FIFA 21 Career Mode: Five Tips to Improve Your Career Mode Gameplay

by in Sports Games | Nov, 9th 2020

Hello and welcome to our FIFA 21 career mode tips special! We’ve already featured plenty of FIFA 21 coverage since the game’s release, but haven’t touched on the topic of career mode gameplay. Manager career mode, to be more precise. And, believe it or not, there’s plenty of stuff to cover! Fans of single-player game modes in FIFA titles finally have something to talk about. New career mode changes bring an extra level of depth to the gameplay, both on and off the pitch, rounding off what’s definitely the most entertaining version of career mode up to date!

Five FIFA 21 Career Mode Tips

Our FIFA 21 career mode tips aren’t just revolving around the new features (gameplay and mode-related). Instead, they bring forth interesting ideas as well as crucial mechanics to help you get the most out of your team, no matter which one you choose to manage. Let’s see what we’re talking about here:

Pick Your Team Wisely

There’s nothing better in FIFA 21 career mode than creating a storyline and guiding your team to greatness. The storyline doesn’t necessarily have to be straightforward and cemented right at the beginning. You can mix things up on the fly and create brilliant stories with your players.

For instance – you can take up Barcelona, sell Lionel Messi because he’s basically at the exit door anyway, and do your best to completely rebuild the team in the next two seasons. Rakitić is gone; Suarez is gone; Mess will be gone – it’s up to you to make the necessary arrivals happen.

Or you can go with the good old fan favorite – take up a team from the fourth division in England and try to reach the Premier League glory in as few seasons as possible… without using financial takeover!

Thanks to FIFA 21 changes, you now have full control over the development of your youth squad, so there are many twists and turns you can create. We’re talking FM-style twists here; extreme stuff that drastically alters the gameplay. No worries, we’ll discuss that in more detail later on in our FIFA 21 career mode tips.

Use Interactive Match Sim to Your Advantage

One of the biggest changes to this year’s FIFA is the return of an ancient option – interactive sim. This was a part of the game back in FIFA’s PlayStation 2 days, but was cut out of the game following the next-gen switch to PS3. Now, with PS5 release day just around the corner, FIFA 21 got its interactive sim back… and it’s better than ever!

The awesome thing about interactive sim isn’t the fact that it gives you a visual representation of what’s happening on the pitch, but allows you to make dynamic game plan adjustments and substitutes on the fly.

Believe it or not, even that’s not the best part! The best part is the fact you can jump in and out of interactive sim whenever you please. Your team keeps attacking and you finally sniff out a potential chance – just hit X and you’ll jump right into the action and hopefully convert the opportunity into a world-class goal.

Long story short – use interactive sim game mechanic to your advantage. It can save you a ton of time, especially in your domestic cups where you’ll often deploy your B team and youngsters. Time is money, and that’s what makes this one of the most important FIFA 21 career mode tips you’ll read in this piece!

Understand and Utilize Match Sharpness Mechanics

FIFA 21 has brought forth radical improvements in the player morale and development systems. In the newest FIFA iteration, in addition to morale and development (AKA potential) stats, there’s this thing called match sharpness. It’s located right next to each player with a colored diamond icon.

Your goal as the manager is to keep your players’ morale, match-sharpness, and fatigue at optimal levels. It won’t be easy, especially if your squad doesn’t have enough depth. In FIFA 21, squad depth is more important than ever before.

As for match sharpness, from what we’ve seen thus far, pre-season seems to be of crucial importance. If you train at least three times per week and rest your players before and after each match, you should be all set as far as the training regime goes.

However, if you’re playing domestic cups, Europa League or Champions League alongside your main domestic competition, you’ll find balancing out fatigue and match sharpness isn’t that easy. The best way in these scenarios is to invest in more players during the next transfer window or sign pro contracts to hot prospects from your youth squad. Either way, you should be good to go!

Invest Time in Properly Developing Young Players

Youth academy was always important in FIFA career mode. It usually opens the door for one (or both) of the following:

  • Extra influx of money in a few seasons if you opt to sell your youth prospects and buy first-team quality players in the next transfer window.
  • Excellent base for a future squad if you opt to keep developing your youth academy players and offer them minutes in cups and friendlies.

Homegrown Talent FTW

If you’ve bought the Champions or Ultimate Edition FIFA 21, you’ll have a special welcome gift once you boot up your career mode. That special gift comes in the form of a high-potential homegrown player. You’ll get a message in your office inbox that’ll lead you to your youth squad management screen. Once there, you’ll see your homegrown talent – he’s going to have the highest potential (90+) and you’ll either be able to cash him out massively in a few years or base your future squad around him.

Of course, as you could’ve read earlier, investing your time into properly developing your youth prospects can bring massive returns. Not only are young prospects hot merchandise on the transfer market, but they also bring a lot of good to your squad depth. If you keep them happy and ready for matches, they’ll surprise you with class-A performances, that’s for sure!


It’s time to wrap everything up and call it a day, boys!

FIFA Ultimate Team is still the most popular FIFA 21 game mode. EA has been aggressively pushing their golden goose, and it’s understandable because of the sheer amount of money they keep earning through FUT-related microtransactions. However, we have to give credit where credit is due and FIFA 21 career mode improvements are actually pretty good.

I’ve come to expect nothing from EA’s promises… but it seems they’re finally listening to their fans. Career mode is an essential part of FIFA, and I’m finally happy it has news stuff for us to explore and get lost in.


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