FFXIV Live Letter 66 Reveals New Class Actions

by in General | Sep, 20th 2021

It’s such an exciting time for FFXIV fans,https://www.esportstalk.com/news/caitlyn-may-be-getting-a-model-vfx-update/ and Live Letter 66 only increased the hype. With major expansions comes changes to classes. FFXIV isn’t known for making huge, sweeping changes in the middle of an expansion, so we fans relish times like this. While not a major update, we also got to get a sneak peek of the FFXIV: Endwalker Title Screen, and oh is it ever gorgeous! In the FFXIV Live Letter 66 announcement, we got to hear about Job Adjustments in Endwalker, Battle System updates, and some miscellaneous updates for the game going forward. We also have heard some sad news about Endwalker. The server congestion means we can’t get the Data Center Travel System at 6.0. It’s going to be during 6.0x, so it will come. We just have to wait a little longer. 

Job Changes In FFXIV: Endwalker:

Since there’s a nice long list of Battle Adjustments, we’ll include those at the end in a list form. It’s important to note that there are no new systems for jobs. There will be new actions, but no complex new mechanics. This is good for new players, even if some players miss the more intricate combat of the Heavensward days. This player isn’t necessarily one of them. Recast of Primary Abilities will also be adjusted to align with 60 or 120 second times, but not all abilities function this way.

Square Enix also released a video with the Job Actions for Endwalker, which you can find here. We’ll break them into roles and go briefly over the changes. The video for the FFXIV Live Letter 66 is not a short watch, clocking in at around 7 hours. But we’re here to help.


Tanks overall are going to be using their defensive buffs more at optimal times, to grant greater benefits. This is better than holding onto them and using them once per dungeon. Ranged hits no longer break combos, and they have a physical/magical damage parity balance coming their way. We can probably expect some action potencies being adjusted (likely nerfed). Anyone dealing out physical attacks can expect this – not just tanks.


Requiescat is going to be useful regardless of your MP remaining. A three-hit combo will start with Confiteor will also be added. Intervene is being adjusted where you can use it from an additional five yards away. That’s excellent.


“Damage Up” effects can be triggered and extended via AOE combos now, making them more flexible. Onslaught and Upheaveel will not drain Beast Gauge anymore either. When using Inner Release, Warriors will get a new action, and the recast timer will be changed to 60 seconds. The idea is that it will be used more often, and Onslaught will have a total charge of 3. Nascent Flash will benefit from this too. Warriors will probably feel far more enjoyable to play overall.

Dark Knight:

Dark Knights can use Salted Earth to immediately affect the area around you, and also grant a new action. Simulacrum gains a new action too when you acquire one of the new job abilities. One of the things the devs made clear is that the rotations for Dark Knight will be easier to understand/more straightforward. Plunge also gets more range, usable from 20 yalms away, and will Dark Knights will get a new action in the form of a single-target defense buff. 


Gunbreakers will see Savage Claw and Wicked Talon swap for Gnashing Fang on the Hotbar. Fewer buttons to worry about! Love that. Continuation will be able to be used following Burst Strike too. You’ll gain a third Cartridge for your Gunblade, and Rough Divide has been adjusted to be like the other Gap Closers.

Melee DPS:

Again, Ranged Hits will no longer interrupt combos, which is incredible. Feint effects will be changed as well to reduce Physical Damage Dealt, and will also reduce Magical Damage Dealt (though physical damage reduction will be more potent). 


A new action is going to pop up on the execution of the weaponskill combo rotations, and the AOE rotation is going to expand. That’s something Dragoon direly needs. Blood of the Dragon will be a trait and the actions utilized by it will also be adjusted. Probably the best part, Spineshatter Drive gets an extra charge.


Chakra unlocks at a lower level! Oh goodness, I’m so glad to see this. Greased Lightning stacks are going away, and Perfect Balance will allow for Masterful Blitz when conditions are met. This will change depending on the weaponskills used when under Perfect Balance. We’re still going to quickly rotate through skills, and Masterful Blitz should help. It’s also been said that True Strike and Twin Snakes won’t have a direction requirement. Yin/Yang Chakra is coming to activate other skills too. We’re also losing Shoulder Tackle but will get another Gap Closer in its place. You’ll be able to target an ally and rush to their aid.


