Everything You Need to Know About Call of Duty Mobile Season 7

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 12th 2020

Activision has finally released the long-awaited Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 for Android and iOS users after a brief delay. This is perhaps the most exciting season yet, with massive changes and additions for battle royale and online multiplayer, including new game modes, maps, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Is Here After a Delay

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 arrives after a short delay for the season of about a week or so. While the official release date was never formally revealed by Activision, data in the game files and standard procedures made it seem that the new season would have released last week.

The timing was right around the same time as the new season for Modern Warfare and Warzone, but both seasons were delayed for a week due to the protests and movement going on in the United States and now the world. This was an understandable and great reason to delay the game.

But now that a week has passed, Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 is now available for players to check out on Android and iOS, with the official blog post on the Activision website detailing everything new this season. And trust us, there is a lot to unpack in terms of new content.

Radioactive Agent Battle Pass

Kicking things off in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 is the theme of the season and the battle pass. Technically not numbered, this seventh season is formally known as the Radioactive Agent season. It’s a weird name for sure, but an excellent season of new content nonetheless.

The new Radioactive Agent battle pass comes in the free and paid varieties per usual, but a necessary change that makes it better. The battle pass will now work as a single unified one, like other online multiplayer games including Modern Warfare and so on.

You will have the same tiers and everything that players will progress through, with free users not getting everything from the tiers that they would if they purchased the paid version. But what’s great is that buying the paid one later in the season ensures that you will get everything you’ve missed up until your current tier.

Free players are still getting some interesting content without having to pay this season, including the new Cluster Strike scorestreak at tier 14, the new QQ9 SMG weapon at tier 21, and several different camo skins. But if you pay for the premium version, you will get stuff like Hazmat Ghost at tier 1 and other amazing skins.

Battle Royale Expansion: New Areas, Tank, More

While the online multiplayer section of Call of Duty Mobile gets a beefy upgrade in the Radioactive Agent season, it is battle royale that benefits from everything in Season 7. There is a massive expansion to the battle royale experience, starting with the map itself.

This is the largest expansion of the battle royale map to date and is a welcome one for a map that is still roughly the same as it was when the game first launched last fall. There are seven new diverse named locations that you can head to, making the map more than 45% larger than before.

You have the Black Market, Harbor, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Heat, and Frigid Wetlands. Each of the areas are different from one another and make the already decently-sized map much larger and more interesting than ever before. On a personal note, I’ve neglected the game for too long and this has me hyped to jump back in.

Joining the new map is a new vehicle to traverse in and it is equally beefy. There is now a tank vehicle available in Call of Duty Mobile, and it is a deadly beast that players should watch out for. It will air drop into the match randomly for a squad of four to occupy, so be ready to fight for it.

If that wasn’t enough of an enemy to take out if you go up against the tank, there is a new NPC battle royale boss called the Butcher. The Butcher is replacing Cerberus with a tough fight that will challenge players but give them some excellent loot for defeating him.

Last but not least for battle royale, there is a new class to play as called the Smoke Bomber. This one will arrive in an event this season that players will have to grind for to unlock, so we’ll have a guide on that in the future when it becomes available.

The Smoke Bomber can disrupt the enemy vision by using the Cluster Smoke Grenade ability. It releases multiple projectiles over a wide area that makes it hard for enemies to see. Meanwhile, the passive Smoke Perspective ability lets you see better through the smoke.

Attack of the Undead Brings Infected to Call of Duty Mobile

On the multiplayer side of things, there are some new game modes and maps to check out as well, so multiplayer fans shouldn’t feel left out. The first is Attack of the Undead, which is quite frankly just Infected but with a new name for Call of Duty Mobile.

The popular fan-favorite Infected mode comes to Call of Duty Mobile in Attack of the Undead, where 10 players drop into one match. Of the 10, one player is randomly selected as the undead while the others have to survive until the clock runs out as the humans.

With each human that is taken out by the infected player(s), they are enlisted in the zombie horde to then take out the rest of the humans. It is a challenging mode that will force the humans to work together to hide, stand their ground, and use their firepower to defend until the timer runs out for the match or the infected take out all of the humans.

2v2 Gunfight in the Gulag and Tunisia

What is crazy about this next new piece of content is that it is only partially new and part of it has to do with the name itself. 2v2 Showdown has been a popular mode since its introduction recently as it is the competitive and beloved Gunfight from Modern Warfare but for mobile.

That said, we guess the name didn’t stick with the players as it is now known as 2v2 Gunfight like its big brother console and PC counterpart. The rules are the same as before with all players having the same randomly assigned loadout so that everyone is on the same page in battle.

The loadout will change for everyone every two rounds that go in the match with the first team to win six rounds in total declared the overall winners of 2v2 Gunfight. However, the name isn’t the only change for 2v2 Gunfight as it now also has a new map that is available.

Those of you who have played the free-to-play Call of Duty Warzone on console might recognize the beast that is the Gulag prison. Gulag is the latest map for 2v2 Gunfight. Normally, this map is a prison area where two players battle it one on one for the chance to be revived in Warzone battle royale.

In this case, though, it is not a battle royale prison arena but the battlegrounds for those classic 2v2 Gunfight matches. It is tight and the location doesn’t have a whole lot of cover, so this is one location that will result in some quick, lightning-fast rounds.

Speaking of new maps, the other new map in the online multiplayer portion of Call of Duty Mobile in Season 7 is Tunisia. Contrasting the Gulag, this map is a more traditional and larger map that will be used for a variety of game modes in the mobile title.

It is set in a seaside Mediterranean town where there are winding streets throughout the city as well as a main square for teams to gather and fight. It is a nice mix of the tighter streets with more cover and the open square where the fighting is just free-for-all mayhem.

For those of you who like to play the ranked mode of online multiplayer and/or battle royale, there are new items available this season for achieving certain ranks. According to the blog post, there is a new item at every single rank on both sides, including highlights like ICR Skulls & Blood skin at rank veteran two in multiplayer and the epic avatar Charged Battery at legendary rank for battle royale.


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