EVO 2021 Is Live and Leaves Us With a Mixed Bag of Emotions

by in Fighting Games | Aug, 6th 2021

Now, I want to say that despite EVO 2021’s issues, I still love the event. It’s the biggest fighting game tournament around, and players from around the world come together to see who is the greatest. Even people who don’t keep up with fighting games have undoubtedly seen an EVO Moment on their timeline. Perhaps none were more iconic than “EVO Moment 37,” Daigo Umehara vs. Justin Wong. An iconic moment, with the most clutch parry ever seen in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, it defined the tournament as a whole. Putting EVO 2021 on via the internet sounded like a good idea at the time, but there are some certain hurt feelings and angry players.

Where and How to Watch

EVO 2021 is going on right now, and you can watch it on their official Twitch channel. The main featured tournaments are Tekken 7, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Guilty Gear -Strive-, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, and Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate. Each region has its own start time as well, so you can watch the regions you’re interested in. You can find the schedules here. Essentially, the tournaments will occur across Friday/Saturday (Aug. 6-8) and Friday/Sunday (Aug. 13-15). 

The side tournaments have already concluded, having happened significantly before the main EVO 2021 tournaments. You can find the full details of the side tournaments here. Personally, the event I’m most looking forward to is EVO 2021 – Street Fighter V: NA East, with 410 people competing. This is because I’m born and raised on the East Coast, so those are the players I’m most hyped to see. 

I’m also excited about Skullgirls’ Latin American and Asian tournaments that are upcoming. This is mostly because of one of the commentators, Sharpie. She is an incredible commentator and has been waving the flag for Skullgirls for a long time. The list of commentators is lengthy. There are some big names taking part. But not all has been well when it comes to EVO 2021, we’re afraid.

Serious Problems With EVO 2021

Not everything is going well with EVO 2021 though, as we said. One of the biggest concerns is lag and dropped connections. The official party line for EVO has been “as long as the connection can be made, the match must be played,” which seems mighty strict. It makes sense when you first look at it, though. But as Leffen of TSM FTX pointed out, players in the Bahamas are playing with South America during EVO 2021. Now, I don’t know if someone didn’t have a map handy, but the Bahamas are just off the coast of Florida. You know, North America. That sounds like the Bahamas players are going to suffer some pretty serious lag. 

This is the case with The Bahamas Esports Federation, which posted about someone in their area on Twitter. Saix did not pass the first round in the EVO Guilty Gear Strive Losers bracket and will not continue. There were concerns about the major lag for both Saix and another player, Mastuh Mugen. That’s where we hear, “as long as the connection can be made, the match must be played.”

The problem with that is that there are players that can and will abuse lag to win games. Forcing others to play in laggy situations puts them at a distinct disadvantage against the EVO 2021 rules. ‘Players identified with wireless or otherwise unstable connections are subject to forfeiture in further matches, and participation in future Tournament events,” which is direct from the EVO.GG site. Then why are mods on Discord saying something completely different?

It’s been said that areas were separated by language and ethnicity instead of geographical position, but as the Bahamas Esports Fed pointed out, they speak English, and so does Jamaica. This problem could have easily been avoided. It’s especially bad for the Bahamas, who should have most certainly been paired with East Coast servers to make sure things are going well.

Frankly, almost every tournament I’ve watched this weekend has had some measure of lag to it. I just watched a match in SFV, as I’m writing this. Infexious vs. Hurricane and the humongous lag pockets were disgusting. They’re both in the same country, but somehow the connections were just atrocious. It wasn’t fun for anyone to watch. 

Final Thoughts and Standings

EVO is exciting for sure. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, next to RPG Limit Break and Games Done Quick. But EVO 2021 feels like it’s just been issue after issue for players and fans. There are still some incredible matches going, but some problems like the ones for Bahamas players could have definitely been avoided. There’s no telling if that has anything to do with the viewer numbers, which as of this writing are a little on the low side (10-12k). I’m still excited for EVO, that said, and I’m tuning in whenever I can to watch. 