Ninja should hopefully become easier to use in Endwalker. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I couldn’t really master this class, even if I love it. Actions linked to Raiton, Doton, and Huton are getting added. There will be an action added to make it easier to apply Huton. The devs didn’t want to make this class any more complicated than it already is. Sorry, no fourth Mudra. Shadow Fang’s gone though, so their DoT fades away with it. Raijin and Bunshin will also have an action linked to them. I’m curious about the sudden disappearance of DoTs like this, and in Summoner.


Jinpu and Shifu effects can now be applied by AoE combos, which is rad. There will be a new action similar to Iajutsu and Tsubame-gaeshi too. The focus here is new actions to make Samurai more interesting. Tsubame-gaeshi and Meikyo Shisui also have two charges in Endwalker. When under Meikyo Shisui and in the third part of the rotation, you’ll be granted the second of your rotation. This ultimately makes Samurai a bit more flexible. In the past, it was very rigid.


In brief, Reaper has an Avatar clone that uses your attacks and more. It has party buffs, and the Soul Gague will be used to build up your other skills. They also have a Shroud Gauge to transform and use the Avatar abilities. They have a Gate that can let them teleport forwards and backward, which is going to make combat pretty awesome. It’s going to be different than the other melee DPS and should be easy to play, hard to master. There are no positional moves in the base class, but the Avatar does.

Ranged Physical DPS:


Bard’s three songs will make available a new action that applies a party-wide buff. Brilliant, that. Upon use of Apex Arrow, a new action will also be open. Wanderer’s Minuet and Battle Voice also got adjusted to 120 seconds. Not too much changing here it seems.


CHAIN. SAW. Edgar (FFVI)’s Chain Saw is coming to FFXIV as revealed in Live Letter 66! We’re also going to see a new action for the Automaton Queen, and Reassemble will now have 2 charges. Machinist is more or less staying the same with some minor changes.


We’re going to see Weaponskill Effects (EG: Flourishing Cascade) will be shared across the single-target and AOE skills thanks to the FFXIV Live Letter 66 reveal. Completing Technical Finish, Improvisation, and Devilment will also herald new actions. Dancer’s another class that’s roughly the same, but procs between the combos for the class are simpler. Based on the Step you’ve selected, the buttons will be switched to Single or AOE mode, for less burden on your Hotbar. Absolutely adore this. Esprit is also guaranteed to build!

Magical Ranged DPS:

For Magic users, Addle is being changed to reduce Magical Damage Dealt, and also refuse Physical Damage Dealt (Magical Damage Reduction will be more potent as a result).

Black Mage:

Black Mage is going to be less boring – sorry, not sorry. My least favorite magical job. It’s getting a new Ice/Fire attack (which makes me hope for Chrono Trigger’s Antipode). Enochian is going to be automatically applied while under Astral Fire/Ice, which is a wonderful change. Swapping between Astral Fire/Umbral Ice also unlocks new actions, and Sharp Cast has an additional charge. There are also new Fire and Blizzard V AOEs to look forward to.

Red Mage:

Executing Scorch leads to a new action, and Verflare/Verholy/Scorch will be changed to AOEs,  as part of the AOE rotations. Magic Barrier will be a party-wide buff as well. A few small changes have also been made and Weaponskills have also seen some adjustments. Black/White Mana depletion was also reduced, so thank God for that. Manafication was adjusted where the burst rotation at the start of a battle will be stronger too. 


Summoner is technically the third new Job for FFXIV. Why? It feels like a completely new class. All of the DoT actions from Summoner were removed, as a start. It feels like it might play more like FFXI’s Summoner. You can now summon Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan instead of just the “egis”. Ifrit Ruby, Garuda Emerald, and Titan Topaz will be summoned through Jewels. Demi-Bahamut is still in the rotation, and then you get an elemental property bestowed – from there you summon Ifrit, Garuda, or Titan with those properties. When that runs out, you summon Phoenix. A lot of their actions will also be condensed. But they still get Resurrection! I’m very excited to see new Summoner, even if I love the DoTs.


White Mage:

My main! White Mage is getting a visually distinct restorative field ability. White Mage is being made a “Pure Healer” with a high healing output. We’re going to see a stronger Holy apparently, which will help us gain Blood Lillies. Fluid Aura is gone, and Divine Benison will become a charged action. Sounds like White Mage is going to be pretty awesome in Endwalker. 


