FIFA 20 Career Mode New Features Explained

by in Sports Games | Aug, 12th 2019

Year in and year out, new FIFA installments are brought to life with merely incremental changes to singleplayer modes. After all, it’s the multiplayer modes, mainly FUT, that earn those big bucks, so it’s only logical of EA to push them more than their SP counterparts. However, there seem to be big FIFA 20 Career Mode news circulating the internet in the last couple of days. The all-new FIFA Pitch Notes revealed a ton of new changes affecting everyone’s favorite singleplayer mode, managerial career.

Even though FIFA Ultimate Team is by far the most popular mode in FIFA games, their singleplayer counterparts have a community of their own. YouTubers, Twitch streamers and casual gamers who love taking their local clubs to Champions League glory. In fact, I’m one of them. There’s nothing quite like grabbing ahold of Oxford Town and conquering the Champions League in the first four seasons. You have to try it to understand it, as simple as that.

That said, the fact that these FIFA 20 Career Mode news have been long craved by millions of FIFA fans comes as no surprise. Now that they’re finally here, let’s just hope EA does a good job with the implementation.

FIFA 20 Career Mode News

There are five notable additions to FIFA 20 career mode. No worries, we’ll go through them one by one. Additionally, there are also numerous minor fixes that will further polish the level of immersion.

All in all, as an avid FIFA SP lover, I still can’t believe half the things I saw. I’ve waited for years for some of these changes to show up, and they’re finally here. That said, if I seem a bit obnoxious at times, that’s only because I’m as excited as a 10-year-old who just found out about Roblox.

You can read the official FIFA Career Mode Pitch Notes here.

Press Conferences

Being a manager is more than just dealing with your team, preparing your players for crucial matches, resting them when necessary and showing tactical superiority over your opposition. Managers, especially managers of top league clubs, have to deal with the press, keep their players happy and provide everyone with a satisfactory playtime. It’s a tricky job yet FIFA career mode, thus far, didn’t really do a lot of justice in this department.

FIFA 20 Pre-Match Press Conferences Example

Luckily, FIFA 20 Career Mode news unveiled a whole heap of additions to conferences. Need I remind you, conferences were already a part of the game but they were repetitive, monotonous and didn’t really have any real impact on the game progression.

FIFA 20 Career Mode brings forth pre and post-match press conferences that will affect the entire football world you’re playing in. The folk over at EA promise more than just general stories that they put together to mimic authenticity. They’re promising dynamic conversations, especially post-match interviews, depending on numerous aspects of the match such as the final outcome, goals, competition progression and so forth.

While this isn’t something I wanted to see in FIFA 20, it’s definitely a welcome change. At this point, any new Career Mode feature is a welcome addition.

Player Conversations

Individual player conversations are another new addition to be included in FIFA 20 Career Mode. It’s basically a message app system where players will express their concerns and burning questions and you’ll get the opportunity to answer them. Yes, players could approach in older FIFA iterations, but this Player Conversations feature will add much more depth to the system.

In fact, there’s a brand-new system working in the background of your Career Mode game. Let’s talk about that for a moment!

In-Depth Morale System

In the background of newly announced press conferences and player conversations is a comprehensive player morale system that will affect a lot of things. Most importantly, if your players are happy, they’ll enjoy playing for your club which will reflect in their overall performances. If they are sad, their attributes will take a toll and they won’t be that lethal on the pitch.

Player morale system is based on several factors, ranging from wage and playtime expectations, all the way to their on-pitch performances and team’s standings in ongoing competitions. Team morale and player morale will be two separate bars, but their correlation still hasn’t been explained.

That said, player conversations can positively or negatively affect the player’s morale, depending on your choice of answers. Additionally, press conferences will also greatly affect your team’s morale. Not only that, press conferences (as well as individual player conversations) will contribute to your overall standing as the manager.

All of this sounds great but I’m still a bit worried on the depth of these systems. Knowing EA, there will definitely be portions of these changes that won’t get perfectly polished right off the bat. Luckily, EA is pretty active when it comes to game updates so let’s hope they’ll manage to patch everything up and polish these features to perfection in the first few months after the game’s initial release.

Manager Customization

Yes… FINALLY! We are not limited to those preset manager appearances. FIFA 20 offers a sophisticated manager customization tool. With it, you’ll be able to adjust every parameter of your manager. Additionally, FIFA 20 is the first FIFA that features female managers. Yes, female managers can operate male teams.

FIFA 20 Manager Customization Example

Another sweet addition is the option to change your manager’s outfit whenever you want. These changes really make me wonder why did it take EA more than five years to properly implement them. It’s just absurd, is all.

Dynamic Player Growth

Now, this is the feature we’ve all been waiting for. Sure, there was a glitch you could use to get a similar result to dynamic player growth feature, but the feature itself adds much more depth to the whole growth system.

In my opinion, this is what FIFA Career Mode lacked the most over the course of the last few seasons. And, quite frankly, the implementation (or the explanation given by EA) seems to be perfect. FIFA 20 will still have the traditional growth system. Younger players will have a natural growth curve but there are those which excel in youth ranks and possess exponential growth potential.

However, what these new changes do is make the entire system dynamic and base it on several factors. For instance, if a young player gets a lot of playtime and has decent ratings or scores plenty of goals, his growth will increase in the following season. This will make him stand out a bit more and yield greater rewards for players who love experimenting with youth squads. And, believe it or not, there are plenty of such FIFA players out there.

On the other hand, if an older player has a solid season packed with high ratings, goals, clean sheets and whatnot, the decrease of his attributes will stall for a certain period of time. These changes basically mean you will never experience two similar FIFA 20 managerial careers. There are so many new additions that make the world more dynamic and immersive and that’s a huge plus in my books.

Volta Mode Seems Promising

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Volta game mode that’s to be introduced with FIFA 20. Even though it’s not related to FIFA 20 Career Mode news, I still have to mention it because it brings forth a unique FIFA experience.

In all honesty, Volta is basically the reboot of FIFA street. Even the trailer features that good old FIFA Street charm. FIFA Street 2 and 3 were some of my favorite PlayStation games from the good old teenage days. Even though those games had their fair share of balance issues, their overall entertainment factor was over the roof. Let’s just hope Volta manages to provide the same… but better!

For those of you not in the know, Volta is basically a brand-new game mode based on the technically-demanding game of football. It’s similar to futsal but with a set of street rules that significantly up the overall fun factor.

With a total of 17 football playgrounds based in some of the most iconic cities in the world, with intense game features and mechanics, coupled with a unique small-sided experience, there’s no doubt Volta will provide a great couch multiplayer experience. There will be plenty of flashy moves, so prepare to step in, practice and humiliate your friends the good old FIFA Street way!

You can check out the Official Volta Reveal above.

New FIFA 20 Career Mode Features | Singleplayer Savior?

The real question here is can these FIFA 20 Career Mode news breathe life into singleplayer modes!

Well, judging by all these newly announced features, I believe it can. The singleplayer FIFA sphere, especially folk who play manager career mode, have been rooting for these changes for years. Finally, their prayers have been answered and let’s just hope EA’s implementation is on point. Some of these features are really promising and could shape up the way we play Career Mode.

With the all-new eFootball PES 2020 Demo showing off brilliant gameplay mechanics, people already started talking about finally switching over to the dark side. However, with all these new Career Mode features coupled together with the Volta Play Mode, I believe EA has put the nail in PES’ coffin.

Figuratively speaking, of course…


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