We’ll keep you up to date as possible with the current standings below.

Guilty Gear Strive North America – Results

1. Hotashi (Nagoriyuki)

2. EG|SonicFox (Leo)

3. DZ|Jonathan Tene (Sol)

4. BC|LordKnight (Millia)

5. MWM|Macho (Zato-1)

5. TempestNYC (May)

7. Supernoon (Ramlethal)

7. CATPION|Deb (Sol)

Guilty Gear Strive Asia – Results

1. Xyzzy (Axl)

2. Daru (I-No)

3. BNBBN (Sol)

4. Yuki (Nagoriyuki)

5. TY (Giovanna)

5. BC|Kazunoko (Chipp)

7. Samitto (Chipp)

7. Naoto (Sol)

Guilty Gear Strive Europe – Results

1. TSM|Leffen (Chipp)

2. RL|Uriel Legion (Nagoriyuki)

3. Kurokich (Potemkin)

4. MG|KenDeep (I-No)

5. Armix27 (Ramlethal)

5. Dai567 (Nagoriyuki)

7. BarryBones (Axl)

7. Alioune (Millia)

Guilty Gear Strive Latin America – Results

1. Trema (Chipp)

2. MikeSaftig (Sol)

3. HDG|Younghou (Potemkin)

4. Rigama (Millia)

5. BT|Kaneki (Ky)

5. Aracne|VermiCL (May)

7. MN|TavinhoAC (Giovanna)

7. Pochoclo23 (Millia)

Street Fighter 5 North America West – Results

1. Nephew (Kolin, Sakura, Rose)

2. Samurai (Akuma, Ryu)

3. Jot (Menat, Seth)

4. UYU|ChrisCCH (Sakura, Seth)

5. Iquita (Dhalsim)

5. Commander Jesse (Dhalsim, Kolin)

7. EQNX|Brian_F (Balrog)

7. Stupendous (Balrog, Zangief)

Street Fighter 5 North America East – Results

1. iDom (Poison, Laura)

2. PG|Punk (Karin, Chun-Li)

3. Rise|Smug (G, Balrog)

4. RobTV (Karin)

5. END|Shine (Ibuki, Cody)

5. Joey (R. Mika)

7. Magnegro (Birdie)

7. THG|Ogyawn (Laura)

Street Fighter 5 Asia East – Results

1. G8S|Kawano (Kolin)

2. YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)

3. RB|Bonchan (Nash, Karin, Sagat)

4. G8S|Pugera (Balrog)

5. MIRAE|Armperor (Seth, M. Bison)

5. Saishunkan|Nemo (Gill, Urien)

7. AMG|Yu-Sama (Necalli)

7. FAV|Sako (Menat, G)

Street Fighter 5 Asia South – Results

1. RZR|Xian (Seth)

2. Chuan (Guile)

3. SIN|Brandon (Akuma)

4. Hikari (Chun-Li, Juri)

5. OMG_Sesame (Blanka, E. Honda)

5. uP|KiteOrca (E. Honda)

7. Dixon (M. Bison)

7. fit3amir (Gill)

