FIFA Pros MaXe & Joksan Share Tips for Beginners, Talk Championships

by in Sports Games | Mar, 30th 2021

Ever want FIFA tips from the pros? We’ve got you covered. Earlier this month, we had a chance to talk to a pair of incredible FIFA pro players: Complexity Gaming’s Joksan and MaXe. They took home back-to-back FIFAe Club World Cup Championship titles, and that’s no small feat. As someone who does not keep up with FIFA as much as I’d like and is perenially bad at the games, it was a genuine pleasure to talk to both MaXe and Joksan to learn a lot about the games. We spoke with the two about what it’s like to win championships in the game, tips for efficiently practicing, and much more. 

We spoke to both of the pros in question, and you can find MaXe and Joksan both on social media. Also, thanks to Complexity Gaming for the time with two of their players!

Jason: First of all, congrats on being back-to-back FIFAe Club World Champs! A 3-1 victory is nothing to sneeze at. Were there any serious challenges that came from playing New York City Esports?

MaXe: Of course, NYCFC was the best opponent we could have faced. I know Squirrel very well, and I knew the games were going to be as close as they were.

Joksan: Yes. It’s always tough to play Didy, who I considered to be one of the best North American players ever. It’s always a tough game.

Jason: As a pair that have pretty much dominated the North American scene, have there been any stumbling blocks on your way to success?

MaXe: Yes, there are always some lows in competing. We finished sixth in the first week of qualifying, and we weren’t in a good spot. Thankfully, we managed to recover and find our form in the following weeks.

Joksan: I think we have had our share of success when it comes to playing Club World Cup. We’re always at our best level. We have stumbled individually but always have each other’s backs for the Club World Cup.

Jason: One of the hardest things about FIFA can be figuring out the right squad, as far as a beginning player goes. What do you look for when putting together a team to compete with?

MaXe: I always try to find players that I can dribble well with. That is why I used 98 Pele because he is good at creating space in the box.

Joksan: When putting together a team, I look at a few different areas. For my attackers, I look for players that are fast and have five-star skills. As for defenders, I look for players that are tall and agile.

Jason: On that note, a major hurdle is to get the players you want. Do you have any advice for newcomers trying to field a successful team?

MaXe: Practice makes perfect, and the more time you play, the better chances you will have of unlocking better players in the game.

Joksan: At the end of the day, you can’t win if you don’t play. It takes time to build out a good team, but if you focus on improving as a player and having fun, it comes a bit more organically.

Jason: Do you have favorite/go-to players that you rely on more than others, and if so, why?

MaXe: I love Gullit and Vieira. They are must-have players in every FIFA game.

Joksan: You can always count on Neymar and Ronaldo at the beginning of the game. They’re the best players.

Jason: It’s surely not easy to be successful in online gaming. What about tips for smart practice time or in-game strategy you could offer a would-be FIFA pro?

MaXe: Make sure that when you’re practicing, you’re working on a specific aspect of your gameplay. If you play with no plan on what you want to improve, you won’t see as strong results.

Joksan: You do not need to be burning yourself out and playing every single day for long periods of time to practice. Instead, go for a more chill route and practice smart. As for online games, you need to adapt to the gameplay ASAP.

Jason: How did you guys get into the professional scene of FIFA?

MaXe: I got into FIFA competitively at the age of 12, which was FIFA 15. I had to wait until FIFA 19 to be able to compete, and I haven’t looked back since.

Joksan: I saw a FIFA 17 tournament on YouTube and wanted to try my hand at competing more professionally as I thought I was pretty good.

Jason: What would you say is the hardest part of playing competitive FIFA?

MaXe: The hardest part is the mental side of things. FIFA is a game where you can get very unlucky, and a lot of things can be out of your control. What is in your control, however, is your ability to stay composed and remain focused on what you need to do no matter what happens in the game.

Joksan: Certainly not unique to competitive FIFA, but a difficult aspect would have to be the adjustment to playing online when the connection is poor. 

Jason: If you could compete against professional footballers, do you have any dream opponents?

MaXe: I would love to play against Van Dijk or Berbatov.

Joksan: I would love to play against Neymar.

Jason: If you could make any one change to FIFA, what would it be?

MaXe: Bring back second man pressing, and increase the speed of the gameplay.

Joksan: When you are verified to be able to use any player you want. 

Jason: Because I’m always curious about anyone who plays FIFA/football games, who is your team?

MaXe: I am a Liverpool fan.

Joksan: Real Madrid and Mexico.


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