Cheap FIFA 20 Beast Players | A Comprehensive List Featuring Outstanding Players on the Cheap

By Pavo Jurkic

October 29, 2019


cheapest FUT 20 Beast Cards

Making the perfect FIFA 20 squad can be a troublesome task. No matter the quality of your players, there is always room for improvement. Whether we’re talking about defensive options, midfield artists, or stone-cold strikers, FIFA 20 offers a highly versatile pool of players, each with a unique set of stats that can make or break your matches.

As with all previous FIFA iterations, cheap FIFA 20 beast players are in high demand. Players want to get the most out of their coins, and as we all know, coins are pretty challenging to earn. Yes, there are lots of rewards and season challenges you can do to get things rolling, but the very best players require a ton of grinding.

That’s why I decided to help newcomers out by bringing forth FIFA 20 players that I’ve been testing ever since the game came out. They all passed my tests with straight A’s and have every right to be called cheap FIFA 20 beast players.

Cheap FIFA 20 Beast Players

If you’re looking for potent (but cheap) cards that can either boost your starting 11 or come in as power subs, our cheap FIFA 20 beast players list will surely come in handy. It features players on all positions, from physically imposing central defenders, creative midfielders, and pacey wingers to prolific, clinical strikers.

Best of all, they are all (more or less) cheap and, depending on your budget, shouldn’t take too long to acquire. As far as FUT chemistry goes, I based the list on the four most popular leagues, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1. That’s what most FIFA 20 FUT players are using, so I reckoned it would make the list that much more relevant.

So, without further ado, let’s kick things off with cheap FIFA 20 beast players from the English Premier League!

Nathan Ake – CB – EPL

FIFA 20 Beast Player Nathan Ake – CB – EPL

The 24-year-old Dutch central defender, Nathan Ake, is a proper beast in FIFA 20. With 81 defense, 77 physique and 75 pace, there are only a few EPL players that are better than him across all fronts. They cost a small fortune. Nathan Ake, on the other hand, will set you back for roughly 1,500 coins.

My main squad consists of EPL players, and Nathan Ake has been in my starting 11 from day one! He’s too good. Standing tackles, he got them; sliding tackles, he got them also, dribbling and passing the ball to my midfielders, a piece of cake. He’s tall, agile, and does things I wouldn’t expect from CB’s ten times his price tag.

If you own an EPL team are you’re struggling to keep clean sheets, Nathan Ake is the player you should go for!

Joshua King – CF – EPL

FIFA 20 Beast Player Joshua King – CF – EPL

If you have an extra 2,000 in your FUT wallet and you’re in desperate need for a proper power sub, look no further than Joshua King. Perhaps he’s not the best finisher in the league, but he has the pace, the dribbling, and the physicality to exploit tired legs close to the final whistle.

Four-star skill moves and three-star week foot are good enough for his position. Equip him with Hawk chemistry style, and he should be good to go from cca 75th minute onward. If you’re playing Weekend League and you end up in extra time, calling King up is bound to yield great results. He’s a proper power sub, one of the best specimens in the game.

Wilfried Zaha – CAM – EPL

FIFA 20 Beast Player Wilfried Zaha – CAM – EPL

The first two players were dirt cheap; however, Zaha will require a bit more coins. Roughly 35,000, to be more precise. Still, it’s a reasonable price to pay for a potent striker that can control the ball, dribble, exploit his pace and score from anywhere inside and outside the box.

But Wilfried Zaha is not a CAM. Yes, I know, but that’s the position I find him to be the most useful at, right behind Pukki and Aubameyang. Not only can he do all of the above, but he’s also good at providing clean assists: a great overall player and well worth the 35,000-price tag. If you’re making an EPL team, that is.

Nick Pope – GK – EPL

FIFA 20 Beast Player Nick Pope – GK – EPL

I’m not sure if it’s some glitch or a bug, or Nick Pope is the best goalkeeper in the EPL. I’m not even exaggerating here, I’ve tried both Ederson and De Gea, but I always came back to my man Pope. We’re talking about a 79-rated goalie here that costs 800 coins, yet he performs like an 85+ one for sure.

Perhaps he can’t save long shots like De Gea, Allison, or Ederson, but he never makes mistakes, which can’t be said for either of the trio mentioned above. His consistency is what separates him from his peers, and I probably won’t change him in my FIFA 20 playtime. Yes, he is that good. Go on, try him out, and tell me your thoughts. I’ll be waiting!