Street Fighter 5 Europe West – Results

1. Hurricane (Cammy)

2. Mouz|Problem X (E. Honda, M. Bison)

3. BST|Infexious (Zeku)

4. Musclenoob (Ken)

5. GunSlinga (Zeku)

5. Mopuulapo (Balrog)

7. GO|Luffy (R. Mika)

7. Brian (Sakura, Necalli)

Street Fighter 5 Europe East – Results

1. JamieTTM (E. Honda, Alex)

2. WC|VulcanoRosso (Guile, Ryu, Poison)

3. DrGullag (Laura)

4. Maumas (Alex)

5. LoHii (Urien)

5. Kalmal09 (Sagat)

7. Kajis (Juri)

7. Hydramarine (Urien, Gill)

Street Fighter 5 Latin America South – Results

1. HorusPaulin (Ed)

2. Dark (G)

3. VF|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim)

4. ETC|Shank5 (Ryu)

5. GC|Gust (E. Honda)

5. Neguinho (M. Bison, Alex)

7. UB|Celfcool (Urien)

7. Pauloweb (Laura, Poison)

Street Fighter 5 Latin America Central – Results

1. Kusanagi (Sakura)

2. RR|Mono (F.A.N.G)

3. Bandits|MenaRD (Birdie, Sakura, R. Mika, Balrog)

4. RR|AJMartinez (Karin, Sakura)

5. SolVNG (Seth, Falke)

5. TSD|Salvatore (Karin)

7. Bandits|Caba (Guile)

7. RR|Olivo (E. Honda, Ken)

Tekken 7 North America – Results

1. Disrupt|Shadow20z (Zafina, Claudio, Anna)

2. IG|Averiey RiB (Jin, Leroy)

3. Nfinite|Binchang (Heihachi, Leroy, Fahkumram)

4. 1L2P|Mak (Bob)

5. RB|Anakin (Jack-7)

5. Disrupt|Joonya20z (Eliza, Katarina)

7. EQNX|CuddleCore (Alisa)

7. PrinceBlaviken (Lars, Lidia, Negan)

Tekken 7 Asia East – Results

1. DUSG|Gen (Lidia)

2. THY|Chikurin (Geese, Jin, Lidia, Leroy)

3. JDCR (Armor King)

4. DUSG|Rangchu (Julia)

5. B-Kun (Kunimitsu)

5. Talon|Kkokkoma (Feng)

7. Hazure Metal (Gigas)

7. ROX|Chanel (Zafina)

9. OBK (Yoshimitsu)

9. EQNX|Masa (Ganryu)

9. Keisuke (Kazuya)

9. Pekos (Geese)

13. GyoGun|Ao (Kunimitsu)

13. Genkichi (Bryan)

13. VALX|G (Bob)

13. Mr.Good (Geese)

Tekken 7 Asia South – Results

1. Talon|Book (Lidia)

2. Omega|Jules (Jin, Paul, Marduk)

3. Lan (Julia)

4. BREN|Maru (Kazumi)

5. Chongibears

5. MSC|UncleBen (Shaheen)

7. Juiestorm (Nina)


Tekken 7 Europe West – Results

1. CRaZY|SuperAkouma (Akuma)

2. JoKa (Feng, Heihachi, Devil Jin, Bob)

3. Fuhito (Kunimitsu)

4. GL|Tetsu (Claudio)

5. DEUS|Kalak (Lili, Lidia)

5. DEUS|D.F.P. (Paul)

7. mYi|Kirakira (Eliza, Kunimitsu)

7. G (Gigas)

Tekken 7 Europe East – Results

1. LMG|MoB (Lars)

2. Why (Akuma)

3. Frizen (Steve)

4. Bmblb (Kunimitsu)

5. th3_iNfection (King)

