FIFA 21 Best Starter Squad For Beginners Who Want to Move Up the Competitive Ladder

by in Sports Games | Nov, 18th 2020

FIFA 21 has been out for quite a while already! With new players surging in, the demand for the best FIFA 21 starter team is real! No worries, we’re here to give FIFA fans what they demand.

No matter what platform you’re playing on, no matter your skill level, and no matter if you’re willing to buy packs with real money or not, the remainder of this piece will help you build a tough to beat starter squad on the cheap!

Best FIFA 21 Starter Team

What’s important in a good FIFA 21 starter team? Well, it’s all about balance! You want your starter squad not to be too expensive, have good upgradeability, and possess a good balance in terms of attacking and defensive traits.

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What you don’t want is a squad that focuses too much on the physical aspects of the game; you don’t want a squad that’s too pacey – you want an all-rounder with a solid defensive core. That’s what matters the most for people who are just starting out!


Please note that prices tend to vary from platform to platform; they also go up and down on a daily basis so take everything you see from here on (price-wise) with a pinch of salt.

With that out of our way, let’s focus on the best FIFA 21 starter team!

Bundesliga Starter Squad Under $25K

Let’s start our quest to find the best FIFA 21 starter squad in Germany! The German Bundesliga always offers a great pool of domestic players coupled with international stars, courtesy of the two biggest German clubs, Bor. Dortmund and Bayern.

Average stats:

  • Pace – 80
  • Shooting – 71
  • Passing – 74
  • Dribbling – 78
  • Defensive – 67
  • Physical – 79

This squad costs just below the 25,000 mark, although it might go slightly upwards because of positional changes. Haland is the biggest start here -we’ve basically built this squad to support his attacking excellent. The Norwegian prodigy is surrounded by Thuram and Bellarabi. Both are solid at the start, but I’d suggest going with Costa on the left side and moving Thuram to a supersub role.

Witsel is going to act as your typical do-it-all midfielder. He’s great at closing opposition’s moves, build-up play, and even finishing. 73 shooting isn’t too bad for a CM; even more so for a guy with 82 DEF and PHY. Can and Laimer are there to support him and move the ball up front. Don’t hold onto Laimer for too long, though – there’s a ton of more valuable players you can opt for in that position.

Squad builder courtesy of FUTBIN

Serie A Starter Squad Under $30K

This squad costs just below $30K on PlayStation at the time of writing this blog.

Average stats:

  • Pace – 77
  • Shooting – 69
  • Passing – 73
  • Dribbling – 77
  • Defensive – 71
  • Physical – 82

Pace, dribbling, and physical is what we’re averaging best for here! I hate to say this, but if I were you, I’d upgrade Buffon as soon as possible as I don’t really love his one on one displays. Talking about weak links, you might think Rebić needs to be replaced too since he’s one of the lowest-rated players on the team. However, the Croatian beast has 88 pace, 80 shooting, and 80 physical. That’s a great base – no need to look for a replacement right off the bat.

What’s Smalling doing here? Nope – I’m not trolling! Smalling is an excellent center back for your starting lineup. He’s not that slow, yet he has both defensive and physical at 81. He’s quite tall too – an excellent partner for Romagnoli, although you shouldn’t take too long with the Skriniar upgrade.

Vidal is the defensive anchor in midfield, surrounded by two excellent all-rounders, Milinkovic-Savic and Nainggolan. There’s no need to touch this midfield – it’s the best value you can get in Serie A at the moment!

EPL Starter Squad Under $40K

As expected, Premier League players are still the most expensive ones out there. Building an EPL team under 20K coins doesn’t make sense, in my books at least. If you have 20K and you’d like a solid starting squad, look elsewhere – EPL is not a good place for you! If, however, you have 40K+ coins at your disposal, here’s a physically imposing team that can hold onto the ball and deploy devastating attacks through the middle:

Average stats:

  • Pace – 75
  • Shooting – 67
  • Passing – 78
  • Dribbling – 79
  • Defensive – 71
  • Physical – 78

Ake and Rudiger should be replaced relatively soon. If you can, grab the dynamic Ake card – it should pop like crazy as the season goes on. Digne and Wan-Bisakka can stay, although you might have to get yourself a pacier left-back if you’re going up against agile wingers.