Inaki Williams – ST – La Liga

FIFA 20 Beast Player Inaki Williams – ST – La Liga

Whether you’re looking for a striker for your La Liga starting 11 or just a pacey power sub, Inaki Williams is a no-brainer. Just look at those stats… 94 pace, 80 shooting, 80 dribbling, and 82 physique. It’s absurd, I know. Yes, he will set you back for roughly 25,000 coins, depending on your platform, but it’s money well-spent for sure!

He can do everything Zaha can, but has that extra bit of physique that enables him to keep the ball under heavy pressure. Plus, his shooting stats are through the roof. He’s a great finisher, exceptional dribbler, with the only downside being his weak foot (two-star).

Thomas Partey – CM – La Liga

FIFA 20 Beast Player Thomas Partey – CM – La Liga

No Partey, no party! If you’re building your starting La Liga squad and you don’t have Thomas Partey controlling your midfield, do you even FIFA? The man is a legend! I’ve used him a lot in FIFA 19, and I was thrilled to see he’s still the good old beast I’ve grown accustomed to.

All of his stats are above 72, meaning he’s as versatile as they come. He can shield the ball, do the dirty work on the defensive end, pass just like the best of them, and even score if you give him enough space. Best of all, he’s only 3,000 coins, and that’s a proper bargain in my books.

Geoffrey Kondogbia – CM – La Liga

FIFA 20 Beast Player Geoffrey Kondogbia – CM – La Liga

We can’t talk about versatility without mentioning Geoffrey Kondogbia, another FUT veteran that established his La Liga midfield presence in FIFA 19. His pace dropped a bit from the last year’s iteration, but he’s still a great all-around choice for your La Liga starting 11.

He’s dirt cheap too, available for roughly 2,000, but can be found for fewer coins also. Combine him with Partey, and you’ll have the most versatile midfield packed with cheap FIFA 20 beast players. The midfield duo every opponent will have issues with, I guarantee it!

Joao Felix – CF – La Liga

FIFA 20 Beast Player Joao Felix – CF – La Liga

Give this man the Hunter chemistry style, and he’ll turn into your most proficient goal scorer. Joao Felix’s stunning Atletico Madrid transfer move put the young Portuguese under the spotlight, and his first proper FUT card is a stunning one.

Five stats over 70, a brilliant amount of versatility for a center forward. He can score outside the box, but his best position is somewhere near the penalty area. Joao Felix is the king of close-range finesse shots. Best of all, you can get him for as little as 10,000. With Hunter on, he becomes an absolute monster and an efficient power sub that’ll win you a ton of matches.

Jonathan Tah – CB – Bundesliga

FIFA 20 Beast Player Jonathan Tah – CB – Bundesliga

If you’re building a Bundesliga squad, Jonathan Tah is probably the best starting defender you can get your hands on. Later on, you’ll most likely replace him with someone like Lucas Hernandez, but at the very start of your FIFA 20 FUT journey, Tah will be more than enough.

83 defending, 81 physique and solid 71 pace. Yes, I know, he’s not the fastest defender, but that’s nothing a proper chemistry style can’t fix. He goes for around 7,000 coins, a suitable price for a superb starting central defender.

Yussuf Poulsen – ST – Bundesliga

FIFA 20 Beast Player Yussuf Poulsen – ST – Bundesliga

He’s not the most agile striker, nor is he the best shooter in the game, but still, there’s something about Poulsen that right up my alley. And I’m not the only one. I’ve seen plenty of people bring him in as a super-sub, and more often than not, he made his presence known.

He’s as cheap as they come. You’ll have to dedicate around 1,200 coins to bring him to your squad. He’s pretty versatile for a striker, with 83 pace, 74 shooting, 75 dribbling, and can even create chances in dangerous areas with 67 passing. Best of all, he has 82 physique, making him not only a physically imposing figure in the box but a great header of the ball as well.

Ante Rebic – ST – Serie A

FIFA 20 Beast Player Ante Rebic – ST – Serie A

Ante Rebic, the man who became famous after scoring that fantastic goal against Argentina in the group stage of the Russia World Cup 2018, is worthy of being in our best cheap FIFA 20 beast players list.