Astrologian will also be shifted more towards a “Pure Healer”, making Scholar and Sage “Barrier Healer” archetypes. The two Sects (Diurnal, Nocturnal) are being removed, and the general heals for the class will have these effects as they would normally have. Astrologian still has some Barrier effects though, whereas White Mage is Pure Healing. Divination was changed, and the Seals used for new enhancements will be applied to you. It should feel less lucky when drawing cards. Redraw won’t be a charged action anymore, but each time you Draw, you can use it once. An AoE spell was also added that heals and deals damage.


It doesn’t sound like Scholar is changing all that much. It’s getting a job skill to increase party movement speed, which doesn’t sound so great. But it can be used in combat. It won’t overlap Sprint either.  We do know it will be classified as a Barrier Healer too. 


The new Barrier Healer (and probably my main going into Endwalker), it will Attack Enemies and Heal Party Members simultaneously. That sounds incredible to me. It will also use unique resources for healing and attack magic. Being able to attack and heal at the same time appeals to me greatly. When you hit an enemy, there’s also a chance for a DoT. You can also drop instant barriers through Adder’s Gall, and Icarus is a gap closer. Sage is gonna be hype.

Final Thoughts:

There are so many things in this Live Letter 66 from FFXIV, so it’s hard to know where to stop. Some items will no longer be available in HQ (High Quality) for example, and we can confirm the Dragon Quest Collaboration is coming back. This is going down on October 19th, 2021, and lasts until November 11th, 2021. We’re seeing changes to Teleportation Fees, and the UI for Aethernet is changing. But we also wanted to give you the Battle Adjustment list courtesy of Nova Crystallis, and so you can find it below. We’ll keep you up to date with all the major FFXIV news as we head into Endwalker.

Battle Adjustments:

  • Adjustments to Raid Finder matching for Savage duties.
  • Parties will include one pure healer and one barrier healer.
  • Party Finder updates: Healer category will be split between pure and barrier healer. New option for players who have yet to receive weekly completion rewards will be added. Search results will no longer include parties you cannot join due to the One Player per Job requirement.
  • Duty reward adjustments: Trials and the fourth turn of high-end raids released up through 3.x with weapon drops will now drop a weapon coffer in addition to the original weapon reward.
  • High-end raids released up through 4.x will now drop gear and accessories in the form of coffers, as in Eden (Savage). Applies to Coil, Coil (Savage minus accessories), Alexander (Savage), and Omega (Savage.)
  • Conditional enhancements can now be separated as a new category in the HUD layout. Conditional enhancements refer to proc-type buffs. This new category is in addition to the present enhancements, enfeeblements, and other categories for status effects.
  • Improved ground targeting functionality.
  • New settings added to Character Configuration menu.
  • Press action button again to place target circle.
  • Prevent cursor from moving beyond ground targeting range.
  • Display party member’s target when casting. Easier to discern which target your allies are attacking, reviving, etc.
  • Health bars will be displayed even when incapacitated. This was previously available through the Always display setting, but will now be the case when using the default When HP is below 100% setting as well.
  • Unreal trials will temporarily be removed due to balance adjustments. Scheduled to be reintroduced in Patch 6.1.
  • Belts will no longer be equippable or obtainable via duties or item exchanges.
  • Belts equipped by player characters and retainers, as well as those in Armoury Chest will be given to the Calamity salvager and can be retrieved individually.
  • All other belts will remain in your inventory as-in.
  • A ring serving as a substitute for the Speed Belt obtained in Eureka will be implemented. Speed Belts can be exchanged after the release of Patch 6.0.
  • Downscaling values: The difference in gear attributes from levels 50 to 80 will be reduced.
  • Overall HP and damage values will be reduced.
  • Potency of meals, medicine and materia will also be reduced accordingly.
  • Adjustments to maintain balance with consideration for downscaling of various systems.
  • When using the Undersized Party option, the Enhanced Echo effect will be applied to bring the difficulty balance in live with previous patches (enhanced strength will vary by duty level).
  • EXP gains will be downscaled. Additionally, EXP previously earned from standard dungeon enemies will now be earned from dungeon bosses.


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