FIFA 20 is Out | How to Get FUT Coins? Tips and Tricks on Exploiting FIFA 20 Transfer Market

by in Sports Games | Sep, 28th 2019

As you all know, FIFA 19 is no more! Sure, you can still play it, it’s not going anywhere. In fact, you’ll be able to play it online for a few more years, since FIFA 15 just got its servers shut down and it’s five years old. However, FIFA 19 is not the newest FIFA iteration anymore. PC players with Origin Access Premier have started playing last Thursday with their PS4 brethren getting only ten hours of trial time, but the official pre-order release date is today and now it’s official – FIFA 20 craze has begun!

Yep, this means the all-new FIFA 20 Ultimate Team season kicks off and there’s a ton of stuff to do right off the bat. There are several changes (we’ll address them down below), but it all still comes down to one central thing – acquiring coins which will help you pack your starting eleven with world-class players. As always, exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market seems to be among the best options for quickly acquiring a ton of coins. Of course, there are more traditional ways too, such as squad building challenges, newly added season objectives, and similar.

That said, let’s get going with the biggest FUT 20 changes after which we’ll go into more depth in terms of exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market.

FUT 20 Biggest Changes

FIFA 20 brought forth several notable changes to its most popular (and profitable) game mode, Ultimate Team. I’m still waiting to see gamers’ reactions to them, but I, for one, am not a huge fan. As you’ll see down below, EA’s FC catalogue doesn’t feature FUT boosts anymore, meaning players who’ve bought the game for a few years ago now have absolutely no proper loyalty boosts.

Yes, there’s a loyalty reward, but that solely depends on your luck of the draw. My club dates back to FIFA 13, and I’ve actively played every FUT since then, only to get a single jumbo premium gold pack. Yep, it’s just not enough.

Driven by those words, let’s focus on the most significant changes in FUT 20!

Goodbye EAS FC Catalogue Boosts

I’m a PC player and for me, the most significant change in this year’s iteration of FUT is the lack of coin boosts in EA’s FC catalogue. Not just boots but everything related to FIFA Ultimate Team, including badges, kits, transfer list and transfer target increases. This time around, age-old veterans don’t have a leg-up on FUT rookies. It doesn’t matter if you’ve owned the game for five years, gathered tons of levels unlocked all EA’s FC Catalogue items, the game treats everyone equally from now on.

I mean, the change is for the better (I guess), but I feel a bit betrayed considering the fact I’m a loyal FIFA buyer, and I’m not getting that sweet loyalty bonus I’ve grown accustomed to.

Season Objectives

Instead of coin boosts in EAS FC Catalogue, we got Season Objectives. It’s a set of challengers divided into several categories, including various milestones, basic objectives (AKA foundations), and general season objectives with live events such as Octoberfest (currently running), Halloween and that sort of stuff.

Each level brings forth a new prize, ranging from world-class player loan cards, coin boosts, stadium themes, packs and more. There aren’t that many coin boosts though, and it seems as though each season will last for roughly two months. It’s a pretty exciting concept, but I’m still not favoring it over free coin boosts from the catalogue.

FUT 20 Friendlies | House Rules

Even though FIFA 19 introduced house rules gameplay, it took EA another year to add a contextual menu in their most popular game mode, Ultimate Team. That just goes to show you how EA treats the players…

Even though we’ve waited for a whole year to get online capability with house rules, the whole game mode segment still isn’t polished to perfection. Mystery Ball mode has a ton of random slowdowns and glitches, at least on PC, that is. They’re not game-breaking glitches, but with a year worth of supposed work, I expected perfection right off the bat.

How to Get Coins in FIFA 20?

Now let’s focus on the task at hand – acquiring vast amounts of coins through exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market, completing season objectives, and squad building challenges! However, first we’ll focus on the most common mistake people tend to do, and that’s constantly purchasing gold packs with coins.

Not Buying Packs with Coins!!!