Not only is he pacey enough for a striker, but he’s also a great finisher, good at shielding the ball and can score with both feet. And don’t even get me started on his ability to dribble with the ball and make the opponent’s defenders look silly. You can get him for around 3,000, even cheaper if you have the bidding patience.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic – CM – Serie A

FIFA 20 Beast Player Sergej Milinkovic-Savic – CM – Serie A

If you’re looking for creative Serie A midfielders that can pass the ball and shield it from high pressure, then Milinkovic-Savic is your go-to option. The tenacious Serb isn’t exactly the paciest Serie A midfielder, but he makes up for it with impressive strength, great dribbling ability, and superb passing. His shooting could surprise you, don’t expect a constant stream of screamers.

Sergej goes for around 10,000 to 13,000 coins, depending on your platform. He’s an impressive all-around player, and with the proper chemistry style, he’s bound to impress you in tightly contested midfield areas.

Adrien Rabiot – CM – Serie A

Adrien Rabiot – CM – Serie A

Next up, we have Adrien Rabiot, who just recently made a move to Juventus… or Piemonte Calcio, according to FIFA 20. Be that as it is, the Frenchmen are still a superb all-around midfielder that won’t set you back a ton of coins. You can get him for around 7,000, which isn’t half bad for an 83-rated midfielder of his caliber.

All of his stats are above 73, with dribbling and physique being over the 80-mark. The only downsides are 3-star skill moves and weak foot, but that shouldn’t plague his performance too much as you shouldn’t be making any fancy skill moves with him around.

Ciro Immobile – ST – Serie A

FIFA 20 Beast Player Ciro Immobile – ST – Serie A

Around 25,00 coins are what you’ll pay for the services of the striking Italian wizard, Ciro Immobile. Yes, he is not the fastest striker in Serie A, but his overall stats are pretty good. Better yet, his positioning and in-game composure in critical close-range scenarios are what makes him such a potent striker.

He’s not that good coming off the bench, so I recommend sticking him into your starting 11, given that you’re building it around Serie A or Italian players.

Gelson Martins – RM – Ligue 1

FIFA 20 Beast Player Gelson Martins – RM – Ligue 1

Let’s check out the final league and the last two players on our cheap FIFA 20 beast players list. As you can see above, Gelson Martins is our next entry. We’re talking about an extremely pacey Ligue 1 winger with great dribbling abilities and not so great shooting/physique.

Those two stats (SHO and PHY) are the main reasons why Gelson Martins can be found for as cheap as 2,500. Still, he can be used as a late-game super sub to cause problems on the right flank. Even though he’s not the greatest finisher, his pace can get him into dangerous areas where he can pass the ball to players in the middle.

Edinson Cavani – ST – Ligue 1

FIFA 20 Beast Player Edinson Cavani – ST – Ligue 1

The last entry on our best cheap FIFA 20 beast players list is Edinson Cavani. You can get this 88-rated Uruguayan striker for as little as 26,000 to 30,000 coins, and it’s a proper bargain considering his strength and shooting/finishing ability.

Edinson is so cheap because let’s face it, 75 pace won’t allow him to run past defenders, even tired ones for that matter. However, if you’re in desperate need of a clinical striker, a power sub that’s ready to head the ball into the net or force it home with his trusty right foot. Rumor has it he’s hiding a cannon down there… a cannon that can blast late-game screamers, making him well worth the 30,000 investment.

Don’t Forget About Formations and Tactics

Formations and tactical adjustments are of crucial importance in every FIFA game. I can’t stress that enough. Perhaps they’re not that necessary if you’re a casual FIFA player looking to kill a few boring hours every week. However, if you’re playing FIFA competitively, you have to properly utilize the available tactical adjustments to overcome those hard-to-beat opponents.

As always, there are good formations, great formations, and atrocious ones. If you’re currently playing with the latter, you’ll find reaching new divisions exponentially more challenging.

For everyone unsure of how formations and tactical adjustments work in this game, referring to our FIFA 20 formations and tactics guide is a no-brainer. Not only will it teach you all about the best FIFA 20 formations but will also show you how to utilize your brand-new cheap FIFA 20 beast players and set them up with different instructions and tactical alterations.

FIFA 20 Traps Are Plentiful

Even if you are paying close attention to your formations and tactical approaches to each game, you could still end up falling in one of many FIFA 20 traps. No worries, we already covered this topic in our most common FIFA 20 mistakes blog.

Whether we’re talking about anger-driven losses, quick-selling players, or microtransaction woes, that blog ought to help you out. Make sure you check it out if you’re struggling to make your way to the next division or traverse to the next Weekend League level.

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