Fiddlesticks Rework In-Depth Breakdown

by in League of Legends | Mar, 17th 2020

It’s that time of the year folks — reworks galore! We’ve waited for the Fiddlesticks rework for months and it’s finally here. If you’re an OG League of Legends player, this is a reason to celebrate. Fiddlesticks might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s an age-old champion ingrained in the conscience of every player in the world, for better or worse.

He was a unique champion with a very particular set of strengths and weaknesses. While he wasn’t always that viable (in both casual and competitive play), his intriguing lore and fun abilities often made him a favorite among many players across the globe.

The Fiddlesticks rework, however, will make a splash once released.

Riot’s reworks have been spectacular over the last couple of years. Their latest one seems about as amazing as everyone expected. We had an early glimpse of what Fiddlesticks could do, but seeing all of his abilities in action was necessary for us to form a concrete opinion — and boy are we blown away.

If balanced upon release, this could be one of Riot’s most successful and mind-blowing reworks in history. That’s saying something given just how amazing Galio, Urgot, Warwick, and many others were after getting touched up.

With that out of the way, let’s focus on his updated ability kit:

Fiddlesticks Rework | Ability Kit

The core of Fiddlesticks and his identity remain the same. That’s fantastic both for older veterans and rookies alike. Those who’ve already played the champion for many hours will still feel right at home. He’s still easy to master, but that’s primarily because of his seemingly moderate learning curve. Fortunately, the potential for playmaking and hard carrying is still as present as ever.

This means even the biggest jungling rookies could potentially find a lot of success while piloting the ancient scarecrow.

Passive: “A Harmless Scarecrow” — Fiddlesticks doesn’t have your standard vision trinket. Instead, he has “Scarecrow Effigies” that look just like him. They also grant vision much like any regular vision rad. Once an enemy champion approaches an effigy (therefore activating it), the effigy will fake a “random action” like an ability cast or a basic attack, after which it’ll automatically destroy itself. Fiddlesticks can have up to two effigies at any given time. Their cooldown and duration increase as Fiddlesticks levels up.

Once you reach level six, placing an effigy will reveal nearby wards for a set duration. (six seconds at the time of this writing)

This is a fascinating passive. It goes together with Fiddle’s overall aesthetic and lore. He’s omnipresent, always lurking in the shadows, stalking his prey. Once he reaches level six, however, his passive starts to become mega useful, especially in coordinated, professional play.

In any case, we can’t wait to see the many possible use-case scenarios for such a passive.

Q: “Terrify” — Fiddlesticks’ Q ability has a passive and an active component.

Passive: After not being seen for a while, Fiddlesticks can terrify his enemies (causing them to flee in the opposite direction) by damaging them with his abilities.

Active: Fiddlesticks can terrify and damage his target based on their current health. If you cast this ability on a target also previously terrified (because of his Q passive), they’ll receive twice as much damage instead of getting terrified twice in a row.

A straight-forward ability, that can be integral in both 1 vs. 1 scenarios as well as full-blown teamfights.

W: “Bountiful Harvest” — Fiddlesticks “drains the souls of all nearby enemies”, damaging them over a set duration and healing himself for a percentage of the damage dealt. If you finish the entire channel duration (or if there’s no one to “harvest”), then a portion of the ability cooldown is refunded.

E: “Reap” — Fiddlesticks throws out an attack in front of himself that slows and damages all enemies hit. If an enemy target gets hit while in the center of the crescent-shaped area, they’ll silence as well.

R: “Crowstorm” — Fiddlesticks channels his ultimate before blinking to the target location. Upon appearing, there’s a huge AoE flock of scarecrows that damages anyone caught in the area. Pretty much the same ultimate as before.

Overall, Fiddlesticks’ abilities are still pretty much the same, although there are a couple of key twists. Will this be enough to make him viable in competitive or high elo play? We’ll have to wait and see, but he does seem a lot stronger (with more pronounced strengths) than ever before.

You can see Fiddlesticks and his abilities in action here.

Fiddlesticks Rework | Updated Skins

One of the perks, when you have such a spectacular rework, is the slew of updated splash art. When it comes to reworked Fiddlesticks, Riot delivered. Their artists knocked it out of the park with this one, and then some.

All existing Fiddlesticks skins updated. It’s fair to say that they look downright fantastic, much like the rework itself. Heck, even Union Jack Fiddlesticks looks amazing!

Finally, Riot’s music department was up to the task.

The champion theme perfectly captures the eerie essence of a champion that is now known as “the ancient fear.”

You can test out the reworked Fiddlesticks in a matter of hours/days as he’s bound to show up on the PBE (Public Test Environment) this week. After that, you can expect Fiddle to hit live servers in two weeks. We’ll have a lot more coverage as well as an in-depth guide, so stay tuned!


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