FIFA 22 Trading Tips: How to Make More Coins in Ultimate Team This Year

by in Sports Games | Oct, 18th 2021

FIFA 22 has been around for almost three weeks now, and so far, I have to say the gameplay feels pretty good. There are still some balancing issues that will need to be fixed going forward, but there’s nothing outright game-breaking running rampant in online gameplay. However, with FIFA 22 set to have the biggest number of special cards up for grabs, a widespread opinion is that players will need much more coins than ever before. If you came here looking for ways to boost your Ultimate Team coins, then our FIFA 22 trading tips ought to be what you’re looking for!

Five Crucial FIFA 22 Trading Tips

Let’s cover the basics right off the bat – FIFA 22 Ultimate Team trading follows the basic rules of economy, supply, and demand. If you don’t know much about that, this Investopedia page explains it straightforwardly.

Being a successful FIFA 22 trading expert isn’t easy. There are, however, some shortcuts you can take to improve your bank and deepen your roster! But, supply and demand rules are only a part of the equation.

Here are five crucial FIFA 22 trading tips you should know before investing in your first card-for-trade.

Foundations and Marquee Matchups for Fodder

First things first, make sure you complete the Foundations SBCs. These will give you a ton of tradeable packs that far exceed the value you’ll end up spending on them. On top of that, make sure you do the weekly marquee matchup Squad Building Challenges, too. Tradeable packs are always a good way to boost your coins. Just make sure you’re not giving away too many tradeable players in these SBCs.

Buy Cards During High Supply

The laws of supply and demand are as clear as a whistle – if you want to be profitable in your FIFA 22 trading endeavors, you have to buy cards during high supply. As soon as the supply drops, the demand will increase, and so will the price tags. That’s the ideal time to sell your investments and turn a quick profit. 

Use FUTBIN Stats to Your Advantage

Year in and year out, FUTBIN is the place to be for all FIFA trading enthusiasts. Not only for traders, mind you – FUTBIN’s database offers players valuable insight into all available FIFA Ultimate Team cards.

Yes, the information featured on FUTBIN is identical to the stuff available in-game, but in a far more intuitive and responsive fashion. Plus, it shows you current price tags across all three most popular platforms (PC, Xbox, and PlayStation) as well as the most used chemistry styles on certain players. 

Most importantly, though, FUTBIN showcases weekly/daily/hours graphs for player price tags, nicely coupled with filtering and other tools to help you pick the best investments for your FIFA 22 trading campaigns. That’s the sort of statistics you have to use to your advantage.

Be Patient

If you’ve been productive during the early access, holding onto high OVR fodder, you’re probably already in a significant profit. But, don’t sell them just yet! Even though the prices might’ve jumped from 10-20%, they’re going to keep on rising as new SBCs roll in.

Leaving them at bay for another month or so ought to give you even more profit. But, take it with a pinch of salt as we can’t know.

Buy Silver Players

The price of silver players tends to oscillate heavily, depending on active Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. SBCs requiring certain silver players often result in astronomical prices due to low supply. As for Objectives, some require strong silver teams in FUT Friendlies, making prices of pacey and prolific silver cards jump high above the rest.

Check this Tweet out if you want to earn some quick coins. These are the best silver cards you can invest in right now! This info might be outdated by the time you read this. But, this will work for future Objectives and SBCs, too – you’ll have to do more research to find good investments by yourself.

One Last Thing – Don’t Purchase Packs with Coins

What’s the worst thing people do with their coins? Is it investing in poor cards? Nope! Is it buying online draft tokens? Not by a long shot! Is it purchasing premium packs? YES, it is!

Purchasing any pack with your coins is a bad idea… well unless you preview a wicked pack that you know will make up for the expense and either give you a hefty profit or yield a starter. Just the preview pack, though – don’t purchase any other pack with your hard-earned coins.

If you’re keen on opening some packs, your best bet is to go through the active objectives and play around with them a bit or do what I typically do and invest in squad building solutions. They often yield much more expensive packs, with some of them even featuring tradeable cards.


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