Yes, I know the image below seems tempting but don’t you dare do it! Please don’t do it! Buying packs with coins is probably the worst thing you can do in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. It goes toe to toe with accidentally quick selling world-class player. Yes, it’s a mistake! Let’s just call it that and be done with it!

Fifa 20 Gold Packs

If you take a closer look at the odds of getting good players, you’ll understand just what a scam these packs are. Buying them with FIFA Points (real money) is one thing. While I believe it’s still better using FIFA Points for drafts, both singleplayer and multiplayer since they can yield much higher value in packs than what you’re able to buy from the store, using FIFA points for packs is still miles ahead of buying them with coins.

For example, a premium gold pack has just 4.4% chance to feature an 84+ rated player, and it costs 7,500 coins. What’s even worse is the fact that even some 84 rated players can barely cover the initial pack cost. Moreover, there’s less than five percent chance of actually getting them.

I rest my case… Purchasing packs with your hard-earned coins is a big no-no in my books!

Doing SBCs

Ever since FIFA 17 introduced squad building challengers, they emerged as one of the best ways of acquiring coins and exploiting FIFA 20 FUT market. Squad building challenges (SBCs from now on), offer a ton of variation, especially early on with the one-off basic and advanced open for business.

For those of you who are not in the know, completing SBCs yields all sorts of packs, most of which possess much greater value than those purchasable through the game’s store. Yet another reason why you shouldn’t buy those darn gold packs from the store. Best of all, you can easily find FIFA-related apps that feature user-submitted SBC solutions, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly combine the perfect squad right from the first try.

Furthermore, if you start doing SBCs, you’ll get a ton of untradeable players you can use for future SBCs. It’s a never-ending cycle, but one that can massively boost your coin situation. Plus, the packs you get often feature world-class players, who, even though untradeable, can either be used in SBCs requiring high-rated players or as power subs in those neck and neck FUT Rivals contests.

Completing Season Objectives

As explained above, season objectives are a new thing in the world of FIFA Ultimate Team. They offer a multitude of levels, each with their own set of awards ranging from packs and loan player cards to tifos, stadium themes and similar. Leveling up requires experience, and you can get it by playing matches, buying/selling players, and completing all sorts of challenges and milestones.

Best of all, season objectives will be a constant source of coin boosts throughout FIFA 20’s existence. This means, instead of veterans having a one-off advantage at the start of the game’s life cycle, everyone will have the same number of boosts as long as they’re somewhat consistent in playing the actual game.

Singleplayer Draft

Singleplayer draft is underrated. Heavily underrated, that is. Yes, rewards are lesser than that of the online draft, but they’re still pretty sick if you play on greater difficulty (above world-class) and win all four games. It can get boring though, especially if you’re not a fan of singleplayer FIFA. But still, think of it as a learning experience. Singleplayer matches, especially those on higher difficulty settings, can do you a world of good mechanics-wise.

FIFA 20 Reward Progress

Exploiting FIFA 20 FUT Transfer Market

This is the most important one! This is the thing we’re going to focus on in this article. It’s the bread and butter of acquiring coins in FIFA 20. If you can master it, you can rest assured your starting eleven will pack some high-quality players. There’s a whole section dedicated to exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market, and you can find it right down below!

Exploiting the FIFA 20 Transfer Market


Here comes the fun part. Yes, methods of obtaining more FIFA 20 Ultimate Team are all right, but the fun is in exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market. That’s what I spend most of my in-game time at, and that’s what I love doing the most at the start of every new FIFA installment… until I gather enough money to have a proper starting eleven with a few super subs to go alongside it.

I have around ten hours of FIFA 20 at the moment, and my transfer profit is already close to 300,000. Pretty impressive, right? Well, it’s all thanks to exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market, a skill I’ve learned awhile back.

If you’re interested in how I got this much coins in the first few days, enough to buy myself a solid EPL midfield, pay close attention to the next couple of paragraphs and you might just find out!

