Everything You Need to Know About the New Valorant Map Ascent

by in Valorant | Jun, 9th 2020

Valorant’s launch went as planned. The game’s global release happened on June 2 and is now in full fledge across the globe. Millions of players are enjoying the all-new FPS (first-person shooter) title out there and from the looks of things, its esports scene ought to follow in its footsteps soon enough.

The game’s release (Valorant patch 1.0) features two major additions to the closed beta, a new agent and a new map. We already published our in-depth Valorant Reyna guide, and now we’re closing things off with our Valorant Ascent guide.

Once again, we’ll take things into great detail and hopefully help you get the most out of the new map by understanding its chokepoints, angles, and epic tips and tricks. All these things combined should help you get a better rank once competitive mode comes back. More on that below.

For now, let’s focus on Valorant Ascent guide and check out its layout and callouts.

Valorant Ascent Guide

In this section of our Ascent map guide let’s talk about the basic stuff such as spawns, site locations, and key chokepoints across the map! In many ways, Ascent is similar to Split. There are no ropes that make loud noises, but there are destructible walls, glass panels, and lockable doors on both sites. All these things make plenty of noise and alarm your opponents in both pre-plant and post-plant situations.


Starting from the defensive spawn point, defenders separate into four lanes when going to their positions. Typically, one player guards Backsite B, one is inside Market watching towards B main, and another one is watching for action on mid from Pizza. On the other end of the map, one player is usually in charge of holding A from rafters and the last one is ensuring there are no pushes through Cubby and A Link.

All defensive positionings are situational, meaning they can drastically vary from match to match; heck, they can vary from round to round too. Still, this is a general overview of how the defensive portion of Ascent gameplay usually works.

As for the attacking spawn point, the options look fairly limited. They can venture to the left side of the map to B Lobby and the right side of the map to A lobby. The barriers are limiting attackers’ options, leaving them with little to no options for asserting dominance over mid quickly and effectively. On the bright side, attackers have plenty of rotation potential once they venture deep into Market and/or Cubby. Once there, they have several routes towards the opposite site which ought to take opponents by surprise.

A Site

There are three entrances to A site. One’s through Rafters, one’s via A Link and the last one is via A Main. The angles are pretty intuitive and well thought out, and I firmly believe Riot Games did plenty of trial runs and tests before bringing Ascent to Valorant.

The typical push would be through A Main, since pushing through Link requires a dangerous walk down Catwalk. It’s easy with smokes from someone like Omen or Brimstone, but in most cases you’ll be dealing with Main pushes towards the A site.

A good defensive position is Wine. There’s a wall you can use to surprise your enemy. With a bit of luck and trigger patience, you’ll be able to take down entire teams. Be vary though, if they see you before you run to the opposing wall on Wine, you’ll be in for a very bad time.

A Site also offers plenty of interesting post-plant scenarios. If you’re on the defensive end, pay attention to the glass panel sounds. There’s also a lockable door you can use after planting the bomb. A Site is packed with opportunities so make sure you thoroughly explore it before jumping into competitive action, once it comes out.

There’s another very interesting spot on A site that you should know about. You can check it out on Reddit and perhaps also try it out… before it gets patched up!


Mid portion of this map is huge. It stretches out to Top Mid which is right next to attack spawn and to Bot Mid and Pizza on the other end. When you isolate Cubby, A Link, Catwalk, Courtyard, Mid Link and Top Mid, you’re getting a slightly skewed Dust 2. It’s the same layout, but with different angles and vertical positioning. However, as far as the entire map goes, the team that takes mid control is the team that’s likely to win the round.

When you’re on the defensive end, there’s no need to push Bot Mid or B Main. At least not until you get callouts on the other end of the map. If you’re playing on the attacking end, holding your Operator on Top Mid angle can be a great way for catching information gatherers or confident pushers.

B Site

B site is a bit trickier. The site itself has two main entrances, but the area in front of it is going to be highly contested in most occasions. I’m referring to the portion of the map between the defense spawn, B Main and Market. That area still doesn’t have a proper callout, so let’s just call it Chaos and be done with it.

Sage’s wall is extremely effective in late post-plant scenarios since it can completely block one of two entrances, at least for a few seconds. The same goes for stuff like Brimstone’s and Omen’s smokes. They don’t offer physical protection but do prevent vision towards the site, which is of crucial importance for preventing direct pushes.

The following section of our Valorant Ascent guide focuses on tips and tricks, including splendid B site shenanigans!

