat 11 sitting two years past its release, many people are looking back […]
Cole Travis | May 11, 2021
Fighting games are an important piece to the esports community. From Street Fighter to Mortal […]