5. H-Dope (Geese)

7. Mickey (Bryan)

7. VaanGR (Anna)

Tekken 7 Latin America South – Results

1. Sergie Mazter (Kazuya, Zafina)

2. ROX|Abel Del Maestro (Eliza, Eddy)

3. BH|Jackson Five (JACK-7, Negan)

4. WYG|XD La Maldita (Miguel, Marduk)

5. OSD|Kangaxx (Bryan, Lidia)

5. NeNe (Kazuya)

7. NF|JeClovia (Jin)

7. VAL|Drugzor (Jin)

Tekken 7 Latin America Central – Results

1. EnergieMarduk (Marduk, Fahkumram)

2. ABA|Heizama (Heihachi)

3. MT|ElTondoX (Kazuya)

4. TL|DivineExorcist4 (Claudio)

5. Bbaez (Asuka)

5. GeeseJoestar (Geese)

7. Moy-Kusanagi (Hwoarang)

7. Heisenberg (Eddy)

Mortal Kombat 11 North America – Results

1. Ninjakilla212 (Liu Kang, Fujin, Spawn)

2. Jueks- (Jacqui)

3. OD|FullAuto (Sindel)

4. Hayatei (Fujin)

5. STG|Hijinx (Jacqui, Cetrion)

5. Sooneo (Robocop)

7. MCG|BigDaddyG (Sonya Blade)

7. Splash (Baraka, Kung Lao)

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Europe – Results

1. MEG|Disarted (Sub-Zero, Shang Tsung)

2. K-TOP (Jacqui)

3. MakoraN (Skarlet, Cetrion)

4. WIZ|MKJavierMK (Scorpion, Sub-Zero)

5. EE|Asodimazze (Cetrion)

5. RIZE|Murko (Scorpion)

7. Serious|Hitman (Terminator)

7. ArnKratos (Shang Tsung, Noob Saibot)

9. Roethor (Rambo)

9. CGL|DizzyTT (Jacqui)

9. H-DOPE (Cetrion)

9. MagicTea (Baraka, Noob Saibot)

13. Binnat556y (Scorpion, Kabal)

13. BtM|CzuBen (Skarlet)

13. ChumiJL (Scorpion)

13. ElFamosoSkarox (Noob Saibot)

Mortal Kombat 11 Latin America – Results

1. VG|Konqueror249 (Sub-Zero, Rain)

2. Venon|KillerXinok (Jacqui, Spawn)

3. BA|SRyuPainFZ (Kung Lao, Kabal, Kano)

4. Broseph (Shao Kahn)

5. GBRibeiro4 (Jacqui)

5. FSN|Kcd117 (Robocop)

7. Dash (Erron Black, Terminator)

7. GuiExceptional (Kano)

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore North America – Results

Winners Bracket:

RW|Cloud vs. Triviality

ShakyFingers vs. EG|Dekillsage

Losers Bracket:

EG|SonicFox vs. Swiftfox-Dash

DawnHibiki vs. HMQ|FuzzySnugs

9. RatBaby

9. WingZero

9. PME

9. GrahamSandwich

13. CCND|Hydra

13. Rabbleflaggers

13. Winnie

13. Aeroshire

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Asia – Results

1. Penpen (Ms. Fortune, Annie, Fukua)

2. Naminori (Filia, Robo-Fortune, Painwheel)

3. SGPH|Rznant (Robo-Fortune, Annie, Big Band)

4. Hiroshige (Painwheel, Cerebrella, Big Band)

5. OldHung (Cerebrella, Annie, Double)

5. Koto-ichigo (Peacock, Cerebrella, Fukua)

7. KST (Peacock, Cerebrella, Big Band)

7. Hebiniwasan (Squigly)

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Latin America – Results

1. Receita Federal (Peacock, Big Band, Double | Others)

2. Jorjão (Peacock, Beowulf, Big Band | Annie, Beowulf, Big Band)

3. Noaa (Parasoul, Painwheel, Double)

4. Kyrian (Big Band)

5. MI|Tiago (Beowulf, Cerebrella, Big Band | Cerebella, Big Band | Beowulf, Cerebella)

5. Milk Pouch (Annie, Robo-Fortune, Parasoul)

7. SGBR|Hime (Double, Peacock, Painwheel)

7. LDG|Aristal (Eliza, Annie, Parasoul)

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Europe – Results

1. Mr. Peck (Peacock, Robo-Fortune, Parasoul)

2. Mr. Bors (Parasoul, Painwheel, Double)

3. Magic (Beowullf, Cerebella, Big Band)

4. Izzmo (Valentine, Annie, Eliza)

5. Gone2Heaven (Eliza, Painwheel)

5. Ranger (Filia, Cerebella | Others)

7. TheLaboratory (Beowulf, Peacock, Big Band)

7. Sanji (Big Band, Peacock, Beowulf)


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