Everything About the Fortnite Deadpool Event and Unlocking the Skin

by in Fortnite | Apr, 3rd 2020

Epic Games surprised everyone this week by teasing and then announcing a new crossover limited-time event happening right now in Fortnite battle royale. Players who log in currently will experience a new Fortnite Deadpool event that is a great way to send off the season with a bang.

Fortnite Drops Deadpool Crossover Event

The Fortnite Deadpool crossover event is live right now for players to check out in battle royale. This isn’t just a simple extension of the weekly challenges that players have been doing all season, but it includes a whole lot more to enjoy outside of that.

Players can find new items to unlock, major map changes that are exciting and interesting, and the long-awaited release of the Fortnite Deadpool skin in the event. With this Fortnite Deadpool event, players can truly enjoy everything there is to know about the Merc with a Mouth.

The Fortnite Deadpool event follows up on the previous crossover events. It isn’t just some Birds of Prey crossover where players are only able to get some nice cosmetic items and skin. In this one, you see the effects of the beloved superhero all over battle royale.

In that way, it is much more similar to the Batman and Borderlands 3 crossover events last year. In those, players were able to find some of the major locations changed up completely to fit the theme of the event plus some excellent cosmetic items. The same can be said about this latest Season 2 limited-time event.

What’s Changed: The Yacht

By far, the biggest change around is that Deadpool has taken over major parts of the battle royale island. Like with Batman taking over Tilted Towers and making it Gotham City, Deadpool has taken over The Yacht and made it his awesome place to party at.

The Yacht is one of the new named locations added at the start of Season 2 alongside The Grotto, The Shark, Agency, and The Rig. Those places are normally populated by the minibosses from this season but now The Yacht is home to none other than Deadpool himself.

He has taken over the boat and converted it into his sweet paradise. Players can go here and find The Yacht covered in red accents and plenty of party decorations. It will be clear that Deadpool took over as you can see his face everywhere.

Other Minor Map Changes: Battle Bus, More

However, the changes to The Yacht in this Deadpool limited-time event isn’t the only thing that you will find on the map. Some other minor changes have shaken up the battle royale island. For one, the first change you might notice in a match is the battle bus.

The battle bus has been taken over by Deadpool as well after we refused to thank the bus driver a few weeks ago, and it is now red instead of blue. The balloon that carries the battle bus at the top is now red, too, and has Deadpool’s face across it.

In addition to that, Deadpool has kicked Meowscles out of his hometown of The Yacht. The popular calico cat boss will no longer be found there. According to what we have seen thus far, if you are looking for Meowscles and his friends, you will need to check out the Box Factory landmark that we went over in last week’s challenges.

Fortnite Deadpool Event Items

Beyond the map changes that have happened as part of this new crossover event, there are some excellent new items that players can get in the daily item shop. If players visit the item shop, they should see (so long as no problem happens) a short cutscene where the superhero knocks away all of the previous items.

Instead of having those items in the daily shop, Deadpool is selling his themed cosmetic items for players to purchase. They are all themed around him in some way and differ from the ones that players were already able to unlock through Deadpool weekly challenges.

These items include a new dragon and unicorn-themed glider that looks rather unique, a Meaty Mallets pickaxe for those who want something Deadpool-themed other than his katanas, and a ton of emotes. Those emotes include him cooking chimichangas and riding a scooter.

How to Finally Unlock Deadpool in Fortnite

But by far the biggest cosmetic item that players can get as part of the Fortnite Deadpool event is the Merc with a Mouth himself. The start of the second season in Chapter 2 teased the superhero’s official skin.

Though we expected the skin to release much closer to the end of Season 2, it is now available alongside the Week 7 challenges. The only way to get the Deadpool skin is to complete the Week 7 challenges. And the only way to do those is to purchase the premium battle pass for this season.

Once you have done that, you can do all seven weeks of challenges for Deadpool in Fortnite. Each week, players received a different cosmetic item themed around the superhero, culminating in this week’s challenges and event where you can finally unlock his skin.

Previously, you had to complete the last challenges to unlock the current week’s. We have found that we could go straight to Week 7 and complete those without having done all of the other ones. In this way, we were able to unlock the Deadpool skin without having done all seven weeks of challenges, or 14 in total.

But then there is also the problem that some players are facing where the Week 7 challenges weren’t showing up for them. As such, Epic Games is investigating this issue and will likely fix it soon so that everyone with the paid battle pass can unlock the Deadpool skin during this limited-time event.

No end date is currently known for the Fortnite Deadpool event, but we have our guess as to when this will come to an end. Based on the previous events like with Batman and Borderlands 3, we only expect this crossover event to stick around for a couple of weeks.

As such, we think it will likely come to an end sometime near the end of the current Fortnite Season 2. There are only three weeks left (barring any sudden changes or delays), so the Deadpool limited-time event could stick around until the end of this current season.

For now, though, be sure to try and get the skin and enjoy everything that the superhero has to offer in battle royale so that you don’t miss out on all of the awesome changes and items in this crossover event.


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