This midfield… ohhh this midfield is absolutely incredible. We got Van de Beek, poor man’s Allan; we got Rodri and Thomas Partey too. Kovacic and Ziyech are up front, rounding off a highly competitive midfield section. Keep in mind, though – Kovacic is not for everyone. He’s cheap though, so at least give him a few matches to see how it feels. I got more than 300 FUT matches already, and I’m still using him. Perhaps it’s just Croatian bias… I don’t know…

Super Subs on the Cheap

Now that you’ve picked one of our best FIFA 21 starter teams, let’s talk individual players. More precisely, let’s talk about players who aren’t too expensive but can be the deciding factor when coming off the bench! The list is short, just three supersubs, but all three of them pack quite the punch in the value department.

Inaki Williams | ST | 81

I’ve been using Inaki Williams as my go-to supersub in tightly contested matches ever since day one of FIFA 21! He’s just too good! I’ve tried basing my La Liga team around him and Modric, but it didn’t work that well. Then I returned to my EPL mix and used Inaki relatively consistently as a supersub in cca 70th minute. 

More often than not, this pacey beast was the deciding factor. He can shield the ball, he can get in behind the defense… and most importantly, he has the finishing and physical stats needed to fend off tired defenders at late stages of the game.

Quincy Promes | CAM | 82

If you’re at the dying embers of a game and you desperately need to assert dominance in midfield, Quincy Promes is going to be your best friend! He has that natural ability to control the area, preferably the center of your opponent’s final third. He’s great at keeping possession and creating space up front for your attack-minded players or pacey wingers. You’ll need a good defensive CM to support him, though, otherwise you might end up on the losing end of the ordeal.

Achraf Hakimi | RM | 83

When you’re battling a tough, defensively very agile, opponent and you just can’t seem to create chances up front, Achraf Hakimi comes to the rescue! We’re talking about a pacey right midfielder who can easily be transformed into a beastlike winger. He can score, he can dribble, and most importantly – he can get into the box and create chances, be it with a cross or a through-ball cutback. 

Hakimi is pretty cheap too! You can get him for around 1,500 coins, depending on the platform you’re playing on. He brings forth massive value, not just as a supersub but as a starter too. If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t be in our Serie A best FIFA 21 starter team.

How to Get More Coins in FIFA 21?

Obviously, each above-featured best FIFA 21 starter team can be bought for pretty cheap. $20K to $40K shouldn’t take too long to farm… especially if you have those sweet match bonuses obtained through various FUT objectives.

If you’re struggling, here are three tips to help you reach the magic numbers quickly:

Don’t Buy Packs with Coins

This is sort of like your golden rule of FIFA 21 – never buy packs with coins! Especially gold packs! There are plenty of ways you can obtain these. You can get them by finishing season objectives, playing Division Rivals and Squad Battles, and if you buy an advanced version of the game.

If you’re going to buy packs with coins, buy bronze packs! Regular bronze packs work the best! They’re dirt cheap but could pay off (in small amounts) if you pull plenty of players.

Why shouldn’t you buy gold packs with coins? It’s simple – chances of getting your money back are next to nothing! The drop rates for good players (AKA walkouts) that can earn you some money on top of the sum you’ve spent for the pack are ridiculously low. I mean, if you’d like to gamble your hard-earned coins away, then I guess buying gold packs is a good idea…

Invest Time in Squad Battles

Division Rivals is by far the most popular game mode in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team! That’s what players enjoy playing the most; that’s where the biggest thrill is at. Well, Division Rivals and Weekend League, to be more precise.

While these two game modes bring forth excellent prizes, both pack-wise and coins-wise, there’s more to it than that. If you want to maximize your coin earning, you should invest some time into Squad Battles too. 

Yeah, I know, playing against the AI can be a pain… but with added realism, Squad Battles matches aren’t as dull as they were last year. You don’t have to aim for the top of the standings – aim for Gold 3 and see where that takes you. It shouldn’t take too much of your time, really…

Choose Coins as Rewards

However, investing time in these game modes isn’t enough. I know it’s tempting to choose those tradeable (or even untradeable) packs, but coins are typically the best solution. Yes, you could get more than your money’s worth from these packs, but your chances are pretty slim.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of Squad Building Challenges, then I guess opting for untradeable packs is reasonable. If you’re just in it for the money and you’re thinking of picking tradeable packs, you’re going to have a bad time! To end the discussion – choose the coin rewards and be done with it!


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