Valorant Ascent Tips and Tricks

This portion of our Valorant Ascent guide revolves around a few awesome tips and tricks you can use to your advantage in sticky situations.

B Site Shenanigans

There are a few crazy tricks you can do on Ascent B site. For instance, you’ll see a few raised windows on B main, right next to the orb. Sage can raise her wall and use her positioning to catch B-site defenders off guard. I’m not sure if this was on purpose or is it just a bug, but it’s worth exploiting while it’s still available.

B site defenders can do their little stunts too. For instance, if you have a scout in your team (f.e. Sova or Cypher) that can reveal the locations of enemy players, you can use Odin to shoot through the wall and get rid of the push, quickly and effortlessly.

Mid Control Is Everything

Ascent is in many ways similar to Split. Both maps require teams to take full control of mid because of the way the map is shaped around them. As far as Valorant Ascent guide goes, taking control of mid should be at the top of all teams’ priority lists. If you take control of mid on the attacking end, you can roam around behind enemy lines and create havoc that’ll confuse the defenders. If, however, you take control of mid on the defensive end, you’ll be able to control and limit the movement of the attackers, effectively stopping them from blindly pushing towards sites.

Don’t Destroy the Glass

When playing on the defensive end, don’t break the glass at A Window. That glass is your very own alarm to notify you of prying eyes trying to flank you via Rafters. You can easily go around it at the start of each round, meaning you’re a big bozo if you destroy it.

Answering Valorant Ascent FAQs

There’s one more thing we need to take care of in our Valorant Ascent guide before we can start wrapping everything up. As the title of this section suggests, I’m referring to Valorant Ascent FAQs. There’s not a lot of them, just five but they ought to be enough to get you up to speed on the latest Valorant map info.

Where to Find Valorant Ascent Callouts?

There are no official callouts just yet. However, you can find the basics stuff in the image at the top of our Valorant Ascent guide. That should be enough for you to be able to give valid info to your teammates.

Are Valorant Maps Similar to CS:GO Maps?

Well, technically – they are. I mean, they aren’t copies of one another, if that’s what you were asking about. But, since both games rely on bomb-planting scenarios, they were always going to have maps with somewhat similar layouts.

What’s Unique on Valorant Ascent?

Every map in Valorant has a unique twist to its tale. Haven has an extra site (A, B and C), Split has several ropes scattered across the map, and Bind has two loud teleporters that allow for quick rotations from site to site.

What does Ascent have?

First off, there are two lockable doors preventing entrances to the sites. One is located near B, and the other one near A. Additionally, there’s a destructible glass panel near A as well as several destructible walls on mid. We’re not yet sure what’s their purpose, to be completely honest with you.

What are the Best Agents for Ascent?

It’s still way early to be talking about best agents for a particular map, especially for a map as new as Ascent. But, I guess this is a needs must situation we got here, right? That said, we have to start with Sage. Despite the patch 1.0 nerfs she received; Sage is still the strongest agent in the game. Her slow and barrier orbs are still the best crowd control abilities, and her healing and reviving potential is out of this world. The likes of Raze and Cypher are right behind her, both featuring unique sets of skills that do great in Ascent’s massive and corridor-packed environment.

If you’re interested in Valorant agent guides, we have a bunch of them waiting for you in our Valorant blog section!

How to Lock Doors on Valorant Ascent?

As mentioned earlier in our Valorant Ascent guide, the newest map features two lockable doors. They don’t take too many bullets to take down but still serve as a mini Sage wall that protects and alarms players of incoming action. Locking the doors on Ascent is straightforward – just use the nearby switches (no worries, they stand out, you won’t need to pixel hunt here) and that’s it!

Is Reddit a Good Place for Finding Valuable Valorant Info?

Well, yeah – it is! Reddit is a good place to find useful information on all sorts of games. In addition to Reddit, there are also several unofficial community-driven forums. While they look the part and have fancy graphics and stuff, they’re nowhere near the front page of the Internet as far as useful Valorant information is concerned.

Want more information on Valorant and its three original maps? Make sure you check out our comprehensive Valorant maps guide!

Wrapping Things Up

There’s one last thing I need to mention here – ranked mode. There are still no words about the ranked mode in Valorant. The game’s closed beta had ranked mode for several weeks, but the full game left it out. Why? Well, the folks over at Riot Games want players to gather enough experience before venturing into competitive waters. At least that’s what we were told… Although I reckon the same effect could’ve been made by putting a level requirement, just like what they’ve done with League of Legends. You know the good old saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


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