FIFA 21 FUT: Best Premier League Midfielders Under 30,000 Coins

by in Sports Games | Mar, 9th 2021

What kind of midfielders can you get for 30k? Well, surprisingly enough, a pretty good bunch of them! ePL midfielders under 30k are what we’re here for, and I honestly think you’re in for a massive surprise once we start listing the players. 

If you’ve played FIFA 21 right after its release and then took a big break, you’ll love the current state of affairs in the transfer market. 

Why English Premier League?

Why should you build a team based on the English Premier League? After all, ePL players are typically more expensive than similarly skilled equivalents in other leagues. The English Premier League is still the most popular choice for both casual and competitive FUT players. The reason is simple – they have the best player pool and outstanding connections to top-tier players in other leagues.

The demand keeps driving the price up, but you can still get awesome deals for ePL midfielders under 30k coins. As stated earlier, that’s what this piece is all about, so let’s waste no more time and get straight to business!

Best ePL Midfielders Under 30k

What can you get for roughly 30k coins nowadays? Well, quite a lot, actually, even in the Premier League. ePL Midfielders under 30k come in all shapes and sizes. That’s because we’ve seen quite a few unique cards come in, crushing the demand for standard cards.

That said, you can expect proper bangers in the following list.

No worries, we’ve divided it into central midfielders and wingers. There’s even a select group underneath for three special, honorable mentions.

Central Midfielders

Central midfield, the very catalyst of your team; the driving force; the first line of defense! Your midfielders are keys to your Weekend League wins. You shouldn’t settle for any compromises regarding the players/cards you put into your starting lineup.

What should you look for in your central midfielders?

Well, that depends on the exact positioning. Defensive midfielders need to be physically strong, capable of tacking and have solid passing ability. Offensive midfielders need to be real ball wizards with impeccable ball control and attacking vision. You can always find proper all-arounders in this area of the field; a few outstanding options are down below.

Wilfred Ndidi | 84 | 8k

Let’s start our list here with our good old FUT buddy, Wilfred Ndidi. He has two outstanding unique cards, but the base one is what we’re all about here. What exactly can you get for less than 10k? Well, you’re getting the poor man’s Kante. I kid you not – 84 physicality, 87 defending – couple that with solid passing and a pacey stride, and you’ll love Ndidi’s ability to control the play in your midfield.

Thomas Partey | 84 | cca 9k

It’s Partey time, boys and girls! Partey is just an excellent all-arounder you need to have in your ePL squad this year! If you’re building on the cheap, that is. He’s the poor man’s POTM Gundogan, come to think of it. Excellent physical ability, great passing vision that’s just a part of Partey’s arsenal. He can dribble with the ball, too, even shoot from outside the box. If that’s the stuff you’re looking for in your next ePL midfielder, and you’re not ready to splash out 100k for De Bruyne, Partey is your go-to option!

Georginio Wijnaldum | 85 | cca 20k

Yessir – you can get Wijnaldum for roughly 20k. I know he’s not the ideal midfielder this year, but he’s a solid all-arounder. You can have him as your CM or CDM, thanks to a set of well-versed stats. What about chemistry style? Well, I’ve used him with Powerhouse – it turns him into Ngolo Kante, I kid you not!

Thiago | 85 | cca 20

If you’re looking to spend roughly 20k on your next ePL midfielder, then you can’t go wrong with another Liverpool’s midfield maestro – Thiago! He’s not the strongest man on the ball, but his dribbling and passing more than make up for his lack of physical stats.

If you’re going to be using him as a starter, I advise giving him some extra pace with chemistry styles. At 64 (74acc and 55ss), he’s too poor to be viable. Once you pump those numbers up a bit, you’ll get yourself a solid central midfielder that’ll get you that extra bit of central stability you’re looking for.


What have we put into this bunch of ePL midfielders under 30k coins? Left/right midfielders and left/right-wingers. Their positions are easily adjustable, so there’s no real difference between them.

What should you look for in your wingers?

Well, pace is always important, but not as much as it was in previous FIFA iterations. Depending on your playstyle, you might want to couple pace with either shooting, passing, or dribbling. Looking for all-arounders won’t yield that much good results, at least in this price range. Here are the players you should keep tabs on.

Allan Saint-Maximin | 80 | cca 5k

Let’s start with a proper banger here: Saint-Maximin. Yep, he’s a proper beast in this version of FIFA too. With sick pace (93acc and ss), and five-star skill moves, this dude will give you all sorts of options down the flanks. He’s got a nice shot, too, though that’s the first thing I’d boost with chem styles if I were you. 

If you love the dirt-cheap base card, be it as a starter or a super-sub, perhaps give his 83 IF card a go too. I know it’s much more expensive, but it could be worth the coins because we’re talking about one of the most used ePL players here.

Marcus Rashford | 85 | cca 30k

Yessir – you can get Marcus Rashford now for less than 30k. Let’s face it; you can’t find a much better player on the left flank. He’s got sick pace, five-star skill moves, and is a capable finisher. Use whatever chem style you want on him. I guarantee he’s going to keep on delivering match in and match out. Marcus Rashford is an outright steal at 30k, no doubt in that!

Lucas Moura | 83 | cca 7k

Next up, Lucas Moura! I know his stats aren’t anything special (except for the pace), but this guy delivers. Believe it or not, Lucas Moura is still my go-to player on the right-wing. I’ve tried Mahrez, I’ve tried IF Pepe, and I’ve tried Salah. They all deliver the same level of performance as Lucas but cost a lot more.

Honorable Mentions

Here are three additional players, two of which slightly exceed the 30k cap. The third one is my personal favorite, a player I’ve started with in my first two Weekend Leagues this season. Let’s start with him, shall we!?

Mateo Kovačić | 83 | cca 3k

Let’s start with mateo Kovačić, Chelsea’s big discovery this season. I’m still not sure as to why he hasn’t gotten an in-form card yet. I mean, yeah, he doesn’t score many goals, but his ability to control the playing field and feed balls to the wins is just impeccable. It’s difficult to translate to FIFA, though I still believe he deserves at least an 85 IF upgrade.

We’re looking at a dirt-cheap card here, yet his stats are pretty good. He can dribble, he can pass, and he’s not that easy to take down too. Even though his shooting is rated at 69, he has a decent outside-the-box shot. He has 75 in long shots and 79 in shot power, which is not too shabby, especially for just 3k (even less if you’re lucky enough).

Paul Pogba | 86 | cca 38k

Next up, Paul Pogba. He goes for just shy of 40k on PlayStation and is an outright steal at this price. If you’re playing on PC, you might have to pay a bit more for him… in which case I’d instead suggest going for Bruno Fernandes. But, as far as PlayStation prices go, Paul Pogba is a proper treat.

He’s an excellent all-arounder, one of the best in the league, and getting him for under 40k is a steal. I know, we’re supposed to be all about ePL midfielders under 30k here, but I couldn’t help it.

Dele Alli | 85 | EL MOTM | cca 40k

You can get Dele’s base card for dirt cheap. And it’s good, I can’t say it’s bad, but if you want something usable in your PL team, you have to try this one out – Ali Europa League MOTM. This is the good old Alli we’ve used in past FIFA iteration. He’s still not the fastest player out there but features a good mixture of stats across all departments. If you’re looking for all-arounders, they don’t come much better than Europa League Man of the Match Dele Alli!


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