Classic Sniping

Of course, sniping is the first thing on this list. It’s the bread and butter of transfer market exploitations, and the very reason some people buy FIFA 20. Yep, it’s true; some players buy FIFA 20 just to mess around the transfer market.

While sniping does require a ton of time (every day), it can lead to consistent profits that will put you on the right path towards one heck of a starting eleven. The best approach is to start analyzing the market and learning what to buy and sell. FIFA 20 is a brand-new game, so I can’t tell you with certainty which particular players are going to be crucial for sniping this year.

The golden rule of sniping is to give your cards as much visibility as possible. If people can’t see your cards in the first few pages (roughly until the two-hour mark), chances are you won’t be able to sell them anytime soon. The trick is – always place your cards for sale on one-hour intervals, and keep relisting them as soon as they return to your transfer list. This way, you’ll maximize your chances of selling and significantly increase your transfer profit.

In addition to classic sniping, you can exploit FIFA 20’s ultimate team transfer market by sniping world-class managers. The market for managers might not be that huge, but you’ll always find buyers for the very best managers out there. I’m referring to the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Zinedine Zidane and so forth. They often go for upwards of 1,000, and you can easily snipe them since many players don’t realize their worth and place them for generic bids.

Silver Players Galore

Investing a ton of money in silver players might not seem like a good idea at first. However, if your sniping skills are on point, you could end up earning a ton of money with this method. What you need to do is look for rare silver players with one (bonus if more) of the following attributes:

  • Pace over 85
  • Four main stats over 70
  • Work rate high/high
  • Four- or five-star skill moves

While these players might not seem like anything special, they’re usually worth a ton of money due to the nature of obtaining them. There’s a bit of a scarcity factor here, further boosting the prices of rare silver players with exceptional stats.

With all that in mind, there’s definitely a ton of coins in play here. But, what’s the best way to approach obtaining silver players with hops of exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market? Well, there are two main ways:

  • Buying silver packs
  • Sniping silver players

The latter is obviously going to yield much more profit, but only if you dedicate enough time and effort to learn how to distinguish great opportunities from their meh counterparts.

Bronze Packs Method

Even though it’s not as profitable as it was a few years back, the notorious bronze packs method is still useful, especially in the first few weeks after the release of a new FIFA game. That’s when the entire market is highly volatile with people wanting to get the best out of their initial SBC packs. This is your time to shine!

This method of exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market is rather simple – buy those 400 coins bronze packs and list every single item you get on the transfer market for one hour. Repeat the listing until you sell all your items. It might be a time-consuming method, but one that can pay off big time if you stumble upon rare bronze players from top leagues that are considered a necessity for certain squad building challenges.

Remember EA’s Cut

There’s just one more thing we need to go through to wrap this blog up – EA’s transfer cuts. If you’re new to the game, you might not know EA takes 5% of each transfer so when you sell someone for, let’s say, 1,000 coins; you won’t get the full amount back. Instead, you’ll get 950 after EA takes its cut.

Meh, 50 coins is nothing. Why should anyone be bothered with that?

Well, if you carefully follow our tips on exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market, you’ll acquire a hefty sum of coins and the players you sell/snipe will no longer go for petty sums in the range of one to five K. Instead, you’ll be selling players worth upwards od 100,000, and that’s where that 5% cut starts meaning a lot.

If you buy a player for 95,000 and then sell him for 100,000, you’ll be on level terms since 5% at 100k amounts to 5K. Move up to a million, and EA will be taking $50,000 per transaction. I’m sure you realize EA’s cut can be a deal-breaker in high-end sniping.

That’s why you have to make sure you get your math right before investing too much money in players who you won’t be able to sell to make a profit after EA’s cut. Always do the math first and pay attention to important days/dates described above.

Stay safe, keep your defensive end in tact, and make sure you start exploiting FIFA 20 FUT transfer market ASAP!



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