Esports Possibilities in FIFA 18’s World Cup Mode

by in General | May, 14th 2018

The FIFA World Cup returns this summer in Russia and with that brings the FIFA 18 World Cup Ultimate Team mode. The free-to-download game mode in FIFA 18 is set to release on May 29. The mode lets you build your dream international squad featuring players from all 32 qualified countries and World Cup Icons.

What’s in FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team

The best thing about the FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team is more the chemistry than anything. It lets you link players not only by their country but also by their confederations. This means that English players can link with Italians because they’re both from the UEFA confederation. The same goes for countries in the CAF (Africa), CONCACAF (North and Central America), CONMEBOL (South America), OFC (Oceania) and AFC (Asia) confederations.

This gives us more possibilities for linking players in the World Cup mode rather than in Ultimate Team. The World Cup mode gives you the potential of bringing back the famous front line of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar. The front line was made famous while the three played together at FC Barcelona but is no longer readily linked because Neymar transferred to PSG in the summer of 2017. This line is possible in the World Cup mode because Messi is from Argentina, Suarez is from Uruguay and Neymar is from Brazil, which all are under the CONMEBOL confederation.

The World Cup Ultimate Team game mode will also now introduce the addition of icons. Icons are a type of card available in Ultimate Team, which are players that no longer play but are considered iconic players. They give at least an orange link to everyone they link with. EA Sports has announced they plan to introduce the most iconic players from the tournament’s history.

Will we see new icons with the introduction of World Cup Ultimate Team icons? I hope so. EA Sports and FIFA hasn’t had issues in the past to re-add players that they’ve had in a previous Ultimate Teams’ database. A couple of players that I hope we see are Miroslav Klose from Germany and Diego Forlán from Uruguay. Klose is the World Cup’s all-time record goal scorer with 16 goals, and he’s the only player to have four or more World Cup medals. Klose was in Ultimate Team from 2010-16. Forlán helped lead Uruguay to a fourth-place finish at the 2010 World Cup, as he was the Golden Ball winner and one of the top scorers of the tournament. Forlán was in Ultimate Team from 2010-14.

The World Cup Ultimate Team mode will also introduce dynamic items. These items will mostly be the team of the week cards during the World Cup play. They will update based on performances on the field and who stood out. The stats will upgrade and keep it relevant to what is on the field in Russia.

To entice players from moving from Ultimate Team to the World Cup Ultimate Team, EA will bring back the double pack incentive. This rewards players that are willing to purchase packs of standard or premium packs in the World Cup mode. The user will open a pack and get a free redeemable pack for Ultimate Team.

The game modes that will be available in the World Cup Ultimate Team mode are tournaments, drafts, and squad building challenges. The tournaments and drafts are available in singleplayer or multi-player.

The Possibilities of the mode in Esports

One interesting and potential thing EA and FIFA could add to their FIFA eWorld Cup competition is to integrate the FIFA World Cup game mode. It will almost add another level of competition – rather than having the players just use their Ultimate Teams; they’ll also have a time where they must use their World Cup Ultimate Teams. I .think this could add an extra dynamic to the FIFA eWorld Cup competition.

The final match of the FIFA eWorld Cup tournament is two matches, where one match is played on the Xbox One, and the other one is on the PS4. What I would propose is to have a best-of-three system that included the World Cup mode. The argument would be being what system do you play on? My suggestion would be just to flip a coin. Rather than have the two games be played on aggregate, play the World Cup mode as the tiebreaker. I think this would add more excitement and entertainment for everyone involved.

I think it would be a great addition to the competitive scene in FIFA if they added the World Cup mode into this year. It benefits both EA Sports and FIFA by being a free promotion for the mode and helping sell more packs. It also benefits the player and viewer because it brings more excitement and competition to the tournaments. Players can have the opportunity to build teams they weren’t able to before, and viewers will be very interested in those teams.

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